Several months ago, after a long tenure as the so-called ‘morning star’ rising in the east before sunrise, Venus disappeared into glare of the Sun. The brightest planet has not been seen in the night sky since that time. It would be fair to say it has been missed.


Venus has not been visible since March because it has been moving on the other side of the Sun in relation to Earth. Next month, it will finally be possible to see Venus again on a new horizon, in the west after sundown. It would be fair to say the sight will be welcomed.

Today, shortly before 3:39 pm EDT (19:38:41 UTC) Venus will enter the sign Cancer almost exactly three days before the Sun does the same thing on Monday. With its ingress to Cancer today, Venus anticipates both a new season and its return to visibility.

When the Sun enters Cancer shortly after 6:34 pm (22:34:07 UTC) Monday, it will initiate a solstice and the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. Among other things, a new season represents a fresh start. It’s more than just symbolism. It’s something you can see. After nearly six months of rising and setting farther and farther towards the north, the Sun will quite literally turn around. After Monday, sunrises and sunsets will begin taking place a little further towards the south with each passing day.

Interestingly, this year’s Cancer solstice will be preceded by a Full Moon in the very last degree of Sagittarius just hours before — at about 7 am EDT Monday. The implication is that our current season and all that came with it is even now coming to a grand culmination.

Hence, our astral environment this weekend is one of overlap. Old trends are implicitly on their way out of your life, moving towards a final lunar crescendo. New trends are indicated to be on their way into your life, clearly anticipated but not yet palpably precipitated by the Sun and Venus.

Based on the symbolism of the zodiac and the implications of events in the sky, you might think of yourself as about to enter a liminal state. It is almost as if you are now about to transition between worlds, and even between lives, without having to go through the inconvenience of physical death first and starting over as a baby after. It would thus behoove you to be aware of how rare and special this weekend can be made to be.

Without your conscious awareness and participation, all that takes place above will not have anything but incidental correlations here below. That’s because you are not incidental to the universe. As a sentient being, gifted with self-awareness you have a role to play.

Your part is first to comprehend through observation, and then to manifest through corresponding action. Your job is to bring the heavens down to Earth, or not. Through you and other people, events here below are made to be coherent and consistent with events above, or not. Such is your place in the order of things. It is more than reflecting on old trends culminating. It’s more than anticipating new trends. It is your place to participate.

If you want to see world events turn around in coordination with the Sun turning around on the horizon, you will need to turn at least one thing around in your life. If you want the return of Venus on a new horizon to have meaning, you have to do something to bring it.

Being in a liminal state can feel a little apprehensive because you are neither entirely here nor totally there. Yet, there is an advantage to being between worlds, in that you can see both from a single perspective. If there is anything to astrology, such a perspective will be yours this weekend. If you want to do something with the perspicacity even now becoming available to you, allow an anticipation of better (or at least different) times to temper any apprehension of uncertainty and guide you to the other side. See you there.

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13 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Bette

    There is some sorely needed comfort in your words today, Len. My life is feeling a bit surreal as the Solstice/full moon approaches. With the Solstices occurring on my nodal axis, & the full moon conjunct my 6th house south node – well – yes, some grounding while gardening has been helping a lot.

    For many years, I have tamed homeless cats/kittens & found good homes elsewhere for them, including the offspring of a very old feral momcat who I have gladly fed & provided winter shelter for, while she keeps my neighbourhood rodent-free. I have probably placed 25 to 30 felines into good homes, who would otherwise have become feral breeders. Now, I’m being threatened by the village administration with a $500 fine ($1000 for “second offense”) for “harbouring strays”, & accused of letting my cats run at large. My pets are kept strictly indoors & are spayed/neutered, but the old momcat is too old to settle indoors. I’ve been too angry to respond to their letter.

    Keeping my silence on the issue seems appropriate until after the full moon. Meantime, Mars is cruising to station on my 5th house Venus, & Saturn will station later on conjunct my 6th house sun. Am I feeling the pressure? Sure am! Ignorance about animal welfare is so difficult to dispel.

    I’m heading back to my garden now, hoping that this weekend may be a bridge, if crossed thoughtfully, to somewhat easier treading. Thank-you for the insight & encouragement.

    1. Tana

      Bette, your situation sounds very unfair. I can sympathize. Unfortunately I’m guessing someone turned you in to your village. Hopefully they just send that letter, and once you’ve transitioned the weekend perhaps talk to someone with the village to quiet this even before writing a letter. I’m sorry for the situation. If I can help, I’m good at reviewing letters.

  2. Bette

    I should add that the bylaw allows for penalties for owners of any cat or dog at large. It seems to be applied arbitrarily, to one person but not to another. Of the many cat owners I know here, I am in fact the only one whose pets are kept indoors. I am also apparently the only one being targeted, while others’ animals roam freely. Darkly ironic, I’d say.

  3. Bette

    Tana, thank-you for your support. Yes, no doubt someone reported me, without knowing the actual situation. I will deal with it in due time. Bottom line: any law requiring me to be cruel to an animal by refusing it food, water, or shelter from the cold, simply because someone discarded it, is simply wrong. Somehow, I have to find a way to say that such that it might make a difference.

  4. Barbara Koehler

    Bette, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have experienced a similar situation except in my case I know who the malevolent person is. These are testing times. I think Len is right in seeing a new season as a new life with a new set of circumstances. Hang in there!

  5. Mary

    Bette, Tana, Be, Len! my heart goes out to all of you who care for the others who are abandoned! Bless you all. I, too, spend my life with the others who have been similarly abandoned and abused and the resultant fury of the folk (imagine the felines equally inflamed) sits heavy upon me. I always look for ways to help others find safe haven and reckon this will be ever so doable once I find such a place myself. Might it be (BE!) the incoming energy of Cancer that supports this effort … for all of us out in the cold.

  6. Geoff Marsh

    Very many thanks for all the insights that made US politics (mostly) comprehensible to this Brit, Jude. It is an education I shall miss.

    I hope all goes well for you and yours on the other side of this liminality. My love and very best wishes to all at the pea patch.


  7. Lizzy

    Yes – I join my friends in sending much much love and hugs to you, dear Jude. Will miss your lovely, loving energy. I wish you the very very best. As they say in my neck of the woods, “Buon proseguimento!” (literally, good continuation).

  8. Fe Bongolan


    Will miss your calm reflections on our volatile times on Planet Earth and the USA. Your voice is a North Star — here and wherever you decide to write. May you emerge stronger and brighter in whatever your new iteration is!!!

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