Sail Through This Mercury Retrograde in Style

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

It’s almost Mercury retrograde time again! We all remember the last one. Some of us are still recovering. Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini from May 19 through June 11. Mercury retrogrades seem to be getting more intense as we go deeper into the digital age.

Graphic by Lizanne Webb

Mercury is about ideas, communication, writing — and all these devices we’re using (or getting used by) all day long. Because the timing of the Spring Report coincides with this event, that seemed like the perfect point of focus: The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Reading.

It’s based on my experience covering more than 60 Mercury retrogrades as a professional astrologer.

This will be in two parts: a 12-sign interpretation, and then an overview of Mercury retrograde concepts and approaches. Because nearly every task in our lives is now organized through a Mercury-ruled device, this is becoming the #1 worldly god with whom we must contend.

The 12-sign reading will guide you, by Sun sign and rising sign, how to approach this retrograde. Each reading will be about 20 minutes (I usually go over my planned duration).¬†How will this affect your solar chart, or natal chart? That’s what I’ll tell you about.

With Mercury in Gemini, a sign that it’s closely associated with, the emphasis is on communication of ideas, particularly in speech and writing. There seems to be something about gaining clarity; something about a balanced understanding and seeing several sides to any topic or issue.

The introduction will cover topics such as: “It may not be broke, so don’t fix it yet“; “The job offer came in with Mercury retrograde“; “I was born with Mercury retrograde“; and “Should I buy that car right now?

For those who like to read, I will include a compilation of my best writing on Mercury retrograde — and access to an earlier Mercury retrograde reading so you can peer back into the past.

The initial pre-order price of this reading is $19.97. I’ll hold it at this price until Wednesday, April 29. Thursday it will go up to $29.97 and then the after-publication price will be $39.97. So, purchase now and you can get it for half price. I plan to have the reading done by about May 7.

Handling Mercury retrograde efficiently is a matter of experience. Turning it into a positive and creative event is a matter of insight and understanding. I plan to offer you both with The Ultimate Mercury Retrograde Reading.

Get on board early!

With love,

PS — Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon, and the key to making it easier and more productive is to use astrology. That’s what I have for you here — the only 12-sign Mercury retrograde reading you’ll find anywhere, created from vast experience, priced to be accessible.

3 thoughts on “Sail Through This Mercury Retrograde in Style

  1. Cynthia

    Looking forward to this. With Mercury retrograde in my natal chart (0 Virgo, conjunct 29 degree Leo sun), I am very much looking forward to this reading! The generally smooth sailing of the past retrogrades disappeared recently. Here’s to making sense of the Trickster!
    Thank you, Eric!

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