A Guide to The Eclipse Zone

You are about to enter another dimension. You ingress tomorrow to emerge on April 4. It will be a dimension not only of Sun and Moon, light and dark, but of mind. You are moving toward a portal of unprecedented potential, limited only by your imagination, resilience and will. This will be a journey to which you were born — through The Eclipse Zone.


Cue the tinkly music, that’s the facts. Going back more than three centuries, no solar eclipse (much less a total solar eclipse) has taken place in the last degree of the zodiac – the final degree of Pisces. Tomorrow, it happens at 5:36 am EDT (09:36 UTC).

The two closest such occasions during the past 300+ years were in 1765 and 2007. On March 18 or 19 of 2007 (depending on your time zone) there was a partial solar eclipse at 28+ Pisces, precisely square Pluto at 28+ Sagittarius.

On March 21, 1765, there was a partial eclipse at 1+ Aries, during the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. Interestingly, Uranus was in Aries at the time as well. Tomorrow, however, will implicitly be an entirely different dimension from any experienced by anybody else for centuries.

So relax if you will, and get yourself ready to both refresh your recent experience and transcend time with this guide to your impending journey.

Eclipses usually take place in pairs. The solar eclipse always occurs during a New Moon (Sun and Moon in the same degree of the same sign) that is in the vicinity of a lunar node, either following or preceding a lunar eclipse by about two weeks. Whichever eclipse (solar or lunar) takes place first can be considered an entrance. The second eclipse of the pair can be considered an exit.

In between, it’s a zone. Each time it’s different. Nonetheless some generalities are always applicable.

Between the opening and closing eclipses, one big general rule applies: the more you participate with conscious awareness, the more probable a desirable outcome.

As regards to influencing the outcome of a journey through any eclipse zone, you can generally expect at least three things. To begin with, it is probable that there will be some loss. The more consciously and actively you participate, the more likely you will lose what you want to get rid of anyway. Choose what you lose, and the chance of feeling loss as a hardship will be lessened.

Next, patterns are likely to begin and/or end. Once again, your awareness will allow you to be more the changer in charge. If you leave things to chance, the patterns you emerge with may not be such a good fit for your frame of mind.

Finally, between entering and emerging from an eclipse zone, you can expect to travel farther (literally or figuratively) and experience a more eventful life than would normally transpire for you during two weeks. Therefore, have an itinerary in mind and make up your mind to get off it periodically for rest.

So, what makes this pending eclipse zone different? First, it begins tomorrow with the only solar eclipse in centuries to take place within 24 hours of a Vernal Equinox. Implicitly, that unprecedented synchronicity gives you a chance to try or accomplish as never attempted or done before in recent history. The same applies for entities (such as the USA) that have been around less than 300 years.

Another very unique thing about this eclipse zone you are about to enter is that it begins and ends with total eclipses. A total solar eclipse tomorrow (visible from the east side of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean), and a total lunar eclipse (the fourth of four in a row) on April 4. Hence, think total. Jump in with both feet. Give your all. Be all you can be. Do all you can do. Or, as a viable alternative, totally recover, recreate and revive yourself.

Those are the basics. That should be all you need for your impending journey. It will be best to pack light, and before you depart to consider carefully your good fortune to be alive now.

Consider if you will a fortunate individual. That individual being you, about to enter another dimension. Not an realm of fate, but a milieu of choice. Not an impending doom, but an anticipated dawn on a new horizon. A tableau mediated by both light and mystery. This fortunate individual is about to go where none have gone for a very long time — on an unprecedented journey into The Eclipse Zone.

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26 thoughts on “A Guide to The Eclipse Zone

  1. aWord

    The Eclipse Zone! I like it 🙂
    Thanks for laying it all out, Len; the road has many more lights along the way now that you’ve given it your travel narrative.

    1. StrawberryLaughter

      Me too, brenda_g. It’s like this Solar Eclipse is laser-beaming our Pluto. It’s a little intimidating, but I have to admit I’ve come to love these Plutonic dives, because there’s so much gold to be found when we dig beneath the surface — beneath our fears & the way we tap-dance around our vulnerabilities in order to feel safe. I’ve come to realize that the only real safety is in being okay with what scares me. Which is why I’m both scared and excited about this eclipse cycle. There may be monsters in those depths, but they’re my monsters. And I’d rather shine a flashlight on them to see them for what they are, than continue to get jumped by them in the dark.

