A Little Cooperation

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There are certainly times to stand up for oneself. This week, however, Len Wallick suggests that unless your life is at stake, Venus entering Aquarius tonight indicates that if you offer cooperation rather than competition to others, you’ll likely receive the same in turn.

“One who does not compete does not meet competition.”
— Lao Tsu

If there is one trend that seems prevalent in the world at this time, you might say that it’s the prevalence of contests, competition and controversy. It’s not just in the U.S., either (where a testy Super Bowl has segued into a divisive presidential race as college basketball gears up for heated “March Madness” playoffs).


Neither is the trend entirely bad. It’s probably a good thing, for example, that what amounts to an awards season for the entertainment industry has been infused with intense discussions of prejudice and privilege.

For the most part, however, there seems to be a growing rash of destructive political, economic and sectarian clashes all over the world at every level of engagement. If there is one common thread in all of those conflicts, it’s that the idea of cooperation as a viable alternative seems to have been all forgotten.

This is where you come in. You can serve as an example to prove that one person can make a difference. In addition, you can also help others to remember how all of us are essentially in the same boat when it comes to the most vital necessities of life.

In order to make a difference and be instructive for others you need not accomplish great things. All you have to do is offer a little cooperation whenever it is possible to do so, without putting yourself or others in danger or undue distress. If the situation is not life-or-death, consider the advantages of going along. Unless your very existence is at stake, think about how simply applying yourself to live and let live might help you better get along. Instead of an us-or-them perspective, try looking for the best outcome for everybody involved.

If there is anything to the astrology, the ingress of Venus into Aquarius at about 11:17 pm EST this evening (04:16:55 UTC Wednesday) would appear to support a little cooperation. That’s because Aquarius is more concerned with groups than individuals, and Venus is (among other things) focused on values.

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At its best, then, the merger of collective concerns and estimable merits that Venus in Aquarius represents could very well result in the very possible (but often overlooked) result of everybody winning and coming out ahead together.

Of course, in a world where so many are caught up in a rat race on the ground, the sky can have no influence. By the same token, possible downsides of Aquarius (groups that define themselves by who they exclude) and Venus (“pointless accretion,” in the words of Robert Hand) can win the day if enough people choose to be uncooperative. But the upside is equally and just as easily possible without suffering or sacrifice.

Indeed, there are what appear to be overlooked advantages to contributing a little cooperation in the world. Imagine going through a whole day where nobody disagrees with you because you give them nothing to disagree with. Think about how wonderful it would feel to go through a whole week without unnecessary conflict because you offer none.

Once again, the tenure of Venus in Aquarius (until March 12) does not require that you be pushed around. It’s only an invitation for you to push others a little less, and pull along with others a little more. For if there is only one thing you can do to make the world a better place than it is right now, it would be a little cooperation where there was none before.

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Len Wallick

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9 thoughts on “A Little Cooperation

  1. Barbara Koehler

    You know, I couldn’t help but think of Pres. Obama as I read your piece Len. Today the Sun was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Aquarian Moon and I happened to be near a TV when the President was taking questions from reporters. Since his natal south node is conjunct the U.S. Moon, I expected to hear something that would ring true to the emotional nature of the American Public. So when he was asked about his thought’s regarding the replacement of Justice Scalia he started with a brief tribute to the man and condolences to his family, then. . . .

    Obama expressed mild amazement that scholars of the Constitution were suddenly making up parts that could be found no where in it regarding any President in his or her last year of his or her term not being allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice when necessary. Doesn’t that sound like an Aquarian? He was cool with it. Almost amused at how ludicrous that notion was. I was pretty sure that was how most of us felt too. He was above it all and said “in due time” he would nominate someone who would be more than qualified for the position.

    I’m pretty sure that if someone other than Obama were president, when asked a leading question like that would have thrown a bit of authority around – if his authority were questioned regarding Supreme Court Justice appointments – but then of course, no other President would have been challenged like that would they? I thought he handled it with dignity and aplomb.

    I’m sure Venus will increase the cooperative spirit in all of us in the coming days Len, she couldn’t make it any worse. And then there’s the Sun in Pisces matter; nobody will be in the mood to fight.

  2. aWord

    With natal Venus at 0 Aquarius and natal Sun at 2 Pisces, it seems reasonable to feel some cooperation in my own life. Well, I don’t feel I’ve been without it per se, but let’s see what the weekend brings. I will look around for co-op ops. Thank you, Len.

  3. Kelly Grace Smith

    With so much “going along and getting along,” compromising, and “following” going on in our world, and being perpetuated every day by technology…I think this energy is a very tricky one.

    Borne of a genuine acceptance of others from a true understanding of our shared humanity; accepting others, who they are and where they are, without judgment…wonderful! Borne of a true ability to individuate one’s self and not need to “prove” your value or need to belong…great.

    The question becomes…how do you discern cooperation from avoidance of conflict or allowing? How do you individuate, but also be a part of the whole?

    Kelly Grace Smith

  4. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    “The question becomes…how do you discern cooperation from avoidance of conflict or allowing? How do you individuate, but also be a part of the whole?”

    Those are the key questions, are they not, Kelly Grace? Seems to be we often figure that out by getting it wrong once or twice. I think sometimes the question of “is the group in question pursuing a higher goal, and does that goal serve the higher good?” is one way to measure (though likely not the only one).

    And I think that sometimes in our process of individuation, we have to experience the consequences of letting our ego take the reins, so we can better understand and discern in the future what makes that different from “standing up for what is right/best.”

  5. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    Our play director made a statement yesterday to my cohort during rehearsal, about something he noticed and wanted to point out as a reminder to keep doing what we were doing. He noted, “and since this group has a collective consciousness, keep finding things for each other…”
    There is a palpable sense of cohesion among us 7, built on a foundation of respect, understanding, and desire to grow, collectively and individually.

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