TMI: Can You Have Too Much Integrity? Plus Mercury Stations Direct, Mars Square Chiron and Jimmy Be Free

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover Mercury stationing direct and the implications of Mercury square centuar Nessus and Neptune. I introduce the concept of how to know when you don’t know. I then use the aspect Mars square Chiron to ask the question: Is it possible to have too much integrity? What does that feel like? I continue the discussion begun Sunday on Planet Waves about sex and gender.

Jimmy Be Free

Jimmy Be Free

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover Mercury stationing direct and the implications of Mercury square centuar Nessus and Neptune. I introduce the concept of how to know when you don’t know. I then use the aspect Mars square Chiron to ask the question: Is it possible to have too much integrity? What does that feel like? I continue the discussion begun Sunday on Planet Waves about sex and gender.

My musical guest is violinist Jimmy Be Free. You can find Jimmy via his homepage or his Facebook page.

10 thoughts on “TMI: Can You Have Too Much Integrity? Plus Mercury Stations Direct, Mars Square Chiron and Jimmy Be Free

  1. Elizabeta Betinski

    Eric, I beyond adore you and generally feel on the same page with you about most things but, man, you could not be more wrong about yoga and sex. I don’t know what horrible teacher may have given you your (apparently traumatic) intro to yoga, and I can only hope they are not teaching any more. Look up Brian Kest and get your very sexy yoga on–at least enough to tone down the blanket statements about the “yoga movement” being anti-sex. You really could not be farther from the truth–or at least the possibilities–on that one.

  2. Eric Francis Post author

    Thanks for the reference. Isn’t yoga sexy enough without it being sexy yoga? I think this is central – sexy does not equal sex. It’s the opposite of sex in many ways.

    I would be thrilled to be wrong about this. I am just sharing personal experience, which is not limited to one class or one locale.

    I am describing a diversity of things — what I perceive as anti social atmosphere (people rush off after class and don’t seem to stay around and talk) to perfectionism to a diversity of other effects. There are the rules about who and what you’re not supposed to look at and the pressure that creates to stay in a bubble rather than to open up.

    I thought it was just me imagining things till I read what Wilhelm Reich had to say.

    Above all else, I perceive sexpositive as SOCIAL. I have little experience as yoga as even friendly and social but instead, snobby. Then again I don’t live in California.

    Any other thoughts on this?

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      Oh, I don’t know; I’ve chatted with many people for a few minutes after my yoga class. When my former teacher ceased holding our regularly scheduled class last summer, we all went out for dinner together, with a couple of spouses joining. But we were a pretty small regular group.

      I’ve never seen yoga classes as antisocial, even without substantial socializing. But then, I’m not going there for the social element so much as to have a scheduled, dedicated hour and a half each week when I *know* I’ll be able to connect my breath, body, mind and spirit with focus. Yes, I can do those things on my own or in other ways, but I find committing to a weekly yoga class helps me to stay in the routine.

      So it’s more about my inner relationship with myself, rather than about external relationships with others. I get that elsewhere. I don’t worry about it at yoga class.

      ..of course, I’ve never looked at yoga class with the expectation that it will help me meet women. So maybe that’s a factor…


      1. Eric Francis Post author

        My commentary is not about that. I will say however that there seems no appropriate place for people to meet. There is a rule everywhere, and there seem to be people willing to follow them. I am however commenting on a special prohibition around sexuality where yoga is concerned, with or without expectations involved. If others have direct experiences about this I am interested in hearing them. I suspect, however, that we are in the realm of the unspoken or taken for granted.

  3. LizzyLizzy

    Haven’t been able to listen you the audio yet – but am interested to see the comments on yoga. Some of my (best!) friends love it and get so much out of it – but I never realised how much I disliked doing yoga till I took up Qi Gong -Tai Chi classes – which really work for me. Yoga brings out all my anxieties and obsession with perfectionism tendencies. No time to write more for now!

  4. Amy Callahan

    it’s easy to have a boundary issue in yoga classes especially when the mind rebels against the need to focus on the breath and the form. ideally, i think it might be important to a person who wants to achieve a personal flow in yoga that they do all 6 or 8 or 12 or 50 sun salutations with focus. And you know how they talk about squeezing toxins out of the organs — perhaps Eric is picking up on a lot of these toxins or “toxins”…. one would think it all is addressed somewhere in yoga books by yoga masters. personally i stopped going to yoga classes when it was becoming more important to compare myself to others, to be a little more extroverted. basically, i was losing my inner focus. yoga class a great place for comparing myself to others but i felt it was taking away from the yoga, which i valued. i decided i’d rather do these exercises -minimally and badly!- on my own. i find that there is something to NOT making it a habit, though, but that might be my Sun in leo trine Jupiter, a lazyish seeking for easy answers to overt and obvious questions—

    about looking up words (also mentioned in the podcast) i’ve had the word “tangent” come up for me three times today, and if you count a dream from a few days ago that counts up to four times. tangent means something different (it means “touching”) than “off on a tangent” (more like a geometrical line moving away from a point) somehow this is related to the yoga discussion too. in a sense, what are you really, truly present to in the yoga studio IS a relevant question with many many many (too many, as in people x poses at least) answers. don’t you think the U.S. population has enough people in it to fill yoga studios for many years to come even if some of us drop out because we discovered something screwy about boundaries? it might mean that yoga is actually quite effective as a tool of psychosocial transformation.

