Monday Diary: Astrology for the Bold at Heart

Not everyone is having an easy time with the Uranus-Pluto square. Both Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are leaving us with very little we can take for granted.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Photo by Eric Francis.

With Uranus, the concept of ‘self’ is under near-constant assault or at least ongoing rapid revision.

You might say that revision process is daily or perhaps as leisurely as the pace at which Firefox comes out with new updates.

Uranus in Aries is a caution that we are indeed being defined by our technology — until we become conscious of that fact and choose to define ourselves.

With Pluto in Capricorn, there is nothing to cling to. No structure, no institution, no tradition, is steady or stable. What we do have is the guarantee of change. The concept of ground has become shifting ground. In the style of Pluto, that is necessitating making contact with something deeper than the material world — contact with your soul.

When put together, these transits can be explosive. They describe a scenario under which everything is changing, and there is a particularly busy intersection where ‘self’ meets ‘society’. The world we knew as children no longer exists, it will not come back, and the changes will continue.

Monday at 12:14 am EST (05:14 UTC), the sixth of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares happens. The aspect goes back to 2012, though the social and inner processes go back at least to 2008. So we are at a major turning point in this journey. The last exact square is in March, then the two planets begin to separate.

Last week in the process of researching media theory involving Marshall McLuhan, I learned something interesting and a little scary. Due to technological changes, and the associated economic changes, most students who have not yet graduated high school will not know what a full-time job is. Very few will ever have one.

This is the direct product of emerging digital technology. We might want to check in with the ways that our consciousness, life patterns and expectations are being shaped in these very years. We are at one of these turning points where we are watching the future emerge before our eyes.

At minimum, this is requiring us to do what in the 1960s was a luxury or fun time — be radically ourselves. Now, it’s a bottom-line necessity. It’s becoming harder and harder to just fit in. To participate at all, you need to cultivate who you actually are, and develop skills that matter to others and that support society in some way. The alternate will be jumping between CVS, KFC and BK.

For some people, the impact of this astrology has been immediate, and harsh. Earthquakes take casualties. Many people are having their lives up-ended. Part of whether this is happening depends on the arrangement of your natal chart, and part depends on how your life is structured.

And an important aspect — perhaps the most important — depends on whether and how you want to participate in the rapid changes. Yes, it’s possible to wait out the storm, though that is a missed opportunity, on a multiple lifetime scale. Yes, you may be in some shock from the rapid changes that have come into your life. You may be wondering which way is up, or what to hold onto.

Don’t knock yourself out wondering. Open your eyes, listen, and smell the air. Look for people with whom you have some rapport — some sense of recognition. Pick an adventure, no matter how subtle, and set off for the unknown.

21 thoughts on “Monday Diary: Astrology for the Bold at Heart

  1. Gwen

    eric, your comments about high school students is incredibly timely. I teach at my local community college and am also involved in helping students who have left the public school system get their GED. The new 2014 test is not a GED…it is gruelling and more like an SAT or pre-college exam. Where we used to have close to one hundred graduates a year…the passing rate is not good…maybe a handful of students. This alarming figure is true statewide, and probably the same in other states. In fact, I doubt any of our elected officials that sanction the test could pass it! I fear that there is a concerted effort to create an underclass of people who will not even be able to work at KFC. It is a subject that would benefit from some investigative journalism…just follow the money trail from Pearson testing and I will bet that it is tied somehow to the Koch brothers’ educational agenda…under the guise of school reform, of course.

    The world has changed so much in 200 years, and public school has not. It is heart-breaking to see so many students, who have been spit out of the public educational system have so few alternatives to move forward with their lives.

  2. Hugging Scorpio

    This square aspect has def made itself known to me as I have Pluto conj my ascendant in Libra very near the degrees of the squared planets in fellow cardinal sign. Perhaps Saturn conj my Sun twice over the past 12 months has helped ground me. Or perhaps it was there to teach me some new tools to use to help me create the experiences I want and desire. I’m trying to apply mindfulness in ways that are very different in concept to what I’ve learned in the past, and train my thoughts creatively. I’m never getting it done though. And in all my attempts to control any process I’m going through, I’m trying to relax and let go. Because sometimes the changes are so deep, you don’t really understand it as it’s happening. New thoughts, new beliefs, new paradigms – are all experiments in living joyfully, creating holistically, and witnessing inspiration being shared, fueling a connectedness to our source and our light.

    And the frequencies and energy that is influencing us are also influencing our beautiful planet. As one organism, we are evolving together.