      I wish you the very best, & look forward to all that comes of this. 🙂

      1. brenda_g

        You too Strawberry! I had to laugh about the flashlight statement. I’ve got sun conjunct pluto within 1 degree in my 1st house. I say bring it on..I have told my friends that I carry a spare flashlight and batteries in my mental/emotional “backpack”. Now I understand so much since discovering astrology last year.

        I just realized my sun polarity point is aries 1. The synchs have been crazy the last couple of days too…another round on the roller coaster of life. Normally I’m the kind of person who would close my eyes and hold on for dear life. Maybe it’s time to keep my eyes open and let go of the safety bar. 😀

  2. Cowboyiam

    Len you are pumping me up for the beautiful birth of something powerful within that has been struggling for freedom all through this last three years. It is so powerful it feels overwhelming to me.

    This eclipse has Pluto 1+ degree inside my natal 7th house. the eclipse itself is just 15 minutes inside my natal 10th on my MC. The Nodes are in exact alignment with my Natal Eris in Aries and Mars in Libra opposition.

    I feel this great apprehension and want to run – but suddenly I realize this is why I’m here – what I came to do and maybe I really am ready! I am so thankful for your advice and all of the PW readings really. Love.

  3. goatwool

    Love the statistic’s Len (aka moon master) – sounds better than (eclipse master).
    So I gather it’s taken 300 years for the sun and the moon to get it just right !!!

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    aWord: You are very welcome. It’s gratifying to know my service continues to be useful for you.

    Amanda: It is for me to thank you for the generous and gentle editorial guidance you continuously offer.

    brenda_g: Welcome to Planet Waves, and thank you for your comment. From what you describe, this upcoming eclipse cycle will be important. In addition to what i have offered in today’s blog for your journey, please add a consideration of how your Pluto placement puts you at a threshold bridging generations – that one perspective could be an important key for you.

    Strawberry: Thank you for being so supportive of brenda_g, and may your own plumbing of profound depths continue to receive support as well. You certainly have my respect and admiration for the profound pace of evolution you have evinced during the time you have offered comments here.

    Cowboyjam: i am thankful to you in turn for your participation here. In order not to be overwhelmed over the next day or so, please allow me to suggest that you eschew “tried and true” outlets for something that feels new yet safe. Use your imagination and keep yourself engaged so as to feel your gears are meshed (not grinding) – that’s the feeling you might want to look for.

    goatwool: i’m not sure that i’m truly master of anything (much less the Moon) but your comments are gratefully received as evidence that my work resonates well for you, and that’s enormously comforting. Perhaps we are all in the process of getting “it just right” just as the Sun and Moon appear to be doing so.

    1. Maeve

      Yesterday, I saw a psychiatrist for the first time ever. Apparently I have borderline personality disorder. This doesn’t bother me. She explained the neurophysiological changes that result in this disorder, which makes perfect sense to me. And she recommended I pursue Dialectical Behavior Treatment, which also sounds awesome in that (by her description) it’s going to give me the tools I’ve been lacking, to have better coping mechanisms, and establish more appropriate pathways in my brain.
      She said that all the things that I’ve done (diet changes, physical therapy, surgeries, pills) that haven’t worked further point to the fact that there’s some emotional healing I’ve gotta do.
      I’m up for it. I’m actually happy that there is something identifiable I can do, and that I don’t have to do it strictly on my own.


      1. Len Wallick Post author

        Chief Niwot’s Son: Thank you for the kind appraisal. Just how wild our times are would (i suppose) depend on what we compare our times to. One thing this unprecedented (for over three centuries, at least) solar eclipse earlier today seems to say is that there is no comparison.

        Maeve: Thank you for your comments – it’s been a long time. Please allow me to express my support for you as regards to seeing a psychiatrist for the first time and (most of all) for your evident determination to follow through, knowing that you can accomplish some meaningful emotional healing with therapy. You are setting a great example for all of us!

      2. StrawberryLaughter

        Congratulations, Maeve. Let me add my admiration to Len’s, & offer support as you take a new approach. We all have emotional healing to do, & I admire your courage and honesty. May this new cycle bring you the peace you seek. (((Hugs)))

  5. Lizzy

    Yes, I join Len and Strawberry in their admiration, dear Maeve. Sounds like you’re about to begin an incredible new journey! Much luck and love with it.

