Planet Waves FM: What Happened in France?

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition, I look at the Charlie Hebdo massacre from several different angles — why it is that we’re confronted by tragedies like this over and over; the real state of “free speech” in France; and the astrology of the incident and what it says to me. At the top of the program I give an overview of the current astrology including the Aquarius New Moon and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.

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Parade of Hypocrisy -- leaders from across Europe pose for a photo op on the occasion of supporting free speech, despite their atrocious records on the issue.

Parade of Hypocrisy — leaders from across Europe pose for a photo op on the occasion of supporting free speech, despite their atrocious records on the issue.

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In tonight’s edition, I look at the Charlie Hebdo massacre from several different angles — why it is that we’re confronted by tragedies like this over and over; the real state of “free speech” in France; the absurd hypocrisy of leaders from across Europe posing for a photo supporting free speech (while most of them prosecute journalists); and the astrology of the incident and what it says to me.

At the top of the program I give an overview of the current astrology including the Sun’s last days in Capricorn; Mars in Pisces and Mars conjunct Neptune; the Sun ingressing Aquarius, the Aquarius New Moon and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Did I say Aquarius?

My musical guest is Old and In The Way, a side project of Jerry Garcia wherein he dusts off his old banjo and takes it out for a spin, alongside Dave Grisman on mandolin, John Kahn on bass and Vassar Clements on fiddle.

Here is the photo-op version of that photo -- this is what it really looked like.

Here is the photo-op version of that photo — this is what it really looked like.

16 thoughts on “Planet Waves FM: What Happened in France?

  1. MandyMandy

    I didn’t see this as a photo op – it was just too big a statement. Symbolically, to me, I saw the people of France as the N Node in Libra (WE ARE…..) snaking their way through the city. Enter the chain-link of supposed ‘leaders’ (ties that bind) at the head of the node (this is the mid-point of the Saturn RX back in 2011).
    I didn’t know why they picked 40 of themselves, but lo and behold shortly after that pondering, I was reading a fascinating article on the Gamma Ray – the zone of transcendental experience, with 40 HZ being typical for humans. It influences the entire brain yet is focused on the frontal lobe.
    Another day, another ritual.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    That is interesting about the 40hz being typical of humans Mandy. Any links?

    The more I thought about it the more I was glad Obama didn’t attend the photo-opportunity. Too easy to pick him off from a roof-top. It was a Sun square Eris kind of moment with the Sun (and Vesta) trine the U.S. Sibly Neptune, and transiting Neptune half-way between the conjunction of Sun/Vesta and Eris, semi-square all. Suddenly it all seems a ploy to stimulate patriotism among the commoners. Can’t believe the so-called news (MSM that is) totally disregarded the Boco bastards slaughter of hundreds while giving Paris 24 hour coverage. Well, at least it was a break from the local (U.S.) rock-throwing thugs in Congress and the (U.S.) weather.

    Tomorrow Pluto will quincunx Juno as Venus and Mercury oppose Juno bringing the Boomerang to an end. Did I mention that asteroid Isis was traveling with Juno in Leo? Mercury will sextile Uranus as Venus did today, but it is Uranus’ trine to Juno on Saturday that I’m most curious about.

  3. MandyMandy

    It was an article researched by Dr. Suzanne Lie PhD. Her full body of work requires an open mind but, as with all things, we can take what works for us and leave the rest. This Gamma info is part of a series about brainwaves (you don’t need to register for it):
    I really appreciate your incredible ability for seeing astrology patterns and connections Barbara – it’s been so helpful to me.

    Thanks for your view Eric. I’m just exercising!

  4. LizzyLizzy

    “Can’t believe the so-called news (MSM that is) totally disregarded the Boco bastards slaughter of hundreds while giving Paris 24 hour coverage. “. Yes.

  5. Cowboyiam

    I don’t know anything at all. I think I perceive what I expect. Possibly, what I look for I will find, no? If so, the question is – what am I looking for?

    Now on Sunday I watched an extreme outpouring of Paris people. I witnessed this on CSPAN carrying a BBC live broadcast in which Parisians poured into the streets and walked in a state of determined resistance against repression. Most of the people, likely, were not very supportive of the caustic magazine that they were standing up for (likely have been offended by in the past) but yet they defended its freedom to offend. Parisian’s made a massive statement that we will not be control. It felt like collective courage. It felt like – Hell No we wont go along!