  3. Kelly Karalis

    Gwen.. I believe that you are right. The concentrated powers who own the vast majority of the wealth have their sights on creating an underclass. Multinational companies are buying up, owning everything. A friend recently said, have you noticed how a certain Insurance Company (NIB) is now in the business of owning and running Optometrist Centers? I responded without thinking ”..they are in the process of creating slave workers with minimal wages for multinationals companies”. Maybe it is happening organically as world resources diminish.
    Whatever the cause, is happening

  4. Patricia Proctor

    I’ve been thinking for quite a while the school systems should all be privatized, then funded by the states instead of federal. My parents went to school in the 30s, and learned physics in one room schools. We’ve been beating ourselves up for years, blaming our parenting skills for drug abuse, high murder rates, young people in prison, and one small town in Indiana holds a record for cocaine deaths in a short period. A school on every block – would be more like homeschool, certainly offers kids more a chance of being successful within their own school and community – no buses needed. Maybe sports should be sponsored by parks and recreation instead of school. It simply appears to me that all of our cultural failures start at the lowest level and that is where the change needs to be made. School should be for the three Rs, and a little science and art, and recess to learn how to play nice with each other. Take your kids to bible school for religious education, and to baseball camp for sports, etc. Maybe high schools should only be about the size of a small grade school, but I don’t know. Seems like the middle school kids are getting super lost in the system. They never see themselves as being good enough.

    1. Cowboyiam

      I have two boys and it is quite apparent to me that if we will just create course study in a video game format we could be graduating them from high school two or three years sooner. There are companies designed to do that but since they aren’t allowed to create the kind of games adolescent males want to play – there has not been much of a splash. We really underestimate how much knowledge it takes to concur a good video game. There are some extraordinary storylines that run along the gameplay. My boys could have had their BA by age 17 if their passion had been exposed to information focused in some career direction. Believe me, they will learn the boring stuff if it will help them advance along the gameplay. But the part about “play” is important.

      1. Patricia Proctor

        You are on to something Cowboyiam. When my son was 1, my husband had him sit in the garage on a couple of deer hides while he worked, and gave him an old tube amplifier to fiddle with. He was a little frustrated at first but then got the hang of putting the tubes in the correct holes. The brain will jump leaps and bounds when it is focused for periods of time. He graduated to legos and then during 5th grade, he wrote to the video company to ask what he should study in order to get a job with them creating video games. he went on to study engineering and architecture, but first he was an artist. Play had everything to do with how things turned out for him. He’s done well as an adult, but it was the Hobbit that spoke to him spiritually. I’m sure he is a matrix fan too. Anyway, he is 37 now. Now for the school part – when he was being enrolled in high school, the counselor suggested we put him in a non-academic program. I hit the roof. I knew exactly what he was capable of and let them know in no uncertain terms that they were pre-determining his future! He was just mentally absent from the boredom of school routine and I KNEW IT! Anyway, we encouraged him to sign up for football so he did. He had the most amazing coach who impacted his life in ways we could not have imagined. His grades continued to soar and during college he tutored advanced calculus. There’s always that one person who can change the course of a life, and his was the football coach. It is so important to know your children. A different environment might have helped get him through 7th and 8th grade a little more easily, but high school was a breeze once he reestablished his goals.

        1. Cowboyiam

          Patricia – you say your son is 37. That means he has Pluto in Libra like Amanda was confessing today in her article On Authenticity and Relating. Bet there is some correlation with his lifetime projector also.

          It sounds like he is pretty well adjusted and I’m sure you are proud of him. I do think a video game curriculum would be a giant leap for adolescent males to absorb useful information in our educational system but truly it is good gifted teachers who make all the difference.

          I had three who really made a difference in my life – one was my third grade teacher who proved to me I wasn’t stupid. The other was a coach who helped me believe in myself enough to find what I really had to work with.
          Another who helped me see my own intelligence expanding. They all had a simple ability to expect much more from me and the persistence to cause me to see it as well.

          I wanted to please them but mostly I found the joy of achieving for myself. Non of them ever hurt my feelings but they always knew when I wasn’t putting my all into something – and I could always see in their eyes what I already knew.

        2. Y Kwan Loo


          I wonder what are your son’s Chinese star sign, Sun sign and Moon sign please?
          I can quote what jobs have been done by other famous/infamous with the same 3 sign combination from my UNIQUE book, based on 35 years’ research and 24,000 DOBs .

