Something Strange in China, Jupiter in Virgo & Julian Bond

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Something Strange in China, Jupiter in Virgo & Julian Bond

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the strange situation in Tianjim, China. I report several facts for the first time — that last Wednesday’s explosion was one of several in that region of China this year; that the blasts could not have originated in a warehouse, because there was none at the scenes of the blasts.

This is an animated gif showing the craters, the epicenter of the blasts at Tianjin, and then the satellite photo of the same area prior to the blasts. News reports say that the explosions originated in a building, though apparently that’s not true, as there were no buildings at the epicenter. The fire was a separate event. Graphic researched and produced by Lizanne Webb for Planet Waves.

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the strange situation in Tianjin, China. I report several facts for the first time — that last Wednesday’s explosion was one of several in that region of China this year; that the blasts could not have originated in a warehouse, because there was none at the scenes of the blasts.

Nobody has explained how chemicals can create explosions so powerful that they leave craters. It’s not easy to form a crater, because the explosive force will dissipate into the air rather than dig into the ground.


I don’t come to any conclusions as to what happen, though I raise the possibilities and look carefully at the chart of the event, which is below.

The chart has evidence of meticulous planning, not an accident. I would note something I did not say in the program, which is that we Americans live in a society that spends a trillion dollars a year on the military and weapons programs. There are a lot of possibilities as to what this could have been.

With Mercury opposite Neptune in the chart, we need to proceed cautiously, and not believe a word of what we’re hearing in our own media or via China’s state news service.

In the second segment of the program, I look at the current astrology — Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury conjunct Juno and opposite Chiron, Mars quincunx Neptune and Saturn square the Sun.

In the third segment of the program, I look at the astrology of the eminent Julian Bond, who left this plane of reality last week. Julian was one of founders of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, a Georgia state legislator, a founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center and president of the NAACP. He was one of the great civil rights leaders of our times, and someone I consider to be the voice of reason.

My musical guest is Grandchildren, the Philadelphia-based band.

Julian Bond. Photo from Southern Poverty Law Center, of which he was founder. I read his chart on Planet Waves FM.

Planet Waves writers contributed to an astrology- news analysis piece about the Tianjin, China, explosion — including a look at the astrology for the incident.

This week’s Monday Astrology Diary covered the last days of Leo. The sense of a standoff may have come with the Pisces Moon opposite Chiron early in the week; at the end of the week the late Leo Sun squares Saturn in Scorpio. Where in your life could you use some nourishment, or a little persistence?

Fe Bongolan has stepped away from politics this week in her column to touch base with her personal solar feminine: the journey to balance her fiery creative warrior (Yang Girl) with her nurturing, receptive goddess side (Yin Woman).

In this week’s tarot reading, Sarah Taylor draws your attention to a dialogue that is opening up between two seemingly aspects of yourself. An exchange is now possible that is creating new space in how you relate to yourself and to others.

Amanda Moreno writes that, during this Venus Retrograde period, she’s begun to open herself up to a vision for her life that resonates the most with her soul’s intentions, and asks what inspires others.

This week’s sex-and-relationship post comes in the form of a video of spoken-word artist Kelsey Warren delivering her poem, “My Body” — just one form the solar feminine can take.

As always, you can find Len Wallick’s column on the Planet Waves website on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons EDT. Madame Zolonga will be there Wednesday afternoon, and Amanda Painter’s look at the weekend astrology will post Thursday morning.


6 thoughts on “Something Strange in China, Jupiter in Virgo & Julian Bond

  1. Len WallickLen Wallick

    Thank you for an engaging and (yes) exciting listen. Many thanks also to Lizanne Webb for the backup research, digging deep to expose the truth of those Tiannjin craters. Finally, thank you for the touching tribute to Julian Bond, helping us to understand how the astrology (especially that Venus-Moon dynamic, but also the accidental dignity of Uranus) went into making the man.

  2. Alex Brocklehurst

    I do not always get chance to listen to the Planet Waves FM broadcast. But I catch quite a few. For me, this episode really shows how effectively astrology can be correlated to events in our wider world – typically designated ‘news’. I ignore ALL news in the mainstream. It is a fiction designed to construct a dominant worldview via brainwashing. News damages health, not least because it creates a hyper reality for people to drown in. I am thankful you and your team are intrepid enough to enter the murky world of ‘news’ in an attempt to help people see the deeper picture – really folks, it is incredible that Eric and team can bring real information, with a critical awareness emphasis. I’d say NEVER contaminate your energy with mainstream fantasy – just come to this space.

    This episode had great balance. I wonder whether an increased staff team in the future could cover maybe two or three stories out of the maelstrom of disinformation perhaps?
    Great work all round. Listeners, spread the word. If people tune into this space they may just tune out of the Matrix.

  3. Amy Elliott

    Had to giggle at the idea of Virgo natives outsmarting ourselves…spot on. If it wasn’t for all the self-questioning, I know I for one would probably be a lot better at things. Dammit. :)

  4. sally

    Interesting timing, bringing in the nuclear question and Julian Bond’s exemplary life of social justice. Both threads are dawning in my world. Total tangent coming – I very recently found out I grew up within miles of a radioactive waste site. A landfill full of illegally dumped waste from the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project! Initially I was in disbelief (I mean, how the hell is it still there). Then last week I forced myself to look at the reports. It’s a terrible situation, rife with inaction by the landfill owner and federal government (both responsible for the cleanup).

    To make matters worse, an underground fire started over four years ago in another region of the landfill. That fire steadily burns in the direction of the radioactive waste. The EPA and the landfill owner insist there is no danger of the fire reaching the radioactive region. The local fire department’s tests show a different reality. Headlines appear every few months stating the site is more toxic than previously thought. Data errors are cited. No one really knows how radioactive the site is or where the nuclear waste is even located. A fire still burns. Toxic fumes fill the air. More testing occurs. Nothing happens.

    You don’t have to be an expert to know it’s a serious problem. The “expert’s” job in this scenario is convincing the public to not trust their senses. Literally. The place stinks and denial is an interesting factor. Why didn’t my community talk about this when I was a kid? Why has it ever felt like enough to sign online petitions and call local representatives in response to any injustice? This situation hits too close to home to not do more. Anyway, I’m starting by talking about it whenever I get the opportunity (Hi Planet Waves!). A link for the curious:

    The interesting astrological tidbit: borasisi and pallas are on my natal ascendent, square pluto. I’ve always felt connected to the nuclear story. I’ve always thought it was a symbolic connection. Ha! Nope, just born into the wastelands of our national race to bomb another country. My physical body, no doubt, carries residue of that old war.

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