    That felt so good that it caught me and effected me deeply. In the forefront were 40 world leaders locked arm-in-arm with Israel and Arab leaders in proximity. It felt like (without the Monday morning critic) they were feeling something akin to peaceful coexistence.

    The crowd (masses) were in that same vibration, and with that much energy affecting the atmosphere, I conceive of no reason why the leaders were not feeling the energy and following suit. People are just little tuning devices. World leaders are expert at tuning in.

    Meanwhile BBC (live on site) were reporting and commenting about the event, from the event, in many places; their assessment was something about loving resistance. They polled the crowd over the course of the build-up. The crowd seemed at times unable to express the felt energy of the moment. Emotional – inexpressible – overwhelming feeling of connectedness. Some of the BBC commentators expressed in minute detail what was felt – and that – stated one hundred different ways – was “Love”.

    The crowd was not afraid. There was no police presence within the masses. People of all cultures marched as Parisians FIRST. They mingled together like a multicolored mix. There were no factions – they were fully integrated. Many different varieties of human being all mixed together. There was less separation and more relatedness. People felt that. They experienced that.
    The feeling I got from it was that love can prevail.

    I switched to CNN and found one reporter, standing where the political gathering was happening, speculating on what was being discussed. The camera could view several hundred gathers. There was a feeling of just going through the motions.
    I switched channels.
    I watched FOX News and saw a live feed of a very small area where perhaps 1-2000 people while the fox talking heads rehashed what brought this gathering together (over and over And Over AND OVER) – the feeling they obviously wanted to project was bitterness and anger. That’s what I felt.
    So I switched channels
    There was no feel for the event – except from CSPAN.
    The next day Yahoo was focused on hypocrisy with headlines that bordered on high school rankism.
    The difference between media outlet spin appears to me to be proximity. CNN controls its reporters from some desk far away. Fox didn’t bother to send one and just showed a simple view with non-stop fear mongering. Etc., Etc.,

    I bet the true feeling energetic emotion of the MLK marches and rally’s of the sixty’s were mostly overshadowed by the cynical media when they took place – but the fact is they mattered anyway -and it wasn’t “outside agitators” that caused it all.

    No, only by being in that moment do we feel and respond to our truth. We are all innocent – there is no un-raveling of our mess without complete pardon of everyone. I believe, Paris was swimming in some level of that mystery – because it was grandly apparent. But can we just believe it without analyzing the beauty from it? I think we must.

    This was a Woodstock moment, in my book, but few realize, it seems.

    I feel, that the shift in consciousness, this gathering displayed, is something newly emerging in the collective during this cycle of Pluto Uranus. Maybe this marks the point where we finally begin to truly overcome our Oppressor! – The finger pointing fearful blame shifter. No one is to blame except me, us. We are the answer – but no one can be left out, Period. Leave anyone out and we all suffer.

    I’m looking for something impossible – but maybe its not, maybe it all comes down to me; will I be the one to forgive unconditionally?

  6. Barbara Koehler

    I appreciate you expressing your views Cowboyiam, and realize that it wasn’t the leaders of France that conceived the idea of a rally, it was the People of France. The leaders usurped the idea for their own reasons and that’s what the media (for their own agendas) focused on. I’m glad you noted that the rally affected you deeply; it did me as well. I mis-trusted my own feelings later (much Neptune in the air), thanks to the biased reports, but I’ve have leveled off the wide emotional/perceptive swings, and for now anyway, am going with my original euphoria that (as far as the masses are concerned) it was a turning point.

    On that day, Sunday, the Sun was conjunct Vesta (what we invest ourselves in) a 20+ Capricorn and quincunx (adjustment) Jupiter at 20+ Leo retrograde. The Sun and Vesta were also square U.S. Chiron opposite U.S. Juno as well. The transiting Sun/Vesta were (are) in the U.S. (Sibly version) 2nd house of values, in its early degrees. Oddly, even though the transiting Sun/Vesta conjunction was quincunx (150 degrees) transiting Jupiter, trans. Jupiter was in the 8th house (opposite the 2nd house) in its later degrees. By house, if not degree, they were in opposition here in the U.S., based on the Sibly chart’s view.

