A Light After Dark

There is a light. Not at the end of a long, dark tunnel (though recent events may make it seem as though we are in one). Rather, there a light on the horizon. Some have already seen it. It is a light in the western sky after sunset and it’s just in time.


Venus is wrapping up a tenure of just over three weeks in Cancer (since June 17), and it enters Leo on Monday. It is also re-appearing as a light after dark. Reports have been received. Photos have been taken. Venus is back.

As is so often the case with astrology, there is an astounding serendipity in the re-appearance of Venus. After more than three long months of being out of sight as it traveled on the other side of the Sun, Venus has timed its return to visibility just as it is moving across the cusp separating the sign ruled by the Moon (Cancer) and the sign ruled by the Sun (Leo).

With each passing twilight, the sight will become more clear. That’s because Venus is moving relatively fast right now, gradually widening its separation from the Sun. You will see it as Venus showing up a little higher in the sky as one evening follows another into our still-new season.

Astrologically, you might say that Venus is currently functioning as both a leader and as an inspiration. Like a pioneer, Venus led the Sun and Mercury into Cancer as if to show the way into a new season of life on Earth. Now, like a torch bearer, it is pushing back against the night. This is not meaningless symbolism, either. Other than the Sun and Moon, Venus is the only celestial object bright enough to both cast and dispel shadows.

Like all things in astrology, the impending traversal of Leo by Venus has two complementary potentials. There is a shadow side, so to speak.

If you are careless in how you carry Venus into the world, it can express as an inappropriate sense of entitlement. It is also very possible for ‘bling’ to become a cause, when other, more selfless causes need you to lean in — together with others — to further a common good.

Rather than deny it, put the shadow side of Venus to work. There is no reason to go without makeup. There is no need to hide your jewelry. Instead, allow adornment to become something more than an end in itself. Let artful enhancements be just one of many means by which you further the cause of love.

For in the words of Robert Hand, “In its highest manifestation, Venus is love.” That, as usual, is where you come in.

While you may not have consciously chosen to live in such trying times, it is for you to choose how to live in them. It is thus for you to lead Venus, just as Venus is leading the planets around the zodiac and into what will be a great gathering of planetary lights in the western half sky later this year.

It is nothing new to say that love is the answer. Even so, the message continuously needs renewing.

Let Venus, the goddess of love, inspire you. Let it lead you into leadership. Rise up, so as to be better seen. Give love a chance to win, and it will.

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2 thoughts on “A Light After Dark

  1. Lizzy

    Wonderful Len. “Let Venus, the goddess of love, inspire you. Let it lead you into leadership. Rise up, so as to be better seen. Give love a chance to win, and it will.” yes. Bless you and thank you – your words have given me so much courage and solace – I’ll follow that lovely shining star!

  2. Glen Young

    Thanks for throwing light on the shadow side. For when its careless, and the common good suffers.
    Gentle words in some really harsh time.

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