  5. Catherine

    What an inspirational Monday morning! Thank you, Eric. I came across Bruce Lipton’s video where he said “the movie The Matrix is a documentary flm.” However you want you define it, the deeper meaning of that movie is really going on now. I told my kids they’re not getting any electronic games for christmas; they’re kind of disappointed but still curious about what I’m gonna give them. I bought them a wooden game chess set, and I’m already thinking my 13 year old would comment “I can play chess online, mom!”

  6. Cowboyiam

    Just something I want to share – The movie _ The Matrix _ woke me up! I was already spiritually focused at the time but seemed to have run out of faith. I was just going through the motions of powerless Christianity. When I watched the matrix for the first time (I’ve now seen it fifty times probably) I didn’t expect much beyond a sci-fi thriller boring drivel – and I dosed off – then I woke up in the scene where they retrieve Neo’s body, I was so confused as to what the plot of the movie was – I almost shut it off and went to bed – but for some reason I didn’t.

    It hit me, somewhere along the storyline after that, what was being expressed. I became hyper alert and began to decipher the cryptic subtext as the story unfolded. Something inside me was rising from the grave and as the story moves along I could feel the strength arising and expanding so as almost overwhelming to me. It caused an emotional reaction so powerful within me that I cried intensely as the conclusion of the movie played out……because……. I came to a completely awakened realization – that I am the one. In that state of awakened attentiveness I had this absolute complete faith in my inner being. I knew for the first time that everything has a pattern and purpose. I KNEW in that moment that I was meant to be here and there was something very important for me to accomplish! It changed my life.

    I don’t think before that that I had ever really grasped the metaphor in anything. Since then I am extremely sensitive to hidden meaning. My experience is a grand expression of how spiritual language can get past the gate keeper. Most of the people I have since left behind still don’t know what all the fuss was about the Matrix. Many Matrix fans still only connect to the Sci-fi level of the movie. Some people think it is showing us the dark future of our machine AI creation. But at the deeper level where I experienced it – is the most uplifting expression of our spiritual evolution. I assume that the Matrix was responsible for awakening millions of others like myself who are now pondering the nature of reality from a much higher vibration. Everything is possible. And when we’re ready we wont have to dodge bullets!

  7. sojourn

    “Last week in the process of researching media theory involving Marshall McLuhan, I learned something interesting and a little scary. Due to technological changes, and the associated economic changes, most students who have not yet graduated high school will not know what a full-time job is. Very few will ever have one.”

    Interesting… anyway you could provide a source (or link) to this information?

          1. Eric Francis Post author

            I know Stahlman through Andrew McLuhan. I participate in his Digital Life list. I would invite anyone to check him out and tell me anything I don’t know. He seems smart, friendly and like a bit of a time traveler. Generous with his knowledge….a trait I admire.

  8. Eric Francis Post author


    Would commenters please insert a double return paragraph break every four sentences max? Personally I won’t read text that is one long paragraph. I I have been inserting some breaks and would appreciate if commenters assist with this. Thank you.

  9. Amanda Painter

    slightly off-topic (but kind of not): in the US, we’ve seen the far-right double-down on abortion restrictions at the state level. it’s an obvious reaction to the change to the old, fundamentalist paradigm that has seen an upsurge with this part of the uranus-pluto cycle. but it’s not just an issue here.

    i just got this petition in my email from amnesty international:

    it outlines what is happening in el salvador with their 100% ban on abortion; it’s exactly what eric (and others) have been foretelling, should it become the law in the US (or even just certain states). any miscarriage can be deemed an attempted abortion (and therefore attempted homicide):

    Three years ago, Maria Teresa Rivera was a 28-year-old mother working in a garment factory in El Salvador. She was unaware that she was pregnant with another child, until her mother-in-law found her bleeding on the floor after she had gone to use the bathroom.

    Maria Teresa was rushed to the hospital, where a staff member reported her to the local police. The staff suspected Maria had deliberately ended her pregnancy.

    She was charged with aggravated homicide and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

    Urge Salvadoran authorities to end the total abortion ban.

    In El Salvador, it doesn’t matter if a woman is pregnant as a result of rape, or whether the pregnancy is a risk to the mother’s life or health. Abortion is banned in all cases.

    Miscarriages can result in up to 50 years imprisonment for “homicide” or “aggravated homicide”.

    The combination of difficulty accessing contraception, high levels of violence — including rape — against women, and a lack of comprehensive sexuality education has resulted in El Salvador has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Latin America.

    Devastatingly, suicide accounts for 57 percent of the deaths of pregnant females aged 10 to 19 — but this number is thought to be much higher when taking into account many unreported cases.

