What Happened in Paris?

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s program, I take on the question: What happened in Paris? As you know, Friday night there were a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. But what really happened and why?

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Here is today’s edition of Democracy Now!, featuring an interview with Abdel Bari Atwan on how the U.S. and Saudi Arabia aided the growth of the Islamic State.

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Dear Planet Waves Reader:

In tonight’s program, I take on the question: What happened in Paris? As you know, Friday night there were a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. But what really happened and why?

I look at the issue from several viewpoints — the credibility of the story, the politics behind it, and the astrology. I compare elements of the fact pattern to previous events; there are some striking similarities.

I look at several astrology charts, including a classical chart of the event (with planets out to Saturn), a modern chart (with the set I usually use), and the chart for France, called the Fifth Republic. I’ve included the charts on the program’s website.

Planet Waves FM is now an affiliate station of Pacifica Radio. I will send out a more formal announcement soon; however, as a benefit of this affiliation we are now able to publish any of Pacifica’s programs. That would include today’s edition of Democracy Now! hosted by Amy Goodman.

Amy’s program includes a somewhat high-strung but I think essential-listening interview with Abdel Bari Atwan on how the U.S. and Saudi Arabia aided the growth of the Islamic State.

In an extended third section, I interview Carol van Strum about the IBT Labs scandal mentioned last week. This was the revelation of a “safety” testing lab that prepared custom results for companies includng Monsanto.

Carol mentioned that two resources are available — the revised version of her book, A Bitter Fog, which includes all of Peter von Stackelberg’s original articles on IBT Labs; and a newer book called Poison Spring, which tells the story of the lab scandal from inside the FDA.

Music on tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM includes a live playing of Blues for Allah, a Grateful Dead rarity (they played it just five times in concert).

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,

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On Seeking Clarity, and the Quest for True Vision

Dear Friend and Reader:

In our moment of history, it’s difficult to see anything clearly — ourselves, our lives, the world, the future, even the past. We live with a feeling of being constantly on edge, or on the edge, often straining for clarity. Respecting this state of existence, my 2016 annual edition is called Vision Quest, and it’s focused on our need to go beyond clarity; my intent is to help you discover and focus a vision for your life. That’s what the planets are describing, and what I am hearing.

Vision Quest.

First, though, I have a short story for you, about the spiritual path we call astrology.

One of the first spiritual books ever given to me was Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Written by Richard Bach while, unbeknownst to him, Jonathan Livingston Seagull was becoming an international bestseller, this book helped put a lot of people on the spiritual path — maybe even you.

Illusions is the story of an unusual man named Donald Shimoda whom Bach met while flying around the country in his antique biplane, hopping from hayfield to hayfield out in places like Kansas. This was Bach’s version of a Vision Quest.

Shimoda, a fellow barnstorming pilot, has a book of aphorisms containing bits of wisdom for people on the journey of self-awareness. In it is the idea that “we teach what we most need to learn.”

Each autumn, wherever in the world I may be, I set out on the annual edition of Planet Waves. I prepare intimate, spiritually grounded readings for you, relating to the 12 Sun signs and rising signs.

Each annual comes with a collection of articles and art which I think of as being a record of the times in which we’re living.

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Bringing Light and Context to the Darkness

Dear Friend and Reader:

In addition to Eric’s investigation of the chart for the Paris attacks by members of the Islamic State, Planet Waves writers and artists have found ways to contextualize the fear, sadness and difficult politics we’re all trying to process. I realize that anyone who is especially sensitive might be feeling overwhelmed, numbed or uneasy, and I invite you to join us in the comment sections of any of this week’s posts if you need a sane and safe space in which to process your thoughts and emotions.

Photo by Danielle Voirin. She writes: “A peaceful light shines in Place des Invalides, Paris, in front of the museum of French military history. It seems, from my observations, that light travels farther, moves faster and lasts longer than darkness.”

I’d particularly like to highlight Danielle Voirin’s daily photos so far this week. Dani lives in Paris; her images and accompanying words have offered some light in the darkness.

