A Proxy War on the People

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Another mass shooting chart with Pholus and Nessus in the angles — Nessus 10th, Pholus 7th. The new kind of war. I have two definitions of that. One I’ve outlined in an article called “Here At the Edge of the World.” That will google up; in that context I mean a war in which the environment is the weapon.

Another mass shooting chart with Pholus and Nessus in the angles — Nessus 10th, Pholus 7th. The new kind of war. I have two definitions of that.

One I’ve outlined in an article called “Here At the Edge of the World.” That will google up; in that context I mean a war in which the environment is the weapon. In this context, I mean a government that allows, and encourages, people to possess weapons of war, where those weapons are used routinely on the people. (This is similar because guns are part of our environment, by design.)

The effect is a proxy war on the people, on behalf of the people who arm the population, who then take “their own” guns and do its bidding (i.e., the killing itself). The purpose is the same as the purpose as any terrorism: to inflict shock and horror, and to keep the people in a helpless state. When you hear guys with guns talk about uprising and revolution, this is what they mean. It’s also essential to remember that the 2nd Amendment was a compromise with the south so that their slave patrols could be armed.

Note that this particular shooter was so well armed and at such a distinct strategic advantage that nobody could stop him. By the time SWAT teams (themselves pinned down by live fire) had located him and had blown up his hotel room door, he had already killed or injured more than 500 people and then had killed himself. No justice, no peace.

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  1. Barbara Koehler

    Thanks Eric. Of the cycles that presently influence the United States, the Uranus-Pluto cycle is front and center today. The Las Vegas shooting chart, with its trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo – a Mars that is conjunct the 1966 conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto – appears to be another healing or correcting set of instructions.

    The shooting chart (coming 12 days after the Virgo New Moon in which the Sun and Moon at 27+ Virgo, oppose Chiron at 26+ Pisces retrograde) has a Moon in Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon) sextile Uranus in Aries which together form a Yod to the September New Moon that completes a Yod-turned-Boomerang, with Chiron as the final landing place for the Boomerang energies.

    As you noted Pholus and Nessus are prominently placed on the angles of this chart so, along with Chiron at the end of a Boomerang pattern, the 3 most comprehended centaurs at this time in history are strategically engaged to propel humanity’s consciousness level up the ladder.

    That being said, what is the strategy we might wonder. Pallas the Strategist – in this chart – at 12+ Taurus is sextile Neptune at 12+ Pisces (which trines the U.S natal Sun in Cancer). When combined in this fashion they can manipulate any 3rd planet that they both quincunx. Some planet that resides at approximately 8 to 16 degrees of Libra, such as the U.S. natal Saturn at 14+ Libra, would complete a Yod pattern. If this is the case then it is the U.S. Saturn which would have to “adjust” (change its position) in order to comply with the Yod rules.

    The obvious answer, in this case (the chart for the shootings in Las Vegas which resulted in the deaths of 58 people so far) would be to change the rules/laws regarding the use of guns. Saturn is the rule-maker, right?

    I suspect with having Chiron, as symbol of wounding, at the final point of a Boomerang will take us far along this strategy line, and by having Nessus and Pholus in their strategic places it is a centaur-driven strategy. I see too in your chart that Nessus is the apex point of a Yod made up of the sextile between Ceres (loss) and Mercury (talk), great! Pholus too is conjunct the Galactic Core that trines Uranus and the North Node in the shooting chart. Splendid.

    Also, timing is everything some say, and with Saturn symbolizing Time as well as Rules, we may be at an advantage point disguised (Neptune’s contribution) as a Tragedy. I dare say that even Trump could stumble into some helpful position, through no fault of his own. Consider the shooting chart’s sextile between Moon and Pholus that forms a Yod to Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer, the part of a Yod that has to adjust/compromise. Trump’s Venus-Mercury falls on either side of the U.S. natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) where Venus was in the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21. Couldn’t a little Love/Venus Talk/Mercury work miracles if the Timing was right? Just sayin’.

    Besides, Trump’s Sun and the U.S. Mars on the ascendant of this shooting chart seems just a little too perfect in timing. Trump’s Moon and the transiting Saturn on the descendant of this chart (how do these things happen I wonder) suggests to me that Trump’s inner devils have been externalized through this event, and with the U.S. Neptune half-way between them the differences could be dissolved in some magical way.

    1. Barbara Koehler

      As luck would have it, the above chart’s sextile between Neptune and Pallas (see Paragraph 4 above) is still in play in Thursday’s Full Moon chart (Oct. 5th) and there sits the complete Yod with trans. Sun at 12+ Libra and it conjuncts trans Mercury at 10+ Libra. But this time the Yod turns Boomerang with the Full Moon being in the Boom Box. She in turn squares the U.S. Sun in Cancer, as does the transiting Sun opposite the FM. The beauty of this T-square is that trans. Neptune not only sextiles Pallas it trines U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer providing escape.

