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Dear Friend and Reader:

This is the week when I’m working on the July monthly horoscopes. For those new to our schedule, there are monthly horoscopes offered on the first two Tuesdays that the Sun is in a new zodiac sign (at the end of the calendar month). Then if my schedule permits, I will do something else the other Tuesdays. For today’s edition I have a request for you. Thanks in advance for a moment of your time.

Eric Francis.

Working with Chelsea and other members of our business team, we’re studying the ways to build Planet Waves into a stronger organization with a broader subscriber base. As you know, we provide the services we do without advertising. This, in turn, means we have to be really good at drawing in new readers and giving them excellent reasons to subscribe and renew.

Here’s my request: please go back to the moment when you first subscribed to Planet Waves for the first time. What was it that got you to make the decision? Was there any one article, promotional letter or experience? Or was there some other factor?

One additional question: is the term “subscriber” or “member” more appealing to you? Which do you think of yourself as being? Please be descriptive.

Here is a feedback form where you can add your comments — or you can reply directly to this email. Thank you kindly for your time and attention. I’ll see you Friday with a regular edition of Planet Waves Astrology News.

Yours & truly,



PS: We have some excellent new posts to our blog areas. Len Wallick’s Monday and Tuesday editions are an excellent summary of the current astrology. I have a weekly astrology entry that’s a new addition to the Cosmic Confidential Diary. And Enceno Macy, our correspondent from a prison on the West Coast, has written an essay on loneliness.

PPS: I now offer an audio astrology update on Wednesdays at about noon, located on our daily blog.

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