In this week’s Monday Astrology Diary, I considered this week’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio in the context of events in Paris and Beirut. Sun-Mercury are opposite Sedna in Taurus, perhaps prompting thoughts about your ability to regenerate what had been cut off, and the ways we somaticize our emotions.

Len Wallick’s column today provides some solace and perspective in the sky to counteract the painful and wearying current events we are all living through. In Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun lies the possibility of tomorrow transcending whatever your life has been; Neptune stationing direct in Pisces serves as a clarion call to serve humanity, and to imagine a world that affirms life.

Fe Bongolan used her Monday column to collect her thoughts on this weekend’s attacks by ISIS in Paris and Beirut — and she invokes an old Native American parable beseeching us to consider carefully which wolf we choose to feed within ourselves in the coming days, weeks and months.

Moving away from current events coverage, we have the usual weekend columns (minus Judith Gayle — she’ll be back this Saturday). Sarah Taylor investigates in the Weekend Tarot Reading what happens when the Nine of Swords meets its polar opposite in the Ace of Cups. She invites you to explore the journey you’ve taken to get here, and what is waiting for you when you step up and declare to yourself who you are.

Amanda Moreno wants to talk about Uranus — yours and hers. In the natal chart, the placement of Uranus can indicate where de-conditioning or liberation processes can be worked through in our lives in a unique way. It is where we can create our own mythology — and also where we can see karmic triggers.

Attention anyone with Sagittarius Sun, rising or Moon: with Saturn now firmly in your sign, you can expect to be called on to concentrate your energy and focus on some new goals. Eric will address how this might shape up for you in the upcoming 2015 Birthday Reading (which is completely different from your Vision Quest annual reading). Pre-order your Birthday Reading now for the discounted price of $24.95.

With the Sun in Scorpio, attention turns to themes of sex and sexuality (though on Planet Waves, these conversations happen no matter the time of year). Yet one facet of sex and our sexual organs that people rarely want to talk about is the potential (and reality) of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

In this week’s linked-to sex and relationships post, Zoe Ligon recounts her process of deciding whether to engage sexually with a potential partner with genital herpes; comments so far have been especially insightful.

Lastly, Madame Zolonga’s column will not be appearing tomorrow, but you can read last week’s gem if you have not already. When a mother writes in to ask about her Pisces daughter’s art passion — and the rift it is causing with the girl’s Capricorn dad, who wants her to forego art school for a ‘big’ college — Madame Z offers some solid thoughts for the family to consider as their daughter plots her next educational steps.

As with last week, Len will be filling in for Eric on the horoscopes for this week’s subscriber issue, and I’ll be covering the lead astrology essay. Eric will be back on duty next Wednesday (due to the Thanksgiving holiday) with your December monthly horoscopes and article.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

39 thoughts on “What Happened in Paris?

  1. Eric Francis Post author

    Hi Eric

    I’ve just been listening to your PWFM program and I wanted to tell you that I agree a 100% with your in-depth analysis of the current situation.

    I couldn’t help intervening on the net this week-end as I am suspicious of all the conspiracy theories that go around, the doctored pics and videos which are supposed to show you the truth, when they often confuse and disorient.

    The way you explained the “false flag” event in the programme was necessary to clear things up , it’s the word “false” that disturbs me in the first place: in some posts people suggest that the events were fake, that people did not die, that everything was a huge manipulation. That is really hurtful when you know what the reality is from friends who live in the Paris area where the attacks occurred.

    However, there are many things in that incident that trouble me, and what occurred this morning in St Denis confirmed that uneasiness i’ve felt since the start. At 4;20 am local time, police raided a flat in downtown St Denis, in the Seine St Denis county, well-known for its poverty, its tenements mainly peopled by families who mainly come from the Mahgreb area and west Africa, in short, muslims. Yhey allegedly killed two terrorists, and one woman blew herself up. They took seven people in custody, and the press said they were looking for the Belgian guy who is supposed to have been the operation manager all along. They haven’t said anything about the people’s identities, but everyone’s congratulating themselves, saying how good the police have been!

