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Chiron in Aquarius — Feb. 18, 2005 (on
“Psychologically, Chiron focuses awareness, generally around some kind of injury, creating processes in the psyche where one typically starts with an early injury or weakness of some kind and then — due to little other than the need to adapt to life on the planet — develops it in to a talent, a gift or a healing skill. If the pain associated with that injury or weakness is not addressed, then it can get worse and not better, or more deeply entrenched, until at some point awareness is added to the equation. This often happens during Chiron transits, where systems seem to break down so that new ones can take over. Since Aquarius deals with systems of all kinds, this may be a defining quality of the Aquarius phase.”

Brother Moon — August 8, 2003
“The Aquarius moon often presents a puzzle to astrologers. The moon is a cyclical creature, constantly changing. Aquarius is a fixed sign and tends to crystallize patterns. The moon is inherently emotional and Aquarius is usually described as being rational and intellectual. The moon is maternal and we hardly think of Aquarius as being particularly cozy this way. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (in the modern age, also by Uranus). The moon rules the sign Cancer, which is about as different than Aquarius as you can get. And different is exactly what you get.”

The Aquarius Alignment of 2008 — Jan. 18, 2008
“One of the Aquarius keywords is interesting, and this alignment qualifies, particularly with an eclipse zooming in and Mercury about to do its retrograde dance over the whole arrangement. Aquarius is the intersection of group consciousness and the quest for individuality. We all walk this line, or at least we talk it. We want to be unique, but we have a need to be acceptable to others. Which one wins out? Usually conformity.”

Aquarius New Moon: Taking a Chance Being Yourself — Feb. 1, 2011
Eric delineates a New Moon that took place among a large stellium of planets in Aquarius at the time, including Mars, Ceres, Chiron and Neptune.

Before and After Neptune in Aquarius — Jan. 31, 2012
“One of the most obvious manifestations of the Neptune in Aquarius era is this thing that used to be described accurately by the phrase, ‘the Internet’. It is perhaps the ultimate example of a thing both intimately private and vastly public. Fourteen years is before and after the Internet as we now know it. We have gone from Yahoo! mail to being able to control your coffee pot from your phone. Think of it this way. We used to surround the Internet. We used to have to go to it. Now it surrounds us, and infiltrates everything. It is ubiquitous, both as a product and as the wireless and microwave signals that soak through our bodies at every moment. At the same time, we occupy it — we project ourselves into it.”

Group Initiation: Ceres in Aquarius — Oct. 29, 2015
“I would repeat something I’ve quoted and paraphrased many times, from the work of Alice A. Bailey. A group is a group of individuals. Individuals think for themselves, have ideas, relate to others, and so on. Group consciousness is the synergy of many awake minds.”

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Aquarius Full Moon, Lots of Reader Questions and Arc Iris — July 28, 2015
Here Eric discussed the Aquarius Full Moon, and the Aquarius Moon as a natal placement.

Aquarius New Moon: Believe in Humanity — Feb. 11, 2016
Eric looked at the Aquarius New Moon and also some Age of Aquarius themes, as well as reading the natal chart of Aquarian Carole King.

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