Scorpio New Moon, an Erotic Theory of Jealousy, & IBT 101

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look at the chart of the Scorpio New Moon, which takes place Wednesday. I also offer my “erotic theory of jealousy” and finally, offer an introduction to Industrial Biotest Labs (IBT Labs) scientific scandal of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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As for tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [link to program] — I begin with a reading of the Scorpio New Moon chart. That event is Wednesday at 12:47 pm. In the second segment, I go over my erotic theory of jealousy, which, in a word, is compersion. I reference an article called Jealousy and the Abyss, which represents the ‘other’ theory of jealousy — the not-so-erotic theory. This segment provides some excellent information on the root causes of jealousy, how to think about it and what you can do about it — that is, how to take jealousy as a teacher and spiritual tool.

Finally, in the third segment, my guest is Carol van Strum, author of A Bitter Fog, who will talk about the infamous Industrial Bio-Test Labs scandal of the 1970s and early 1980s. This was one of the most impressive disasters in scientific history, involving a testing lab that generated fraudulent test results for companies such as Monsanto.

Planet Waves
Tim Curtis Verdosa and Roland Hasbrouck of Black Horse Riders, today’s musical guest on Planet Waves FM.

My musical guest is Black Horse Riders, a local ensemble based here in the Hudson Valley. Their spacious, haunting music is perfect for this Scorpio time of year.

Speaking of Scorpios — your birthday reading will be ready Saturday. You can still get the pre-order price — a very affordable way to get excellent, real, reassuring astrology. I just received this comment from a Libra reading customer a few minutes ago:

“I have been listening to your Libra reading in 2015. I am in love with it and listen to it to calm myself down. My self identity and values are being reshaped and it’s quite uncomfortable and unsettling and scary.”

These readings are indeed intended to provide both spiritual insight and a place to feel better about yourself. And you’ll get some very helpful information about the past two years of your life — and your astrology going forward into 2016.

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PS — I will be on the Caravan to Midnight program tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 10. I know that relatively few of you are subscribers to John Wells’ website, so John has authorized me to publish the audio on Planet Waves FM. The discussion is about Monsanto, its history and GMO foods.

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What’s your vision?

The Scorpio New Moon and You

Dear Friend and Reader:

Wednesday is the Scorpio New Moon, exact at 12:47 pm EST (17:47 UTC). This is the Sun and Moon in the same degree of the zodiac (in this case, mid-Scorpio), making a conjunction. All New Moons signal a new cycle beginning, including the New Moon in a sign associated with secrets and other things often kept ‘in the dark'; eventually, all things grow toward the light.

Planet Waves
Photo by Amanda Painter.

I’ve discussed the Scorpio New Moon in the Monday Astrology Diary — along with its apparent ‘foil’ this week: Venus in Libra (Venus entered Libra on Sunday). While Venus in Libra brings an air of elegant diplomacy to relationships, the Scorpio New Moon is concentrating passions inwardly.

Len Wallick has continued the conversation today, bridging this week’s New Moon and the move of Scorpio’s traditional ruler, Mars, into Libra on Thursday. If the New Moon and Mars in Libra indicate humble beginnings, the implication is that ‘up’ is your likely next direction.

Sticking with Scorpio a moment: last I heard, Eric was in the beginning stages of the Scorpio Birthday Reading for 2015. It’s not too late to pre-order this must-have reading as a gift for any Scorpios in your life (including yourself) who could use a little insight into rebuilding and integrating Saturn’s lessons, now that it has moved on to Sagittarius.

Sarah Taylor describes this week’s tarot reading as signifying a development in who you are, how you present yourself to the world, and how you act. The next step on your journey is a defining one, and a step you’re more than equipped to take.

Amanda Moreno asks whether it’s possible to question the cultural biases and privilege inherent in the popular ideas of ‘radical self-love’ and ‘everything happens for a reason’, while still finding value in those concepts in certain contexts. Do we need to throw the meme out with the bathwater?

Planet Waves
You can still pre-order the Scorpio Reading for the lowest price here; it will be ready soon, and the price increases after publication.

Speaking of questioning accepted concepts: in this week’s featured sex-and-relationships column, Clementine Morrigan points out the lack of discussion of mental illness — and its effect on a person’s ability to handle jealousy — in mainstream literature on polyamory, and she expresses her desire to open up the conversation.

Judith Gayle tackles truth, ‘truthiness’, and the compromised relationship between politicians, the media and us — charting the unfortunate course from Watergate, to the fall of Dan Rathers, and on to the current truth-challenged Republican front-runners as they admonish toothless TV networks.

In Madame Zolonga’s most recent column, she takes a break from the technical subtleties of astrology and addresses the dilemma of a self-described Libra ‘Princess’ who can’t decide between her married Gemini beau and a proposing Scorpio. As usual, Madame Z gets to the more important questions behind what the reader’s asking.

Madame Zolonga will be back tomorrow on the website with a new column, as will Len Wallick on Thursday. Like last week, my Thursday column looking at the weekend astrology has been commandeered for the Thursday subscriber issue, so look for that (with horoscopes by Len) in your inbox or on the Planet Waves website late Thursday evening.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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10 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon, an Erotic Theory of Jealousy, & IBT 101

    1. Amy Elliott

      What a great guy! Not sure how the Daily Fail managed to publish this relatively propaganda-free. It’s a miracle. Still, I guess this side of the pond we have a rather healthier attitude to sex ed.

  1. Eric Francis

    Received by email:

    Dear Eric Francis,

    I would like to offer you my heart felt gratitude for your program, Planet Waves FM. I am very inspired by the initiative, integrity, and insight of each episode. At this moment I am not a member due to financial considerations but I am seeing just now that you have a very reasonable sliding scale that is within reach for me. I’ll plan on subscribing later this evening when I have a spare moment.

    Talking about concepts and perception in your latest episode got me thinking you might be interested in a thinker, occultist, revolutionary I admire a great deal and study often. You might already know about Rudolf Steiner but what you might not know if you haven’t studied his work beyond biodynamics and Waldorf education is that he was a Kantian philosopher who integrated Goethean science and Romantic philosophy into the Kant-Laplace worldview.

    In The Philosophy of Freedom: Intuitive Think as a Spiritual Path, Steiner outlines how one can refine concepts so as not to interfere with pure perception. He suggests that Kant’s limits to consciousness ossified the human capacity for love and understanding and that wedding Schelling’s aesthetics (wisdom of thinking) and Fichte’s ethics (love in action) a synthesis of the concept and percept was possible without the human being abdicating freedom by getting stuck in either realm of cognition.

    Steiner offers this meditation:
    In pure streams of light
    The world’s divinity shimmers.
    In pure love for all beings
    My soul’s divine nature rays out.
    I rest in the divinity of the world.
    I will find my Self
    In the divinity of the world.

    I offer this humbly, one seeker to another, and hope it inspires you. :)

    In gratitude,

    Drew S

  2. Laurie

    I wonder if voyerism is another packaging of compersion. The kink community embarrasses it as hot. The general public watches porn and thinks it’s hot. I think these are tapping into that same stream of sharing sexual energy and pleasure and building on it. It would be great if we could lessen the stigmas attached to this and embrace it in a more compassionate and connected ways.

    1. Eric Francis

      Hey Laurie yes, in that spirit, there is a bookofblue piece called “porno is compersion.” that’s really what’s going on imo. what is interesting is the way that compersion morphs gender issues, i.e., “straight” men watching an m/f couple get it on and getting off to that including the (male) cum shot without evoking homophobia. this is compersion. with you on the feeding compassion and connection. to do that we just need to open up a little.

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