    I am quite surprised at the news, how on earth could the police suddenly locate a guy who had escaped them so easily before, although he was well-known and under surveillance? My guess: they had known about those people in St Denis for a while and used them to impress the population. Can you imagine, the whole town of St Denis virtually under siege, all the schools are closed and all transports suspended?

    There are regional elections coming and the socialist party is likely to lose most of the regions it has been holding for a while now, Hollande is very low in the polls, and the threat is Marine Le Pen’s far right National Front, who may win some of those regions… Definitely a domestic agenda here…

    Well, I’m done, thank you for your work, Eric!
    with love

    1. Eric Francis Post author

      This video doesn’t show us anything. We cannot see the responses of the musicians. Only they would know that the purported gunfire was not part of the show – the audience would assume it was part of the entertainment, initially. Why does the video stop? Why can’t we see their responses?

  2. Cowboyiam

    I’m only 25 minutes in but I want to speak. I delved into conspiracy theories for several years. What I found is that I could not know, as in, KNOW, anything. For every interpretation of any event there are dozens of alternating possibilities. Does the world trade center 9-11 look suspect? Yes it does, but what really happened? I don’t know.

    What I am left with now is that radical Islam is a serious threat to my world. What I focus on now is – when something happens like it just has – do we respond predictably or is it possible we find a novel approach? If we ever start to grasp the predictable patterns of reaction we will be on the road to health.

    Islam is a world religion. We simply must interact with that world view. I believe Islam has a place at the table and that the terror in that name wants to divide and conquer.

    The other Democracy Now show made a clear statement about the IS terror pamphlet and it would appear that we are being tricked into behaving just as they expect us to. Something seems obviously contrived here. We can not win this war if we play by their rules. Thinking that they are deluded is comforting but until we stop playing by their rules we are their bitches. And we will lose.

  3. Geoff Marsh

    Radical Islam is only a threat to your world, Cowboyiam, because it wants to make you a Muslim. What they are working towards is a situation where you are in a position to accept their invitation or be killed. That is the truth.

    There is no novel approach, there are no rules to play by. You accept their invitation or you die. This has been their way since the days of the Prophet. In opposition to Christ’s message of love is the message of fear. Both are equally effective. I am not anti-Muslim, I am telling you the truth I have learned from contact with radical Muslims.

    For a truly revelatory experience, every Christian should read the Qu’ran. It contains the same stories as the Bible but with a very slightly different slant. Not much difference at all, in fact.So why all the hassle. All religions are a conspiracy to take over your mind and maintain the status quo. It may make you feel better to be as one with your fellow human beings but only at the cost of subscribing to a delusion and maintaining your masters.

    You can feel God in your heart but you cannot Know it. It is unknowable. If it were not so, we would not seek to destroy those whose image of it differs from our own.

  4. Cowboyiam

    We can’t continue to live in a dream where we simply kill off every threat to our livelihood. It does not actually work, even though we have been taught that it does. If genocide ever worked please tell me when, where, and with whom?

    I grasp that some philosophy’s are degrading but killing it by force only nurtures it. That is what history shows. My thought is there must be a higher way.

  5. Cowboyiam

    Eric – I have been listening to you for years. You are a different perspective than me. I have learned a lot – as I always do – from listening to alternative perspectives.

    In this addition you speak of government as a hostile entity. And I agree that in its best it is a power broker with its own agenda. You are ready always to assume government as the cause of anything evil. Maybe you even believe that the earthquake in Japan was caused by our CIA.

    My exploration into conspiracy theories has taught me that it always splinters off into infinant possible agendas.

    So why do you think Government will wield the power of the “Precautionary Principal” , honestly?

    The precautionary principle is written into every NWO united nations document. What the fuck will be allowed to be created once this is the law of every land?

    If the automobile had been subject to the precautionary principle – would not it be obvious that more deaths would be expressed if people drove faster? And wouldn’t that have been a basis to disallow automobile manufacturing? Would we be better off if we did not have anything beyond 1859?

    I am of the age group who ran behind the truck spraying DDT for mosquito’s. Few of my fellows have been cancer stricken yet. What I note is that when I was born in 1961 many people in my part of earth were subject to Malaria. My aunt had malaria twice and the second event left her with a shaking of her hands that looked debilitating. She died of Alzheimer’s and I am fair sure that it was more likely Malaria than DDT. What do you say about the fact of Malaria’s disappearance?

