Working Under Digital Conditions, Iran Nuclear Deal and the Astrology of the Millennial Generation, part one

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


I begin tonight’s program describing what it’s like to work on the Internet under ever changing digital conditions, and building the infrastructure of Planet Waves. I also describe the connection between one’s natal chart and the conditions of the world at the time of birth. I then carry that discussion into the Millennial generation and what it faces in a world that has never been less predictable or stable.

Bedouin Soundclash.

Bedouin Soundclash.

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I begin tonight’s program describing what it’s like to work on the Internet under ever changing digital conditions, and building the infrastructure of Planet Waves. I also describe the connection between one’s natal chart and the conditions of the world at the time of birth. I then carry that discussion into the Millennial generation and what it faces in a world that has never been less predictable or stable. In this discussion I consider two historical charts — the unification of Germany and the start of the Iraq war. Included amidst this is a discussion of the charts of Iran and the nuclear deal that was reached last week. My musical guest is Bedouin Soundclash, from the CD masterpiece Sounding A Mosaic.

16 thoughts on “Working Under Digital Conditions, Iran Nuclear Deal and the Astrology of the Millennial Generation, part one

  1. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    The millennials have never had “solid ground” to stand on, and the erosion/crumbling/breaking of their paradigm of reality is all they’ve ever known. It’s still happening, and one thing that is so inspiring about the millennial generation is that they don’t seem to stress about it too much. Sure, they feel the pressure of all this “concentrated change” brought on by the digital age, but it’s not too much to bear. It’s harder for those born before the millennials to watch all the old institutions collapse, and to deal with the digital onslaught. The millennials, having chosen to come into the world during the millennial age, are equipped to live in the container of their psychic, and physical environment.

    1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

      Michael your bring out a good point, as has Eric, that the lack of “solid ground” is all that millennials have ever known. With this being said, millennials are also more connected via the internet and their handheld devices on a continuous basis, and self-promoting, very often to those who they do not know.

      We use our frame of reference to expect their psyche to know that their is something wrong with their environment but as you note, “they don’t seem to stress about it too much.” When I read your words, I thought of Helen Keller (I don’t know why). I guess for the reason that she didn’t know that she was different, yet people were trying to shape her world based upon what they knew. She was able to show everyone that she was capable, challenged but nonetheless capable.

      This may be an extreme example, but we are trying to understand what it must be like being a Millennial (for example, “plugged in” at all times from the moment, basically of birth forward). Millennials, on the other hand, are growing and responding to the world known to them as they encounter it, without pre-conceived notions or conditioning, unless it is imposed by us.

      The sad thing is that Millennials are facing so many challenges NOT because they created them but because they have inherited it from us: war, enormous federal fiscal debt, out of control higher educational debt (and depreciated college degrees), climate change, mega-corporations expanded into global conglomerate powers that earn more revenue generating income than the gross domestic product of many nations.

      Walmart for example, has more revenue than Norway, and if Walmart were a country, it would rank 25th in the World by revenue stream. All that money is power, which expresses itself quite strongly in our governmental institutions. After all, through the Citizens United case, the fairly recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling allows corporations to continue to influence votes through its money and on the basis of the First Amendment! (clear throat here: Corporations have a right to free speech)!

      I can’t help but think the “shaky ground” are a result of fault lines caused by our generation and the one before us. But there is hope, if it is true what Einstein said about solving problems, then the Millenials will solve the problems that we created for them (“No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.”).

      I am anxious to hear the rest of Eric’s discussion on this topic, which is outstanding, and what the cosmos may reveal for this Millennial generation and those of us interacting with it. Hopefully, we can learn to do so out of reverence and quite honestly, atonement for what we have wrought.

  2. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    Has anyone else had a chance to listen? I have not yet, and would love to hear what people are thinking in response to it. Thanks for chiming in, Michael!

  3. JereJere

    ..Hey, 32 min. in, you mention the agent orange in Nam. My dad (’68/’69) remembers them dropping the clouds of shit. Diagnosed with leukemia at 70 years.. (He’s still kickin’ but lookin’ at a marrow transplant..)

  4. Bette

    Eric, thank-you for discussing some of the multi-layered complexities of the tech aspects of creating & maintaining Planet Waves. I have minimal tech knowledge & skills, but keep learning a bit more here & there & am able to do most of what I need to. The rest remains a mystery of sorts, & your discussion only deepens my appreciation for all I find here on PW.

    I’m glad you mentioned the bring-on-Armageddon factions that are pushing political agendas. I find them a frightening force, & I can relate that back to my childhood. Sixty-odd years ago, I had an older cousin who declared herself a born-again, & she berated me as sinful & in desperate need of “redemption” (I was 8 or 9 at the time, & timid) – she
    ranted about the “End Times” being about to crash upon us, & how all but herself & like-minded others would suffer in hell.

