A Capricorn New Moon to Build On

Posted by Amanda Painter


The astrology this week appears to speak of building something new, thanks in part to a New Moon in Capricorn. Yet as the week progresses, it looks like you’ll be doing this building with a shifting frame of reference, thanks to several objects changing sign.

The astrology this week appears to speak of building something new, thanks in part to a New Moon in Capricorn. Yet as the week progresses, it looks like you’ll be doing this building with a shifting frame of reference, thanks to several objects changing sign.

One way to think of it is like making a sculpture: each time you walk to a different side of it, your perception of the thing you’re making changes slightly. As a result, you can see new options that might alter what you do next. Another example might be when you rearrange the furniture in your home: when you move an easy chair to a new spot, the vacated area is suddenly open to other possibilities.


Ice sculpture in Bradford, U.K., December 2012. Photo by Rob Glover.

The chair, in its new location, may seem to invite a new piece of artwork to hang above it.

When you sit in the chair in the new spot, you have a new perspective of the entire room; that shifted perspective may help you see something else with fresh eyes: a way to make an underutilized corner more useful, for example; or you might realize you no longer need that end table that just collects clutter.

If you’ve been using the ‘productive’ astrology of the last week or so to move projects toward completion, there’s a good chance this week’s shifts will come naturally to you as you look forward to the next thing. And if you feel like you have not been able to take advantage of the traction that’s been available, perhaps think of this week’s astrology as another chance to do so.

The Sun and Moon make their conjunction in Capricorn (the New Moon) on Jan 16 at 9:17 pm EST (2:17 UTC on Jan. 17). This happens late in Capricorn, with the Sun and Moon still making contact with several of the planetary players that have featured strongly recently.

Also, Jupiter in Scorpio is fully sextile Pluto in Capricorn right now. Jupiter-Pluto continues to energize an ability to make creative changes, especially in your immediate environment. It also looks like the engine behind the Sun’s still-functional sextiles with Mars in Scorpio on one side and Chiron in Pisces on the other. All together, this equals continued traction — not only with physical efforts you’re engaged in, but also in a layer of healing that may be related, and needed.

It’s easy to think that certain situations will never change; or that one cannot become more self-aware; or that one has no power to accomplish something ‘real’ in this world. After all, as the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Yet while that cynical saying can appear true on one level — especially when looking at something like politics or big business — it need not be true for individuals.

Having Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces resonating with Tuesday’s New Moon in Capricorn looks like the ability to harness inner changes in self-awareness to whatever tangible work you’ve been doing — no matter what facet of life that work is occurring in. Sometimes change happens from the inside out (like when you’ve been going to therapy and start to feel better about yourself, and thanks to feeling better, you’re no longer willing to put up with clothes you don’t really like or a partner who treats you poorly). Sometimes change occurs from the outside in (like when a new haircut shifts your attitude toward yourself, or when losing your job forces you to question what you’d like to do next).


Full chart for Tuesday night’s New Moon. The Sun and Moon are in Capricorn, in the lower-right corner with the bold “26” next to them. Other planets with bold numbers in the late-20s are in aspect to the New Moon. View glyph key here.

Once in a while, it might even happen both ways at once. Which is a little how this New Moon looks.

New Moons tend to encourage us to look inward; yet this one occurs with a simultaneous image of making space for that insight through physical (that is, external) actions.

As mentioned, several objects in our solar system change sign this week. The first is Vesta, which ingresses Sagittarius overnight tonight. Notice whether your sense of devotion begins to orient on things like wisdom, justice or ‘spiritual truth’ — and how that begins to influence your actions.

Overnight Wednesday into Thursday, Venus ingresses Aquarius. Like Capricorn, this tends to be a ‘cooler’ and more ‘detached’ placement for Venus compared to many other signs, but can also signal very effective group interactions and things like networking with acquaintances. (This does not mean your love life won’t flourish with Venus in Aquarius, more that it might take greater awareness and intention to offer and receive warmth.)

On Friday, the asteroid Pallas moves into Taurus; also on Friday, the Sun leaves Capricorn to join Venus in Aquarius. We’ll have more about that in the Thursday issue, along with yet another sign change: overnight Saturday into Sunday, centaur Pholus ingresses Capricorn.

Pholus is a slow-moving object; the last time it was in Capricorn was from 1928-29 through 1950-51. This is one of the planetary sign changes Eric will be factoring into the Art of Becoming annual edition readings, since it happens so rarely — and since Pholus is so emblematic of our current times, given how much seems to be running out of control.

The Moon may be winding down its monthly cycle, but there’s much that is only just beginning. As you take things step-by-step, notice what feels different — and in what ways. As your frame of reference shifts, you might find yourself inspired to rearrange more than just the living room.

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  1. David

    Hey Amanda, Eric, eta,
    As busy as you folks must be, it would be impossible to cover most newsworthy events, so I’m not surprised if you didn’t notice.or chose not to spend time on it. On Jan 13 @ 8:07 am a gov’t agency {not sure which) issued an alert about An incoming ballistic missile targeting Hawaii & that it was “not a drill”! Panic ensued for tens of thousands!! 38 Min’s later officials retracted the threat claiming that it was a mistake caused by someone pushing the wrong button. I calculated an event chart using 8:07 am Honolulu & was amazed at the result. To me, Sun/Venus/Pluto conj. in Capricorn 12th House looks like it could easily represent “Deep State” activity just for starters. If you have the time, see what you think. It’s also a bit odd that the incident got so little “air tine”. Then again, maybe it’s just me with little or no trust in our Gov’t.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter Post author

      Hi David — Eric actually recorded his Planet Waves FM program this weekend and is covering the false missile alert to Hawaii. We’ll be publishing that Tuesday evening as usual. I’m afraid I was not available this weekend to try and work that event into this written piece on the fly.

      As far as the lack of “air time,” I suspect most people just assume it was your typical “oops” moment. Though I did hear a short story on it on NPR this morning, in which they reported concern and questions about why it took 38 whole minutes for the state agency to send out a retraction of the warning. I have not studied the chart for the incident, so definitely tune in to Planet Waves FM Tuesday night to hear Eric’s take on it.

      1. Patricia Proctor

        Even with no chart, the clues are all over the place: No evacuation of high level officials, Air Force One on the ground, no cabinet members whisked off to bunkers, NORAD didn’t respond, no troops activated anywhere – west coast, Hawaii, Japan, etc, president continued to play golf, normal air traffic continued as usual. Remember at 9/11 President Bush was forced into the air. It was either a drill, or something else; but, at any rate, the story about an employee pushing a button of that magnitude by mistake is a pretty huge stretch of the imagination.

        1. Geoff Marsh

          Nice “Quote of the Day” on that page, Linda.

          People convince themselves of their own lies, becoming victims of their own inventions as they begin to direct their lives by standards of behavior, ideas, feelings, or instincts which do not correspond to their inner reality. What is truly serious in this matter is that the individual loses all points of reference regarding what comprises truth, and what comprises lies. He becomes used to considering as true only that which is convenient for his personal interests; everything that is in opposition to his self-esteem or in conflict with already established prejudices, he considers false.

          – John Baines

  2. Cheryl Corson

    Usually I look at event charts you post and mentally transpose the placements over my natal chart. I did a double take on this one because my rising sign is within a degree of this new moon chart in the same time zone. Special new moon to tune into. Thanks for the chart and essay Amanda!

  3. Geoff Marsh

    With so much planetary activity in earthy Capricorn at the moment, this might be a good time to prepare a welcome for the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog which starts in a month’s time (February 16th).

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