    Really ERIC! What do you say about the fact of Malaria’s disappearance? Has DDT proved to be more life threating than Malaria? Ohh maybe I am a MONSANTO TROLL>>> . Fuck you then.

    Yes I am a simple minded man —– and you are all that is wise.

    Please give me my money back and end my subscription. I am done listening to you. You are so narrow minded I just don’t want to deal with you any longer and I am willing to give up this group which I love.

    1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

      Do we get to have a say in this and ask that you do not go?! We all stretch and grow when we are faced with thoughts that do not agree with our own, please stay, I will miss you! I agree with Be, Vesta is right around the corner, emotions are running amuck right now!

      You have discernment in your reading/listening skills, you can dispense with what you don’t believe, keep what you do, all according to your sensibilities Cowboyiam. You always have choice however leaving restricts your viewpoint, don’t you think?

      Either way you choose (and hope you choose us), best wishes are sent your way Cowboyiam! Love, PiscesSun

      1. Eric Francis Post author

        To be clear, Cowboy at his request has been refunded, his account has been deactivated and his IP address monitored. We have been through this for a year, and he has not been responsive to privately expressed requests to be just a bit more polite and level headed; it’s a widespread perception that he is writing these things under the influence. Nobody accused him of being a Monsanto troll.

  6. Barbara Koehler

    Cowboyiam, please don’t leave just yet. We are all so under the influence of irrational behavior and thinking which has caused an imbalance of energy in our actions and/or words. There is a tonic for that and her name is Vesta. One of my favorite pieces about her comes from A. Guttman and K. Johnson in their book Mythic Astrology where they refer to her as an “indwelling spirit”, and “as the spirit of fire [she] still allows us to shift our focus out of the left brain and into the right.”

    It is curious how just hours before the Scorpio (water = emotions) New Moon on November 11th, Vesta in Pisces (water = emotions) and Mars in Virgo were exactly opposite one another, fire energy “pitted” against fire energy. On the same day as the New Moon the transiting nodes moved into the Virgo-Pisces polarity; the North Node conjunct Mars and the South Node conjunct Vesta. Vesta stationed direct on Friday the 13th the same day that Paris was under siege. She and the south node (often a place that points out what is ready to be released), being in the last degrees of Pisces. . . a sign that is associated with the end of a cycle . . . just after a New Moon in Scorpio (transformation) which formed a yod with Jupiter and Uranus at the release point, has certainly over-stimulated the emotions of us all.

    Transiting Vesta will reach the Aries Point (0 degree of Aries) on December 3, a sign much more suited to her hearth-fire nature, ready to begin her new cycle. I believe her opposition to Mars (rules Aries) acted as a kind of release-valve for all of us and now we need to focus (Vesta) on reigning in our right brain function (feeling, philosophy, religion, etc.) and shift to the left brain function (reality based, practical, logical, etc.) in order to regain balance.

    These are times when the Universe is providing opportunities to find the middle road between polarities such as masculine-feminine. We have been made conscious of the harsh and insane cruelty Man is capable of and with Neptune so very potent now (square trans. Saturn, etc.), our emotions are vulnerable. We all need to take some time out with Vesta.

    The Scorpio New Moon chart had Venus at 3+ Libra trine Ceres at 3+ Aquarius, suggesting some nurturing along with some Venus’ pampering. The Sabian Symbol for Venus’ degree seems right up Vesta’s alley. . . . Around A Campfire A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion. Dane Rudhyar calls it “IN-SPIRITING” I would say it’s also about shifting our FOCUS out of feeling pain and into a sense of well-being.

    By the way, the Sabian Symbol for Ceres in the Scorpio New Moon chart is . . . A Hindu Yogi Demonstrates His Healing Powers. . to which Rudhyar assigns the words “FOCUSING OF SPIRITUAL ENERGY” Peace and love Cowboyiam.

  7. Bette

    It can be frightening to contemplate that the representatives, that is, government, we believed we democratically elected to serve our country may dance to someone else’s tune, not the music we may expect or need.