    The Sabian Symbol for the degree of transiting Sun/Vesta last Sunday was A RELAY RACE – The value of competition in developing group-consciousness.

    Our (the People, masses) minds and feelings are being fought over by levels of consciousness; higher and lower. The higher consciousness wants to awaken us to truth, just as you said, and the lower consciousness wants to keep us under control, just as they control the media for the most part. This whole Paris business is a step in “developing group-consciousness”. For the U.S., we are looking at group consciousness regarding the balancing of (1) the people who are “left out” (Juno) as you say, and (2) the pain that won’t go away (Chiron).

    Transiting retrograde Jupiter (understand the big picture) at 20+ Leo is trine the U.S. Chiron and sextile the U.S. Juno which seems (to me) to say this is a moment to transcend the past and grow into the freedom of equality for all.

    Mandy, thank you for your kind words, and again, for the link. Her research report lends credence to the whole evolution-ascension idea and how cosmic energy, especially at solstice and eclipse times, is speeding up the process.

  7. chief niwot's sonchief niwot's son

    Regarding Old & In The Way- I’d like to give a shout out to Peter Rowan, their lead singer, guitarist, and song-writer extraordinaire. Learned his craft as a kid from Boston playing with Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass.

  8. YoniyoganidraYoniyoganidra

    This whole event has left me cranky and grumpy and pissed off for days. When I first saw “The Parade of Hypocrisy” photo, the photo opt really, it felt like an act of disrespect to a man, a giant of a man, who had honorable intentions and left a loving mark in most of our hearts.

    I am sure Martin would forgive them, as I will in time, and would continue to encourage people to build a better world than the one we live in right now.

    To his dream, and our collective collaboration to make it come true.

  9. Pam

    I was shocked to see Mr Netanyahu there. The office of the President (M.Hollande) asked him not to go because it wouldn’t be comfortable (pas confortable) but he went anyway.

    I thought, the supermarket was Jewish, there were Jewish dead. But the Palestinians in Gaza!

    I couldn’t understand it.

    And then today, someone reminded me of the raid on Entebbe and I remembered – Mr Netanyahu’s brother was the only Israeli killed: that’s why he went on the Charlie Hebdo march?

    1. Cowboyiam

      Pam – I felt that the populous march in Paris was centered on the emotion of freedom and forgiveness – an unconditional acceptance of everything that has been while accepting everyone’s differences and honoring their uniqueness’s.

      The Paris march – for me – was a beautiful expression of unconditional love and the solidarity of humanity. The march said we are not afraid to love and be who we are.

      There is just no way to fix anything. Nothing can change the atrocities’ of the past – and we are all guilty. Simply stopping the program and feeling the truth is the answer we find so hard to accept. Soon we will though.

  10. pam

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about reforming Islam in Nomad.

    Not sure about leaving other than ‘Enlightenment’ cultures completely behind – pollenisation at least from some bushman ideas, the sheer endurance of desert peoples, or just ‘genetic’ diversity of life styles for health and the future etc; I’d be glad to see the ‘to death’ element expressed less literally (whether ‘honour’ killings or our ‘death’ stuff over raw materials like oil, and wars to boost the economy), perhaps it might be possible to do something constructive in place of these things. Yes! to women’s freedom, and educational opportunity for all. Awareness and growth of each individual.

    Post Charlie Hebdo, I’m rereading Jung (try Jung and the story of our time if you need a way in – otherwise I’m starting with the undiscovered self, Modern man in search of a soul, and Psychology and alchemy) Gandhi and Mandela. Ecological footprinting too.

    Talking with a contemporary, she commented that in her youth she thought women’s lib was sorted but many many men still view women as objects and not as beings, and in this light, traditional Islam may provide unfortunate frame for severe expressions of the ‘undiscovered self’ given that men have the tendency to impose harm on others and women on themselves. In this light ‘reforming’ Islam may not be as important as the discovery and individuation of the self at a global level.

    In long walk to freedom Gaura a friend of Mandela says to him that if they rely on ‘education’ their liberation is going to be a long time coming and they need an engine to bring about change, and he thinks the ANC can be that vehicle. Film might provide ideas for self discovery that are cross cultural. I wept with pride over Mandela (long walk to freedom (film)) and with grief for Winnie.

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