Almost Like Being In Love: Following the Full Moon

The astrology immediately following today’s Virgo Full Moon (at 1:05 pm EST / 18:05 UTC) feels almost like being in love. Not in the sense of being dreamy and ecstatic, unfortunately. More to do with the consequences of being in love. More like feeling compelled to change your life by making room for other imperatives, different priorities, a new way of being.


Much like falling in love, some things may come out of the blue. The idea is to accept them. Also akin to the experience of love, it will probably be much better in the long run to feel your way in rather than to analyze yourself out.

The short run of astrology that implies being in love is underway already. It will continue over the weekend and into the first half of next week. You might break it down into two parts or phases.

The first part will be the meeting. That is to say, the Sun’s more-or-less annual conjunction with Chiron. As it has been for a handful of years (and will be for as many years more), that conjunction will consist of the Sun sharing the same degree of Pisces with Chiron for a day.

That day will be Sunday, March 8. Appropriately enough, the same day most people in the U.S. will be compelled to set clocks ahead for daylight savings time.

Appropriate because love at first meeting can temporarily deprive your heart of a few beats just as the advent of daylight savings time results in the temporary loss of an hour. Either occurrence can throw you off stride for a while.

Also, conjunctions do represent (among other things) a new beginning. When objects merge on the zodiac, they start a new cycle that will then move through all of its stages before yielding to yet another cycle.

In the case of Sun conjunct Chiron in Pisces, the initiation of a new cycle will implicitly serve to make you more deeply conscious of both the complexities and the entanglements that falling in love (among other things) brings up. Accordingly, and combining the swift apparent motion of the Sun with Chiron’s tendency to get your attention, you might experience something suddenly this weekend. A bit more probable is that you might feel with intensity.

All of which segues neatly into the second part or phase of the astrology following today’s Virgo Full Moon: what you might call (with a nod to the late, great June Carter Cash) a ring of fire.

Just as with the Sun’s conjunction to Chiron, the ring of fire is functional now, even as the constituent aspects apply towards precision. Hence, just as with new love, your life will likely grow more intense in days to come.

What is, with some loving license, referred to as a fiery ring is developing. The peak will come on Monday and Tuesday, as Mars advances through the sign it passionately rules — Aries. The Martian advance will precipitate a grand fire trine.

The grand fire trine will consist of Mars conjunct (sharing the same degree of Aries with) Uranus while still in trine aspect to both Jupiter (retrograde in luminous Leo) and an intriguing object called The Great Attractor in smoldering Sagittarius.

A grand trine looks like the points of a big equilateral triangle on the zodiac circle, invoking a rolling, flowing, inertia. The metaphor of flow works with any grand trine, whether connecting the three fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), the three earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), the three air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), or three water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

However, when it is the three fire signs so connected, and when the constituents are emblems of passion (Mars), volatility (Uranus), expansiveness (Jupiter) and polarity (the Great Attractor), falling in love is one of the few appropriate experiences to cite when anticipating the astrology following today’s Virgo Full Moon.

Therefore, the protocol for putting the astrology of the next handful of days to work for you. Honor your feelings for sure. There will be no need to repress yourself. Simply take the word “honor” seriously.

Perceive your vulnerability as well as your volatility. Respond with passion and respect in equal parts. Grow into what you experience. Carry the day instead of getting carried away. No matter how the astrology of the next five days expresses for you, express yourself so as to later be proud of what you have done and what you have found.

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14 thoughts on “Almost Like Being In Love: Following the Full Moon

  1. Michael Mayes

    Yesterday I was griping to myself about having to give my girlfriend a ride to, and from work. See, we moved in together in January. I am feeling the “consequences of being in love” that you speak of. My recent commitment to Eric, working on the millenials project is another example of how I’m feeling the weight of a commitment. Then there’s the process of creating an audition piece for grad school. All of this is new territory for me, and they all require a deeper sense of commitment than I’ve been used to giving until now.

  2. StrawberryLaughter

    Wow. It was nearly a year ago — late April, 2014 — that Mars was opposite Uranus during that extraordinary Grand Square with Pluto & Jupiter. At the time, Mars was transiting my own Uranus, and the tension of volatility, expansiveness, passion and that particular Plutonian imperative for evolution exploded my life — one which needed quite a bit of exploding, to be sure. Now, we have Mars conjoined Uranus, and in a Grand Fire Trine to Jupiter and the GA. During that Grand Square, the Sun and Moon were in earthy, grounding Taurus & Capricorn. This Sunday, the Sun will be in watery, psychic Pisces, while the Moon will be, of all things, just where Mars had been in airy, relationship-oriented Libra.

    A year ago, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say the reality on which I’d based my life entered a phase of demolition. Lately, I’ve been feeling that all those dismantled pieces have been coming back together in a way that supports my living in integrity with something greater than me. Back then, I couldn’t have imagined that “my pieces” even could fit together this way. The flow of the trine vs the tension of the square is suddenly very, very clear. Deconstructing the Self is hard. There’s so much that’s unpleasant to see. But I’m learning that one of the beauties of the process is that in the rebuilding, you end up creating a Self you can truly fall in love with.

    How thoughtful of the stars to add their energies to the work we do down here. 😉 Thank you, Len. I’ve looked and looked at this moment’s chart, and I wasn’t seeing this piece. Nice.

  3. Len Wallick Post author

    Michael: Thank you for sharing your own experience of the developing astrology as it has manifested in your life. Yes, work and acts inspired by love usually do lead to deeper commitments – but would you have it any other way? Thank you for bringing part of your love and devotion to Planet Waves.

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Strawberry: And thanks to you in turn for an eloquent synopsis of your long and inspiring journey which has only just begun to live and breathe. Most of all thank you for adding your energies to the work done by the luminaries, planets and stars up there.

    1. StrawberryLaughter

      Thank you, Liz. It’s awesome to be part of a community of people doing this work. I’ve been inspired by your resilience more times than I can count, and as a cheerleader, you’re the best there is. 🙂 Hugs!!

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    puma pink: Yes, i agree. Thank you for pointing out important evidence of how events are indeed synchronizing with the astrology. May blessings be yours in proportion for those you bring here.

    Lizzy: It is edifying to know my service serves you. Thank you for supporting Strawberry (who, along with a host of other women – including you – is doing more than her fair share to hold up the sky).

  6. Mandy

    Well Len, you’ve prompted me to share a tale from my own parent’s love story in honour of their anniversary (June and Johnny played on the family stereo every Sunday as I grew up).
    This would have been sometime in the 1950’s. Mum had recently given birth to one of us and Dad was stationed somewhere distant on the planet, in service with the army (British). He called home one day and Mum broke down and begged him to come home – she was suffering from post-partum depression.
    Dad went AWOL. He crossed over and through enemy lines (sometimes crawling on his belly), hitched a ride with an Italian submarine regiment and made his way back home to Mum.
    My Grandfather, having been notified that Dad was AWOL, met him at the door and demanded that he turn himself in immediately. Dad ignored him and spent the night with my Mum. He surrendered himself the next day, got a very stern talking to but no charges. Ain’t love grand?
    Thanks, Len. I’ll be playing my Best of Johnny CD tonight – including A Boy Named Sue to jive with Amanda’s post today – as I look forward to the unfoldment of the merging ring of fire!

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