      All 3 outer planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, make major contributions to the astrology pattern(s) of the coming Full Moon. While Neptune is semi-square Uranus on the one hand, it is sextile Pluto on the other. But what is/will be most apparent are the outer planets aspecting the planets within Saturn’s orb. Pluto trines Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo and trine the U.S. Vesta in Taurus. Uranus opposes Jupiter while sextile U.S. Moon (and square U.S. Pluto) and we have noted Neptune’s amazing positioning.

      This Thursday’s Aries Full Moon should be spectacular then, not just because she’s the Boom in the Boomerang but because she’s in fiery Aries and she trines the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius in the Sibly chart. Good news perhaps? This full Moon is in the U.S. Sibly 3rd house of News.

      1. Linda MayLinda May

        My God B!! How.do you do it??!!
        What a magnificent speaker that you are. I m in total awe whilst reading you if only i would comprehend more. But … no matter…. i go with the tremendous flow and let my cls remember that which is essential :)

        Thanks everyone!! I love reading ALL!! Everyone sparkles for ME :)

        1. Barbara Koehler

          Hey Linda, sorry I’m late in thanking you – there was a blackout of PW for several days. I must also correct my error re: the Aries Full Moon yesterday. It took place in the U.S. natal Sibly chart 4th house, not the 3rd house like I wrote. No good news for us thanks to the New Moon’s house position, sad to say.

          Still, the U.S. Vesta (19+ Taurus) trine Mars and Venus (19+ Virgo) in the New Moon chart might mean a big break for Robert Mueller who’s natal Pholus (20+ Capricorn) trines both U.S. Vesta and the New Moon’s Mars-Venus; an earth grand trine for him. I love visualizing some “small cause” coming to light re: the Russian collusion/meddling investigation becoming a “big event” which could be good news for all of us.

          Just a week before transiting Pluto reaches Mueller’s natal Pholus in February there will be a total lunar eclipse at 11+ Leo that will conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo. Trump’s Pluto squares his natal Nessus in Taurus and I relish what that might uncover, disgusting though it may be.

          As transiting Pluto is conjunct Mueller’s Pholus next February there will be a New Moon conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius on the 15th. A chart for that new moon (set in Washington DC) has the ascendant on the midpoint between the U.S. North Node (path forward, opportunity) at 6+ Leo and Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo. It is only a partial eclipse, that New Moon at 27+ Aquarius, but there’s a lot to love in that chart.

          Unlike yesterday’s Full Moon that I mistakenly wrote would be in the U.S. natal 3rd house, the February Aquarius Eclipsed New Moon WILL be in the U.S. natal 3rd house. And it will be conjunct the transiting Mercury! Lots of news this time. Trans. Neptune will exactly trine U.S. natal Sun, trans. Mars at 12+ Sagittarius will conjunct the U.S. natal (Sibly) ascendant and square trans. Neptune, which could mean several things I’d rather not think about just now.

          In the meantime there is much to speculate on; was the Las Vegas shooter a loner? Will Rex Tillerson still be Sec’y of State by the end of the year?

  2. PW Admin

    Just seen, from Sara Victoria:

    People from the shooting last night in Las Vegas said they heard the gun shots and knew they had to get out of there. The sound of rounds firing of is what saved many lives.
    If Congress passes the SHARE ACT (as early as this week) — which will roll back restrictions on silencers — no one will hear gun shots over the music on the streets of Vegas or in the clubs of Orlando. More will die and, because their votes have been padded by NRA dollars, that’s alright with our local representatives.
    IN CALIFORNIA: Call Republicans Ed Royce, Dana Rohrabacher, Mimi Walters, and Darrell Issa and tell them to vote NO on the Share Act.
    EVERYWHERE ELSE: Call your Congress person in the House of Representatives directly or text SILENCER to 64433, which is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s connection number. That number will connect anyone in the US to the right representative.
    OR TEXT RESIST TO 50409 and choose “HOUSE” on the ensuing menu to send a fax to your local member of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES where the bill is set to be voted on and ask them to VOTE NO ON THE SHARE ACT. Even if your rep already opposes the bill ask them to come out publicly against it and do everything in their power to stop it.
    Send POLICY as well your prayers. This is how we slowly make it better.

  3. Patricia Proctor

    Seems like a false flag to me. A millionaire with no weapons training did all that, including closed circuit tv on the halls, and fancy silencing of the weapons (beyond our normal understanding of silencing)? Gunfire visuals restricted? I don’t think so. I’d be interested in knowing what time the coroner puts as his time of death, but I suspect we’ll never know. The girlfriend shut down social media the day before, and fled the country; and, another woman ran through the crowds warning people to leave. Machine guns are still highly restricted. The millionaire had no police record and wasn’t on any watch list. This stinks rather badly.

  4. Geoff Marsh

    I’m sorry, but is Trump’s “warmest condolences” to the victims’ families and friends really acceptable? Sincere condolences, perhaps, but “warmest”? Isn’t that, in effect, thanking the victims’ families for the lives of their relatives who have died in the cause of allowing the population to arm itself?

    I wonder what Mr Trump’s reaction would be if the wealthy elite of American society were to arm itself with drones which could be aimed at the president every time he made a pronouncement which displeased their accountants?

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