  6. marie hawthorne

    Thank you Len

    Humungous awesomeness!

    Meditation. Contemplation. Action.

    I’m trusting that at any given moment of wakefulness one of the three will work, and this is my theme:

    ‘perhaps what matters is who hears what, and what is then extended to another…constrained only by what we are willing to believe and how far we are willing forgiveness – how far we are willing to forgive.’

    Love, Nilou

  7. Len Wallick Post author

    pam: You are very welcome.

    Marie: Thank you for your generous words. i’m trusting in turn that your comment today ended with another quote from Fairclough? Regardless, thank you. It does appear to extend from the quote you offered last week. Adding the idea of forgiveness to the perceptive chain introduces additional depth to a contemplation regarding how we judge as well as process the inapparent information behind the apparent information we take in (if i’m reading with sufficient comprehension, that is).

    1. marie hawthorne

      Thank you Len: This one is from my writing notes, 24th October 2014, and is still ‘in contemplation’! The Fairclough is from my reading notes from about 6th February. Looking at the two together and your comment suggests to me that perhaps meditation (pausing, reviewing, reflecting), contemplation (considering) and action (doing, not-doing) could be treated as some of the components of acts of forgiveness, or elements of an ongoing process. I’m thinking here particularly of an internal process by which we can create a climate of self-forgiveness, better understanding of our inner selves and a healing of inner territories that affect our deepest integrity. So, thinking about forgiveness as part of the relationship each person has with their own being.

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Thank you, Marie. The two quotes had a rhetorical similarity for me, so i mistook them to be from the same source. Thank you for the correction and for expanding on what you intended to express.

  9. Carrie

    Thanks, Len.

    Several things have happened before both the last Uranus-Pluto square and this eclipse:
    My grandmother died at age 100 and I am her heir. My dad’s gall bladder burst the day they told me she might not last the night; he had surgery and actually survived it. My grandmother (his mother) survived another day but passed in the wee hours on the 21st of Feb.; the day before my 55th birthday. My dad seemed to be doing well; he was off the ventilator in a few days and was making progress. And then after about 3 weeks, he stopped making progress. I was able to ask him where he wanted to go (he could not speak, just nod yes or shake no) so i got him back to his VA home where he was so happy. He passed the day after my son’s 13th birthday; about 3 weeks after his mother died.

    I have had to make tough decisions before he passed and after. I had to fly back East to begin the estate progress; I deliberately flew back March 15th and came back March 19th so I was not flying on either the square or the eclipse. I am worn out and have a lot to still do and my feelings are still very raw. I also found that my younger brother separated from his wife this week. So many changes.

    Thanks for keeping the keel even, Len. You are simply wonderful.

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    Carrie: i am so very sorry you had to go through so many profound changes in such a short period of time. You have been stronger and accomplished more than i would have been able to manage. It is no wonder you are worn out with raw feelings. Even though you have much yet to do, please remember to take care of your own well being – physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, all ways – remember the lessons of your Chiron return. Make it your holistic objective to be whole and healthy for your second Saturn return. You are an important person to many still living – including those of us here at Planet Waves who have sincerely appreciated your comments over the years.

  11. DivaCarla Sanders

    Len, I am reading this Monday, post solar eclipse. I love it! The sun’s trip through Pisces prepared me for this eclipse, being my birthday sign, I began in Ceremony in February, and completed in ceremony. I was also inspired to seek a rebirthing breathwork session the night before the eclipse, and have follow ups scheduled through April 4, as it happens. I am so grateful you are focused on the eclipse zone, not just an event. I needed that reminder. Will you be elaborating over the next two weeks about the energetic differences and effects of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse? Or point to past writing where this may be covered. Or is the zone all important?

    Always happy to share these rides through the portal with Planet Waves community. Thank you for sharing your journeys. Much love to all.

  12. Len Wallick Post author

    DivaCarla: Thank you. Yes, such elaborations are anticipated. Also, please note the Planet Waves archives has all sorts of information about solar and lunar eclipses. Please let me know if you can’t find something in the archives. Finally, no one thing is “all important” so far as i can can tell. Rather, it’s all important taken as a whole. Hopefully you have found my response today to be satisfactory.

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