    i have natal Nessus at the beginning of Cancer opposite my moon in Cappy. transiting Nessus is squaring my natal Mars. in the past Nessus could have had me working for UNICEF and righting the universe’s blithe capacity to shed the past but now i think this has to do with whole-family structures and diplomacy therein. i wonder now if teenage and youthful rebellion is becoming less acceptable/cool in order to keep up and also repair damaged families and then we lose the input of youthful ideas brought by Jupiter and Uranus transits of the early twenties. Something (not sure what) is being very demanding socially, and i wouldn’t put it past the “higher ups” to be cooking something up, actually. like, if you are in college right now, not knowing what to do with your life, is it truly more important for you to babysit? that’s what i was getting so that was one of many reasons i decided tutoring wasn’t holding enough relevance for me to keep it up. i can always create relevance but that is a ton of unpaid work! and that’s a total tangent. call Pythagoras, i guess.

    PC and PC-aversion are kind of boring labels in discussions, usually people are trying to describe what is meaningful to them and if we stop up like the know-it-alls that we are, we’ll never hear each other. i don’t use these terms it only makes people (like oneself) get defensive or PO’d, LOL. and you’re charmed, i’m sure. call Disney.

  5. this one

    I really appreciate your freedom of speech!
    Both ‘big’ topics, the supposed nonsexuality of yoga and the alphabet soup of non/recognized strictures of categorizing sexual identity (as different from fluidity, in both cases), are well worth HUGE amounts of conversation.
    Being an opt-out of labels kind of person, I do yoga mostly at home, and keep my self- and other- loving self unaffiliated to the categories and as aligned to ‘who I am’ in practice as contexts allow.

  6. DanielHugging Scorpio

    My experience of yoga classes are one of respecting space. I view it as a sanctuary for the self within the context of community. I don’t view it directly linked with sex at all. I may be curious and even quietly aroused by being around women, but I also recognize that they have chosen a space to relax and be open within a SAFE environment. I would expect the same in return. Save the sex cues for after class if appropriate and people can choose to respond or not, is what I say.

    I do view the sense of community I have felt in my own classes as very valuable and one that cultivates awareness of our ability to hold a healing space for one another.

    If I want a yoga tantra class or nude yoga class, then that could be a different experience depending on the guidelines set out from the beginning.

    On another yoga note, Yin Yoga has helped my sexual life be more relaxed and has opened my body in deeper ways.

  7. Chao Zheng

    In my opinion, when human’s consciousness is not adequate to perceive the sacred of the sex, it definitely will lead to abusive behaviour, for the Power of the unconsciousness and its habitual selection. You have described that the GLBT community becomes more political oriented, which means they might rightfully or wronfully reflect their unconscious behaviour with the rest of the society. For it concerns on more public behaviour and activities, but you still did not know where this drive combo from, where the hatred coming from. Therefore, sexuality becomes not only the individual level but social and public events. Collective power is very strong, individual might be very confused about what they doing is right or wrong. However, this is the way for human gaining their consciousness from their own emotions, hatred, jealous and those chaos unconsciousness, which enable us to shape and progress the new consciousness through them.
    I regard it as the creation in consciousness, which might reflect tension in the unconscious level. This unconscious heritage might be from very ancient times, and it projected its developing module for the future, all this coming together, set a very strong understanding in “current ” consciousness. It make the real thing appeared. Compared with early stage of human’s civilisation, now it is obviously that the consciousness are reflected more social and mundane. Some of our behaviour such as abuse, rape might be unchosen. Even when the consciousness becomes further clear than before, it also dominates the power to act rightly and abusively. For more closer to the consciousness passing line, we are more threatened by the situation.
    However, the confusion and illusion might come in similar pattern through history, this events might bring the force to transform those unseen theme, appear.
    Another reason is here the consideration of the power of the social scale consciousness. It makes individuals consciousness in a very fragile situation. I am very very interested about the theme of “Nessus”. Regarding to the Chiron and Nessus, personally I thiloght the theological story brings more understanding in prototypes. However, we need to explore with its images in the relation ship between collective passing consciousness- In what time, human’s consciousness will make us feel safe when it could be stand perfectly with unconsciousness.
    When we think, behaviour according to our minds. how much degree this behaviour are really align with our sexual power. Structurally, historical social events drove very similar events, and physical shadows, however, deeply, it definitely different happen in our consciousness and emotion, for I believe that we have hesitated some kind of emotional certainty when same things happen again, but our consciousness and world might tell us, this is very different disposition.
    So I think it is better to understand these block caused by what kind of reason, such as secular, individual, spiritual, technological, mythical. It might stands for new co-relations between our external and our internal.

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