    Some feel panic & overwhelm at the slightest suggestion, & need to go on believing. I see it as a matter of awareness & awakening. Bearing witness to the awfulness of the nightly news is hard work after one has learned to hear enough of what is not said.

    Eric, when you taped last night’s PW FM, your sighs were audible. Thank-you for trudging through it all for us.

  8. Barbara Koehler

    News flash. . . . transiting Circe has been conjunct transiting Neptune all week. You know, Circe? The sorceress who could transfer ordinary men into beasts? Now we call ‘em jihadists (aka ISIS)

    1. Geoff Marsh

      Ironic, perhaps, that asteroid Isis is named after the Egyptian mother goddess and protector of the dead. Venus makes a conjunction with Isis next Tuesday at 17 Libra, the Sabian intepretation for which is “Two men placed under arrest.”

      That day may be a good one for Hillary Clinton who has Isis in a stellium conjunct Venus and Chiron.

  9. Linda RockLinda Rock

    Dear Eric & all at PW
    THANK YOU, for your writing .For your contact,for your clarity.
    This week especially I can only imagine what an arduous task it must be.
    It’s horrible.And waking up to yet more horror is becoming increasingly hard to do.
    I find myself having to remind myself again and again…To soften, to breathe,to open, to be here now.
    Music as always lightens my load
    Love Linda

  10. Eric Francis Post author

    Eric, thank you for your analysis of Paris. I could really feel your weariness about the never-ending West’s quagmire in the Mideast, how tiresome all these false flag events are getting.

    About Bataclan, you mention that it was curious that no inside video-phone images have surfaced. Indeed.

    But don’t you think it’s also curious that not one broadcaster sent a reporter on-site to the Bataclan during the hostage event? Or in the aftermath?
    If any of them did, I have not seen any live, stand-up reportage outside the Bataclan…
    I was watching the BBC News when the story broke and they kept mentioning the stand-off and I kept waiting, waiting, waiting for them to throw the story to “their live reporter at the scene”. But it never happened. And BBC has loads of staff/stringer/freelance database. This wouldn’t have been an issue for them to do this.

  11. Eric Francis Post author

    also via email

    Just a brief message of thanks for your “What happened in Paris” broadcast, which I listened to last night. Yes, it’s so obviously another false flag, as if one’s intuition isn’t enough to draw that conclusion, but I really appreciate your (to judge by the amount of sighs you expressed during the broadcast it was painful) examination of the facts.

  12. Nessie

    Hi Eric, i’ve not dropped by planetwaves for a while, I just wanted to say thank you for such a positive broadcast, it was really moving. You and the team create such a special unique place here, i’m looking forward to renewing my subscription.

  13. Geoff Marsh

    It doesn’t much matter whether a flag is false or not if you are dead. The awareness raised in this particular correspondent is that as many innocent civilians die every day in Syria as were killed in Paris. Ask your leaders: “Why?”

    1. Barbara Koehler

      I totally agree Geoff, if you are dead it doesn’t matter. If you are alive however, and your country’s government (or even other countries) are manipulating you and your countrymen to react in ways contrary to your best welfare, ie. playing on your fear and/or anger, and/or pride, and/or are masking said government’s participation in those deaths, it is vital that you are made aware, don’t you think? I agree that asking our leaders, Why? is a place to start. I’m still rootin’ for Bernie.

      But until the mirage created by the influence of transiting (and in the case of the U.S., natal) Neptune and the numerous recent emotionally driven full super moons, etc. subsides, we must rely on our other senses for guidance. We need to encourage others to not let fear be the “decider” (don’t do what America did in the 9/11 period) and imagine (Len’s option) a better world. We are in a process of transformation, the dark-before-dawn, and we aren’t in charge of anyone else but ourselves (this excludes parents of youngsters or those with very old/sick parents and healthcare workers of course).

