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Thursday, we emerge from a period between paired eclipses. As we do so, Len Wallick asks you to perceive the previous two weeks as a journey through a tunnel – a common experience deserving of uncommon appreciation.

You undoubtedly know what it is like to traverse a tunnel. For some, it is a discomforting experience. To others, the process represents a convenient shortcut. For most, such a passage combines elements of both perspectives. As we near the end of another period between two paired eclipses, it might be useful to keep the example of a tunnel in mind.


With Thursday’s New Moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius, we are coming out on the other side of a two-week period that initiated with the Leo Full Moon and lunar eclipse of Jan. 31. Plausibly, that interval can be interpreted as a tunnel through time, as well as space.

Science has empirically demonstrated that a line-of-sight alignment between celestial bodies behaves like a very functional shortcut. As one example, the gravitational distortion of space-time precipitated during such positionings has allowed astronomers to directly observe the existence of planets orbiting other suns so distant we call them stars.

Employing this “gravitational lensing” phenomenon has provoked a range of responses comparable to the experience of tunnels. Some are pragmatic, and appreciative of how the method enhances our ability mitigate limits imposed by distance and barriers. Others are less than comfortable about the possibility that Earth might very well be the subject of detection and observation by the same means.

The line-of-sight alignment of Earth with our local star and Moon (resulting in eclipses) functions to do much the same thing to space-time as does gravitational lensing, but on a far more subtle level. The relatively short distance between the Sun, Earth and Moon (as compared to the unimaginably vast space between stars) is the reason for such nuance, but the innuendo is no less real.

Indeed, perceptions commonly accompanying an experience of living through a period between eclipses are not only real, but an affirmation of proficiencies conferred by life itself.

By providing a method to apprehend and objectify what would otherwise only be inferred by the quality of life between eclipses, the place of astrology is validated as well. Among other things, astrology provides a context through which we can distinguish what has made this particular pair of eclipses unique.

One prominent astrological context of the Jan. 31 eclipse thematically emphasized the highly personal and often subjective complex of factors that combine to form your unique point of view. Hopefully, you have been able to find, receive or create at least some validation and affirmation of your perspective in the interim.

Implicitly, coming out on the other side of the emblematic tunnel after Thursday will be accompanied by a complementary benefit: appreciation and compassion for any and all others who have taken the same trip.

Should you find yourself wondering whether your experience is all there is, hopefully you will be able to apprehend that your point of view is just one of an uncountable many.

Ideally, you will also be able to comprehend that yours is a fine and magnifying sensibility. Shining like a star, you are — as is any and everybody else — all placed on a vast spectrum (much like the many and varied ways of experiencing a tunnel). That the eclipses may have conferred an improved ability to better discern the details of each and any being’s place on that spectrum cannot help but to make life both much bigger and more personal at once.

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  1. chief niwot's sonchief niwot's son

    Len, thank you for a very juicy and articulate take on the eclipse period. The image that came to my mind reading about a tunnel is that it metaphors our birth, and other significant passages of transformation. Beautiful!

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