Farewell, 2016. It’s Been a Little Too Real

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Welcome to the traditional Planet Waves New Year’s Eve broadcast for 2016 [play episode here], featuring the music of the Grateful Dead. We offer this program annually to listeners who are at home for the last night of the year.

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Eric has begun writing the 2017 Planet Waves annual edition, The Book of Your Life. This 12-sign reading will be a thorough and useful guide, steering you through 2017 and beyond. You may now choose your individual signs here.

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The Grateful Dead.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Welcome to the traditional Planet Waves New Year’s Eve broadcast for 2016 [play episode here], featuring the music of the Grateful Dead. We offer this program annually to listeners who are at home for the last night of the year.

Eric also considers the events of 2016 and the current astrology, including Mars conjunct Neptune. (Don’t forget: if you are going out at any point tonight, make sure you have a designated driver!)

Here is tonight’s set list, covering 20 years of Grateful Dead artistry:

Jack Straw (from Dick’s Picks 10, San Fran, 12/29/77) | Lyrics
Bertha >> Good Lovin’ (from Dick’s Picks 10, San Fran, 12/29/77) | Lyrics
Morning Dew (from Two from the Vault, Los Angeles, 8/24/68)
Eyes of the World (from One from the Vault, San Fran, 8/13/75) | Lyrics
Memphis Blues (Bootleg, Dylan and the Dead, Giants Stadium, NJ, 7/12/87) | Lyrics
Throwing Stones >> Love Light (from Wake Up To Find Out, Nassau Coliseum, 3/29/90) | Lyrics

Thank you for listening, and we wish you a happy, sane and peaceful 2017.

With love,

Planet Waves

Amy Elliott
Planet Waves

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A Note From Your Astrologer

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

How are you doing there?

I know we’re all feeling the pressure and the stress of uncertainty. What you’re feeling is not coming from the news alone. The same cosmic forces, or perhaps timing factors, are acting on everyone and everything. This is not an easy time to keep your head together.

Planet Waves
iMac selfie from today in my creative shop, Blue Studio.

It is, however, a deeply important time to keep your heart open and live from your soul.

I’m feeling the pressure in my own way, as someone who not only writes about politics but who translates and clarifies the news, with the assignment of taking it above the level of despair. Because I work for you, I don’t have the luxury of denial.

Just about everyone has reached the saturation point with politics, especially in its current wholly toxic state.

The feeling of being violently pulled from your inner reality has been agonizing. The confrontation with shadow has been extremely challenging. Admitting that, we’re all sitting here watching the world, wondering what’s going to happen. And we all have lives to lead: things we want to do, growth to attend to, people to take care of.

The world may be going insane, though you don’t have to.

It’s taken me a while to work through the pain of the election process and what it means. Gradually I’ve gathered my energy, done some deep healing and focused my mind on your 2017 reading, called The Book of Your Life.

As I go deeper into the astrology, it’s truly been a relief to focus on personal matters, filtering out the madness of the world. The transits we’re experiencing are rich. On one level, we’re being pelted with total chaos in the form of Uranus conjunct Eris. We are learning how to breathe and find ourselves at the bottom of the digital ocean.

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3 thoughts on “Farewell, 2016. It’s Been a Little Too Real

  1. Geoff Marsh

    Couldn’t help but notice that Eric has not recently included the LGBTQIA community in the list of groups which the President-Elect may in future be discriminating against. Having recently excoriated the LGBTQIA-how-many-other-letters-of-the-alphabet-do-we-need to identify this group, it would seem that he is now not including this minority among the outcasts of Trumpism – women, Mexicans, Islamists, etc – for whom we should be concerned.
    This is a mistake. It smacks of 1933’s Germany. First they came for the gays, but I wasn’t gay, etc. There can be no successful stand against fascism unless we all stand together.
    Trump may possibly not be anti-gay; who knows, perhaps one of his own kids is gay. But he has installed an extremist, anti-gay religious cult as his cabinet which would take over in his wake and ensure total discrimination against homosexuals.
    Gays are, of course, an easy target. They transcend religious barriers. Fundamentalist Christians abhor them as much as Muslims. The world’s population can, therefore, unite in opposition to homosexuality no matter what their individual religion might be, Unfortunately, uniting against gays becomes tantamount to agreeing with Trump.
    And yet, homosexuality has been around for far longer than any of the major religions which so despise it. In effect, it is a natural condition, unlike religion which is a man-made concept designed to make people feel OK about themselves despite their reality.
    If you don’t support the fight for gay equality then you undermine your support for women’s rights, Muslim rights, animal rights or human rights.
    This is a time to pull together for the planet’s varied inhabitants, not a time to pull apart for a specific group. Germany tried that in the 1930s and it didn’t work.
    Stand together. Nothing else will work. It’s for your own benefit and you’ll be so glad you did.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Amy Elliott

      Certainly not a deliberate omission Geoff, but you’re quite right – this is another minority group that will suffer more the less we stand up to cheeto-face.

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