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This is a short recording that is a reading of the full Declaration of Independence. If you’re never read it, this is your chance to find out what an incredible statement it is. The full recording is under 10 minutes and it’s as exciting as any action movie you’ve ever seen, or at least I do my best to deliver the passion and integrity of this document to you now.

Here is the Declaration of Independence reading —

This is the podcast…

This week’s edition of Planet Waves FM is standing in for Daily Astrology. I’m posting it early to stay ahead of the holiday — and because the Full Moon is Tuesday. We’ll resume with the overnight post Wednesday to Thursday (Thursday at 12:01 am EDT) — there will be no post tomorrow. Subscribers, please remember your Friday edition will be a horoscope only.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Photo by Eric Francis.

For those interested in a detailed written account of the Full Moon, please see Monday’s edition.

In this week’s Planet Waves FM, I look at the details on Tuesday’s Moon-Pluto occultation, followed by the Mars ingress into Libra. These events are simultaneous, in theory separated by about 20 minutes but in truth part of the same experience. There’s something here about our concept of self and the patterns of our relationships. In the first segment I look at some of the possibilities.

After a song break, I go over the Full Moon chart — that’s at 2:52 pm Tuesday. The Full Moon resonates with the Uranus-Pluto square, as well as rings bells throughout the sky. Venus, Chiron, Pallas Athene and Mercury (among other points) are involved in the aspect structure.

Last, I look at the Sibly chart — the main July 4th USA chart. If you would like to see the chart, you can browse this subscriber edition of Planet Waves (please note my misspelling of Sibly on the horoscope — there is no ‘e’ in the name). We are still in ‘going through changes’ mode as Pluto and Uranus make aspects to many planets in the USA chart, including the big ones — when Pluto opposes the USA Sun as Uranus squares it (that’s around 2014).

Last, I read the Declaration of Independence. It’s not that long — and it’s pretty darned interesting. If you would like to blast it from the PA system at your July 4th holiday, here is that recording as separate from the rest of the program.

Here is your program in the old player, where you’ll find the full archives and a downloadable zip file.

Good night — and catch you after our holiday break.

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2 thoughts on “Reading of the Declaration of Independence

  1. Holaday Mason

    I rarely feel moved to comment Eric/but this is what I posted on FB with a link to you & a call to membership. Jai Maa–

    So much of what is about freedom in the outer world is always about freeing the psychic ( individual & collective) from the tyranny of the unconscious & learning to find our authentic voices & paths. This, while we strive to allow for real differences in each of our soul evolutions/needs. This document– the manifesto of freedom is a beautifully made intention of what it is like to try to SEE honestly what is my unconscious, what is the unconscious of my patients revealed over many years of work, what is the truth of freedom versus the application of our own defenses… this can only be done with trustworthy mirrors/wise counsel/ therapists/astrologers/good good friends/lovers whose discernment is trustworthy & offered with love, courage & a testing of veracity done diligently & offered kindly until we might know ourselves in that loving mirror, until we might take up freedom internally & externally in our own ways & in the relational field so we can all creatively grow– each to our own soul path which is connected to the whole… as we make our way through this human evolution– may we be kind & diligent- loving-honest, forgiving & use all things revealed as mulch to grow not throw more manure ( aka shit)

  2. Holaday Mason

    correction– it is not that I am not MOVED to comment, but more that I tend to be circumspect in things. I am often moved by your work & the work of many you have gathered together– often & deeply.

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