A Busy Week in the Local Cosmos

If the ground you’re on seems to be shifting, consider our dramatic moment of astrology. Venus has just moved to direct motion; Mercury has just moved to retrograde motion. And two planets have mounted the mutable cross: Mars has entered Pisces, after seemingly endless months traversing Aquarius, and Jupiter has entered Sagittarius.

This is a sweeping change in environment, in contrast to what we’ve been accustomed to the past seven or eight months. I think that many of us are still picking up the pieces from Mars retrograde. Just about everyone I know went through something unusual, life-changing or destructive. Anyway, that is behind us, though I would encourage you to still keep doing any necessary repair and cleanup work.


Right now, almost anything is available. Any potential is within reach, particularly if you do that Sagittarius thing and keep your focus on what you want.

A lot of pent-up energy is going to be released with Mars in Pisces, after the long retrograde, and Mars somewhat out of sorts in Aquarius. It will be necessary under this astrology to keep a grip on your emotions, on your sense of wounding, issues of betrayal, and desire for revenge. There is a time for every purpose under heaven, and this is the time to be a little chill about all those things, call them what they are, and find appropriate ways to address each of them.

The aspect to watch on this topic is Mars conjunct Nessus, exact Sunday, Nov. 25. But this will be a slow burn as it approaches. If you’re getting together with a family where there has been a lot of abuse in years or generations past, this is a trigger warning. If this keeps happening, get yourself a copy of A General Theory of Love, so you understand what’s going on.

This is perfect astrology under which to get tweaked on matters of sexuality, so be aware of that, and be aware it may be coming from the distant past of someone else. Centaurs always point to ancestral material.

Anyway, here in our new environment, we’re about to have a dramatic moment: the Sun enters Sagittarius on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, joining Jupiter in that sign. Then 24 hours or so later, the Moon enters Gemini and opposes the Sun, for the Gemini Full Moon. That’s the chart I’ve used to write the horoscope below, by the way.

The Full Moon is a grand cross (most astrologers would say a T-square, but I’ll explain what I’m adding to make it a cross). The Moon in Gemini is opposite the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius; both are square Mars-Nessus conjunction in Pisces. That is a lot of mutable cross energy, considering that we had very little of the stuff in our environment at this time last week.


So that accounts for the T-square, with points in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. What about Virgo? First, there is Transpluto, a hypothetical point, which I’ve read was developed in the 1960s. It is a kind of synthesis of the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — the “modern planets” — so it has some outer-planet energy. It takes about 75 years to go through one sign, and is currently in very early Virgo.

Gradually I am getting a feel for Transpluto. (I find the hypotheticals challenging to delineate; there are nine of them, and I have not written much about them, but I look at them all the time and have for decades.) To this chart, I think it pulls some focus. Transpluto can represent the holistic principle, and it can also represent “too much of a potent medicine” such as discipline or criticism.

A conjunction shows up right near Transpluto: an odd asteroid called Apollo, and a short-period cometary centaur called Echelus, discovered in 2000. This makes it in a rare class of planets to be both centaur and comet, the first of which was Chiron. (There are just seven cross-listed comets and minor planets.) I have not worked much with this one; its discovery degree is 16+ Virgo, in an exact square to Chiron in Sagittarius. Whatever the details, this object will have a similar action to Chiron, the first centaur.

Apollo is the easiest to grasp. It’s about making the same mistakes over and over again. I think it’s fair to say that this aspect pattern represents knowing what hurts you, and doing as little of it as possible, and as much of other things as possible.

To have healing, to have happiness, to have anything, it’s necessary to want it. And it’s helpful if your wanting is not clouded with doubt or misgiving. Get that out of the way. Get real with yourself, and take up the full guidance of your life. You can do it.

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