Pisces and the Astrology of Awakening

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM I consider Pisces and the astrology of the moment. I then discuss the current obsession with classical astrology, and enjoy an exciting astrological and spiritual repartee with Eric Meyers.

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM I consider Pisces and the astrology of the moment. This includes the many-planet mix going on in that sign now, consisting (among other things) of Chiron, Neptune, Nessus, Borasisi, the Sun, the South Node and a total solar eclipse. Geez. [By the way, a view of the chart and additional details are here.]


Eric Meyers.

I then discuss the current obsession with classical astrology. In the final segment, you may listen in on an exciting astrological and spiritual repartee with Eric Meyers, a brother astrologer and counselor. Eric says on his website:

“My personal revolution and evolution included the decision to drop out of a Ph.D. Psychology program to move to Boulder, CO, and study Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University. Upon attaining my M.A. in 2001, I started my career as an astrological counselor. The same year, I began my studies with astrologer Steven Forrest, who I tutored with for five years. In the last 15 years my practice has steadily grown, and I have now published six original astrology books.”

Music is by Vision Quest — Aeolian Major, Pleasantville and Spacey & Dreamy. You can download a zip file of that here. Here’s an article from 2011 on Borasisi and Pisces.

If you like our discussion of Mozart’s chart, you can hear an extended program with Daniel Sternstein and me discussing Mozart, his works and his chart, with plenty of music.

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A comparison of the modern and traditional versions of Mozart’s natal chart. Click on the image for a larger version.

4 thoughts on “Pisces and the Astrology of Awakening

  1. Bette

    Very interesting broadcast.

    When I began studying astrology in the early 1970’s, searching out hard to find books, mostly by mail order, there was nothing known/used beyond Pluto. Some of the old books I found ended the planetary considerations at Saturn.

    Then I stumbled upon Clow’s Chiron book, so immersed in integrating the Chiron story & meanings into my own chart & my practice. Now, with so many new minor planets, points, & other energies, I find myself challenged to keep learning, keep uncovering new information.

    But there’s no way I’d revert to the simpler charts! I suspect that one appeal for doing so may be (although perhaps unconscious or not acknowledged) is that a handful of planets make an astrologer’s job just a whole lot easier.

  2. Eric Francis Post author

    Bette, it’s more about being open minded than anything else. It’s about having the curiosity to say, oh, what’s that? And about having thinking that is not reductionist. One asteroid or centaur can take many shapes.

    Re minor planets, here’s a very nifty history I did for The Mountain Astrologer. It goes back to the discovery of Uranus. The first object beyond Pluto was discovered in 1992. The second centaur, 1992.


    another version is here, focusing in the Kuiper Belt:


  3. Bette

    Thanks, Eric – I welcome resources for learning more. Yes, an open mind is essential – Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Uranus seem to insist I keep that sort of mind.

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