Why Scorpio is Allegedly Scary, the Speaker of the House and Difference and Indifference

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Angel Deradoorian.

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I bring out my old friend Sex and the Origins of Death to get under the skin of Scorpio. Then I consider the new Speaker of the House, and what the astrology of his swearing-in reveals. Finally I discuss the concept of indifference and what that interesting word really means. Music courtesy of Angel Deradoorian.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition, I look closely at the sign Scorpio, with some help from the book Sex and the Origins of Death by William R. Clark. I introduced that book in an old Planet Waves series of articles.

Angel Deradoorian.

In the second segment I look at the astrology of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R, Wis.) being sworn in as the speaker of the House of Representatives, succeeding John Boehner.

This is the chart of true political chaos, though there seems to be some kind of female organizing principle in the form of Juno in Libra.

In the third segment I look at the concept of “indifference,” a word recently used by Umberto Eco to describe the theme of his new novel, Numero Zero. One version of indifference is acting like you don’t care. I trace the semantic roots of the word back to their origins — the notion of objectivity. It soon came to mean apathy. I think it means “unwilling to differ” or in a sense, unchanging and unmoving.

My musical guest is Angel Deradoorian, who is now on tour in Europe. I don’t see a website posting the dates of her current European tour, but you may be able to find them via her Facebook page. I play three of her songs; there will be more on her Soundcloud page.

Here is the chart for Ryan being sworn in, data researched by Len Wallick:

Planet Waves

Chart for Paul Ryan taking office as Speaker of the House.

With love,

Planet WavesWhat’s your vision?

Coming Together, and Following True North

Dear Friend and Reader:

Before I take you on a tour of the website’s latest writings, I wanted to remind you that Eric will be recording the 2015 Scorpio Birthday Reading very soon. When an 83-year-old professional astrologer writes in to say that she listens to her birthday reading repeatedly throughout the year and always gets something new out of it (as Ann Cortese recently did), you know it would be hard to give a Scorpio loved one a better birthday (or rising sign) gift.

Planet Waves
Couple at Jewell Falls, Portland, Maine. Photo by Amanda Painter.

In this week’s Monday Astrology Diary, I took a cue from Eric’s discussion from the beginning of the year of 2015’s three Venus-Mars conjunctions. While Venus conjoining Mars can speak of the merging of passion and polarities — as in a dance — this particular series of events also held the question of competition between the sexes.

Venus-Mars was exact yesterday in Virgo. The two planets are still together, and still square some telling points elsewhere on the zodiac — prompting the question: Haven’t we figured out yet that competing to see who is ‘the most wounded’ misses the bigger picture?

Covering another facet of the current astrology in his column today, Len Wallick translates Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces as the opportunity for you to choose following your dreams over ‘easier’ alternatives. It’s an aspect and opportunity that will repeat between now and next August.

Sarah Taylor asks in this week’s tarot reading what True North means to you, and how do you keep on track when the path it’s leading you down becomes obscured. The answer is to keep going; feeling ‘off’ is not always the same as being ‘off’.

Planet Waves

I wanted to remind you that Eric will be recording the 2015 Scorpio Birthday Reading very soon.

Meanwhile, in Planet Waves political coverage, Fe Bongolan dissects how the party of Atwater and Rove (the Republicans) is getting hit with its own ball — and setting new rules for the TV networks — thanks to ‘silly’ questions asked of its ‘serious’ candidates in the recent CNBC debate.

Judith Gayle explores the concept of liminality, or the process of shifting from one phase to another, in the context of the changing minds and baby steps she saw this past week in U.S. politics and in telling changes abroad.

In her latest column, Amanda Moreno pauses for some reflection as we move into the heart of ‘Scorpio season’. As she contemplates a recent death in her family and its effect on her orientation toward self-care, the question of life’s patterns emerges yet again — so weird, so surreal, so beautiful, and sometimes so downright hard.

Lastly, in Madame Zolonga’s latest answer to a reader letter, she walks us through a method of using your own natal chart to get the lowdown on your partner’s familial values, with one caveat: know thyself first.

Though truly, if you read Planet Waves, you already knew that’s the first step. Madame Zolonga’s next column posts tomorrow; Len will be there Thursday. And Eric has asked me to fill in for him on the lead essay in this week’s Thursday issue, so that’s where you’ll find my look at the weekend astrology and some thoughts on Scorpio season.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

One thought on “Why Scorpio is Allegedly Scary, the Speaker of the House and Difference and Indifference

  1. Amy Elliott

    I used to be passionately politically active. I’ve been on a lot of marches, including that 2003 anti-war demo. In part I stopped because I burned out, but a large part of the reason was that the organised political movements I was involved in were – well, basically, a bit shite. The left-wing group I was a member of for many years turned out to have a rotten core of bureaucracy and misogyny; then my union branch finished off the disillusionment by being almost entirely ineffective. I ended up thinking, well, I just can’t fight all these causes on my own.

    But maybe that’s what it takes. Maybe it actually needs a few people who have the strong convictions and who get it, forchrissakes, to face that ineptitude and hostility and indifference, and set an example to others by doing so.

    You touch on a reason, I think, why so many people have given up or are in the process. Losing one battle is a shame. Losing a few is a pain in the backside. Constantly losing, constantly facing blank stares and carelessness and apathy and all those other nasty diseases from which our consumerist society suffers – that’s just exhausting. It’s a Sisyphean labour. And I’m not sure whether human beings are quite able to cope with that. If we had the skills once, I fear they’ve been lost.

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