Aquarius Full Moon and a Little Something Extra

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Eric looks at the forthcoming Aquarius Full Moon. Notice how many planets in the sky are currently at 23 to 25 degrees. The Moon and the Sun are cycling energy through all those points, which include the Uranus-Eris conjunction, and powerhouse Pholus. It may help you to concentrate firmly on steering rather than speed this week.

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Many Aspects, Many Connections

The Full Moon takes place early Thursday morning in the U.S. and late morning in the UK and Europe. This opposition of the Moon and the Sun is being rated by some as a penumbral eclipse — that is, a faint dimming of the Moon by the edge of the Earth’s shadow. 

This is a reminder that there’s a solar eclipse on Sept. 1 and a lunar eclipse on Sept. 16. I’ll begin to introduce those topics in Tuesday’s edition of Planet Waves FM. Meanwhile, be mindful in all the ways it helps to be aware during a Full Moon. Ease off on the pressure and let momentum carry you. Do what you must do to sleep well, if you’re one of those people who feels the effect of "the hunt" — that is, insomnia at the Full Moon. Avoid standoffs and gently work to resolve impasses.


Simplified chart for the Full Moon, used in Planet Waves TV.

This lunation has plenty feeding into the mojo. Notice how many planets in the sky are currently at 23 to 25 degrees. The Moon and the Sun are cycling energy through all those points, which include the Uranus-Eris conjunction, and powerhouse Pholus.

So you can expect things to move briskly this week, and you may not have the feeling that you have a total grip. It would be best to proceed like you’re paddling a canoe rather than driving a train down the tracks. Guide your mind and aim for where you want to be, remembering that forces larger than yourself are also involved in the dynamic of your life.

The Full Moon brings the Uranus-Eris conjunction out of the background again. That means we can reasonably expect a little turbulence in our lives and extra chaos in the news. Uranus-Eris is also in the spotlight because Mars is gradually making a conjunction to Saturn. That is exact Aug. 24, though the pressure is building. There is a temptation to outright revolt against something; I would propose being subtler than that.

If there is something to push against, that would seem to be beliefs that no longer serve you. Are you really sure you actually know what you believe? Or is that level of thought transparent? Now is the time to notice your habits of assumption and presumption. This is not the time to do something simply because it’s there to do; rather, it’s time to act on the right thing to do, based on what you actually know.

Knowing means that something is confirmed over time, and contrasted with other possibilities. Knowing means you know you might be wrong. That increases your chances of getting it right.

I describe the Full Moon in the new Planet Waves TV.

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