    I’ve realized over the years that my cousin had been a victim of some other “god-fearing” person, probably an adult. I have also noticed in others like her who I’ve observed over the years a certain spirit of vindictiveness – almost as though one of the reasons they WANT the Apocalypse is so they can anticipate seeing all of us who didn’t buy their message suffer
    for eternity, while they are raptured up to sit at the right hand of their rather nasty God.

    There’s something of that between the lines in some of the ranting from the fundamentalist Right. May no one of such a mindset ever, ever have the power to push the button that could destroy us all.

  5. JereJere

    ..Just finished.

    I’m one of those cats who enjoys the inside view. Cool sharing of the workings at Planet Waves. (First part)

    Your fleshing of the outer planets in regards to generations is entrancing to listen to.

    (I don’t have the words to share all my thoughts but, that was a damn fine podcast. Your tone was right on and your being was pretty damn smooth).


  6. Caterina Ragusa

    As a millennial myself, I am not convinced that it can be said generally speaking that this generation has some suave calm cool and collected, stress-free outlook on the daunting status of the world, ever closing in upon our need collectively to shit or get off the pot.

    We have no choice but to confront these do-or-die issues. And most of this necessity stems from the void-swallowing reality that we are the ones who will and are faced with our ignorance of now. We are born to the consequences of complete ignorance.

    By and large, we may have no choice but to apply pragmatic solutions, compassionate relationship to the earth, and stay level-headed in the face of ignorance, because we have to! But know this comes with a price. That there is a nonacceptance and condemnation always for doing the heretical task. We cannot unsee the ignorance in this equation, typically, and so the reality in real time becomes more comparable to humanity acting as a disease on this planet.

    So imagine being either the generation, or reconfigured person who is making strides to turn humanity from this destructive, conquering of nature program. That this organism program detects the reprogramming as a threat to its function. So within the humanity-as-a-disease function, the deprogrammers become treated like a disease. Any possible hate crime is a defense mechanism against nature expressing itself.

    So this is not by any means felt by the Millennial generation as a strictly light task. And we don’t all carry ourselves well. We might have lighcondition, intuitive, bright, smart individuals, but we also have harbored plenty of shootings and gross violence fueled by our desperate condition.

    Thanks for anyone’s time and energy!

  7. Amy Elliott

    We are now witnessing the fallout of the previous generations handing the Millennials a legacy of damaged goods. These young adults know they will spend their lives cleaning up everyone else’s mess. I wonder when the haunting moment will appear when we must look each other in the eyes, and one generation must apologise to the other, and the other can only reply, “It’s too late.”

  8. Eric Francis Post author

    Nobody is talking about Gen Xers. We are also dealing with a mess left by the Boomers, whose ideals ran out in approx 1974 but they still won’t get out of the way. To give one example, in my role exposing the SUNY New Paltz dioxin mess, the parents — all Boomers — were the biggest obstacle to getting the kids to a safe place. I mean THEIR kids, who are all Millennials and who still to this day live in dioxin contaminated dorms. It was too much of a hassle. This went on for years and is still going on today. So much for awesome parenting.

  9. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    I think you are on to something Eric about thinking and patterns and how hard it is for people to let go of their thoughts, no matter how wrong and warped they are. The question is: How do you break the warped thinking? How do you break the memes, or as Richard Brodie called it “virus” in his book, “The virus of the mind?” I can’t help but think that perhaps the digital age will assist in breaking the memes because the programming will not be so easily contained. Where pockets of society have been contained geographically (same institutions of learning, same media, same politicians, same religions) with the information age people are and will continue to be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking that challenge old regimes. And if they are on shaky ground to begin with, you have that much less to lose by continuing to shake things up. As Janis Joplin says: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to loose.”

  10. Eric Francis Post author

    Underlying the problem is our society’s refusal to address sex and death honestly. We pretend biology does not exist. That leaves a lot of room for problems emerging on the most intimate level to the widest societal level.

  11. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Yes Eric, I am aligned with your thinking, we are so removed from who we are, we indeed pretend that biology does not exist. It will be interesting to see how, if at all, Millennials choose to come to know their biological self and each others biological selves, life (sex) and death. Maybe the fact that the internet and connectivity (digital age) is so pronounced in their lives (and ours) that it may have the effect of becoming just something that is, rather than something to escape to. In other words, maybe it will be a more of a tool. With the advent of the “knowledge economy,” millennials and others will be freed up to pursue other things. As their bodies will want to move, hopefully, they will find more spiritual alignment, including honoring the earth and each other.

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