    The degree of pain and suffering caused by El Salvador’s abortion ban is so severe that it constitutes torture.

    Tell the Salvadoran government enough is enough: stand up for the women and girls of El Salvador.

    In solidarity,

    Jasmine Heiss
    Senior Campaigner
    Amnesty International USA

  10. Sus'n

    This older’n dirt gr’gramma Mad Scientist Misfit Observer thanks you for reeling Smile Markers on my inner-space walls… I/mine left abusive environs in 1976; fled to Bear Country where we’d build a tiny ridge-pole-style lofted cabin from trees we’d fell, trim, peel, notch to occupy off-grid. Hauled water from the river, heated with wood from trees sons cut with bow saws (after school in deep snow) per Little Red Hen’s rules — you help, you eat — don’t help, you’ll eat when you do.

    Sons now laugh at having starred in their own Reality Show adventures. Eldest son is 51, Pisces, has a Superior Range IQ and as a Speech Pathologist, he’s lead therapist for their elem schools. Third (Cancer) son is a MrMom so hosp IT whirs his 157-IQ gears (as do his 3 multi-gifted kids 😉 and per info he’d relay in 1987, seeds we’d set in 1978 would, in 1985, “bear fruit” as MN-PSEO.

    With approval, H.S. Jrs and Srs can do campus courses at no extra cost earning college credits as are also H.S. credits. Both youngest sons did MN-PSEO ’85-86 / ’86-87 as thousands now do. This is MrMom’s 17-yr-old daughter’s 2nd yr + she’s a soccer-jock + mulls environmental engineering as her 21-yr-old musician-bro enjoys his 4th yr — he’s said he may have the first-ever PhD in Jazz.

    Barely subsisting in Bear Country, mine fed on creativity, pots of stew, cornbread. laughter peals, ingenuity. Blessed with my dad’s mega-tough, genius-ilk DNA meld, we’d stare down Impossible to see it blink, skulk in retreat muttering, “Curses… Foiled again…” My middle son (Gemini) being unmercifully bullied, stifling inner-rage, set his brain up for cancers — he defied The Grim Reaper, living his life, his way, for 9 yrs after, “You’ll die in 7 months,” when he refused chemo (at age 22).

    That son’s 136-IQ was overruled by life/death traumas at 11 mo and at 13 mo + likely PTSD few if any knew kids “get.” He was hyperkinetic with a resistant-defiant temperament + an abusive dad, an insatiable curiosity — he’d act-as-if invincible then be near-uncontrollable in raucous environs. Albeit an emotionally bereft basket-case, he knew he was multi-gifted, adept with tools, tough as nails… No way pre-schizophrenic (dx’d at age 9) as we’d soon find he was allergic to most foods!!

    Closing his 30th year he sent Imminent Death Announcements, writ his Dreams List (did 11 of 12 first 8 mo of his 31st). Atop his Dreams List was Medicine Wheel (on Medicine Mountain). Walked in deep snow/wind for 6 hrs despite his left-sided paralysis + double-vision from cranial pressure (altitude) — me tugging his jacket so he’d not slide down-slope when unable TO see trail or abyss!

    When any got sad-eyed he’d say, “Hell, I ain’t dyin’ — I’m bein’ promoted — to be Special Guardian Angel to Bikers, Truckers ‘n Cowboys…” so, to any/all into such, you’ve a kid I named Clint at your backs. Tough guy hospice dubbed Godzilla would trek his Shadow Valley with Godzilla’s Mama at his back 24×7, rapt within his “purdy mountains” so he’d bless-vs-stress, doing a 15 month finale.

    I share this with you to affirm Impossible isn’t — he was one Old Soul here to show-vs-tell how far off-the-mark some get in their oblivious delusions, arrogant assumptions. abject ignorance of all being on this planet in these human suits IS really about… Bruce Lipton gets-it. He’s one of many (eg., Gregg Braden, Adam King, Matt Kahn, Swami Beyondananda — ever-expansive-endless-lists)

  11. Patricia Proctor

    SUS’N, It’s nice to hear from someone who gets it. I look at facebookees asking other parents what are the acceptable clothes, shoes, toys, electronics to buy, and wonder how much fear about fitting in they have instilled in the kids. That has to be the number one killer of personal creativity. At the same time, it may well be the number one creator of class bullies (and their parent’s arrogant assumptions).

    My nephew once told me that he and his brother didn’t fit in with the right crowd because they didn’t have the right shoes. Their home life was chaotic, so they were never able to overcome the challenges presented by the school system and its social class system. Both boys are now deceased.

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