      This will be taking an uncomfortably long time, this illusion we are dealing with, but it will subside. We may be in the last of the Jupiter-Saturn earth cycles for a while, but we will remain in the Fixed mode as their Taurus cycle ends and the next cycle starting in Aquarius begins December 2020. Even so, the prime influence on societies will be air (mental vs physical) and less focused on individual materialism. Trans. Uranus will leave the raging testosterone sign of Aries and move into Taurus where natural resources will benefit from technological advances. Enlightenment and a more worldly perspective will grow as Neptune continues to move through Pisces. At least that’s part of what I imagine.

      In the meantime we must deal with conspiracy possibilities and a sense of unsureness while the earth moves under our feet. We are learning to recognize our other powers and trust them. We might become less dependent on what we are told and rather, more dependent on our inner knowing to keep us on track. I really think that is a big part of what the Universe is encouraging – learn to trust your heart and yourself.

      1. Geoff Marsh

        Your advice is sound, be, it’s just that I’m getting old and I want to make as much difference as I can before it’s too late. Waiting for the cosmos to change seems reasonable from an astrological perspective but won’t that give the powers-that-own time to tie things up even tighter?

        1. LizzyLizzy

          Thanks again, dear be. You know, Geoff, I was thinking of the beautiful old Jewish saying (and the title of an amazing book by Primo Levi).: If not now, when?” Rome has gone nuts with fear since the Paris attacks – there were bomb scares throughout the day yesterday, and the underground was closed down several times because of this – the city is full of soldiers and police – and all this is fuelled by news headlines saying how high the risk is of being hit, and the places that will be targeted. I think that we make a difference by staying aware, showing kindness to those who are afraid (including ourselves!), – and doing things that give us joy and serenity (like hugging your lovely tree). And your wonderful sense of humour always makes a difference for me, dear Geoff.

          1. Geoff Marsh

            Thank you, Lizzy, it’s always a great comfort to read your compassionate words. Sorry to read that Rome, too, is under fear. Where would we be without Rome? aRoma, that’s where, and it would be a frightful stink.

            Thank you for the reference to Primo Levi. I’m shocked to discover I’ve never read any of his works even though I came close to buying The Periodic Table on publication. Part of my problem is, I’m sure, a little too much pleasant leisure. It’s time to remind myself of what the previous generation to mine went through, and if not now, when?

            Much love and blessings.

        2. Barbara Koehler

          au contraire. . time has all but run out for them. These are last-ditch efforts for the fear mongers to continue to reign supreme if we are to believe, as I do, what the channelers tell us. I know you are making a difference just with your brief appearances here at PW, like Lizzy told you. She in turn makes a difference for us. See if the Sun and Mercury moving out of Scorpio doesn’t make a difference in your view of the situation as it stands right now. Blessings Geoff.

          1. Geoff Marsh

            Oh, be, I do so hope your channellers are correct. Thank you for your kind words of gentle encouragement; may I say the erudition of your many contributions here never ceases to amaze me.

            I’m hoping the celestial movements from Scorpio to Sagittarius will have a direct effect as you suggest. Mercury crossed my Ascendant yesterday and the Sun follows him tonight. Perhaps it has been a bad case of the 12th house blues. Normally I can get quite enthusiastic about the creative power of a good depression but the spectre of recent world events has robbed me of even that small quantum of solace. Time for a martini, perhaps.

  14. DeborahDeborah

    Down the street from me in Bremerton Harbor sits Navy Destroyer Turner Joy from the Gulf of Tonkin false flag incident, a constant reminder that nothing can ever be taken at face value. Currently the Navy is pushing through electromagnetic war games despite public opposition. We are mere pawns of the Military Industrial Complex, big oil, pharma, Monsanto, GE,…maniac billionaires with more money (power) than is healthy for children and other living things. Thanks to PW for keeping it real and always questioning authority.

  15. pam

    Are there any pointers in the astrology as to how the cycle may play out, if there are ways to diffuse or make good (Amanda’s piece this morning? but are there others? Active composting (sort of dissolving) of situations?)

    I too heard your sighs Eric

    1. pam

      Philip Sedgwick’s mars square pluto 6 dec perhaps, ‘Can you turn rejection, frustration and disappointment into pure motivated spirit? ‘ (adding in loss grief fear anger powerlessness….?)

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