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I will soon be available for consulting work for 2017. I have a diversity of options available, which are explained on this page. Please follow the contact instructions carefully, as listed below — I reply quickly when I see a consulting request (usually within a few hours, at most within 48 hours). If you write and don’t hear from me, please call my office at (845) 331-0355.

Photo by Danielle Voirin.

Photo by Danielle Voirin.

As you’ve probably figured out, I take a practical and psychological approach to astrology rather than a predictive one. The difference is not subtle. Predictive means telling you what is going to happen (not really possible). Practical and psychological means helping you figure out how to make something happen.

My prepared readings, such as Cosmophilia or your most recent birthday reading, are the best place to get a sense of the tone, themes and content of my work. I strongly suggest you check one or two of those out, if you have not already.

In all of my sessions, whether we work together for one day or 10 years, I apply the “when astrology listens” idea of process that you can read about in this article, or in one called The Folk Art of Therapy. Note, both of those links will take you offsite (to older PW websites).

We can cover any subject matter, from the most ordinary to the taboo. I can be as technical or as non-technical as you like. My consulting work is strictly confidential.

I design my reading options to be flexible for as many budgets as possible. Each session described below is designed to be a complete process. Here are some of the basic options. These can all be customized to meet your particular needs. All work is prepaid by check. I will provide additional details when we correspond. Some options are below. Don’t miss the “how to reach me” section at the end — sometimes I can seem difficult to reach and this is designed to help you cut through air traffic. Skipping ahead for a moment — when you write to me, don’t forget to include [consult] in the subject header, so I can find your email efficiently.

Photo by Dani.

Photo by Dani.

In and Out Reading. This is a one-hour, recorded personal session that can be done with little or no preparation, on short notice. On my end, I bring in any tools I need (natal chart, transits, progressions, extra planets, etc.). From your end, I will speak to the most pressing questions that you have, provide feedback, give you the lay of the land, and help you see your options. Recording is delivered by a link to the audio file. I will provide copies of your charts. Fee is $235. Advanced notice is one day to three weeks. Note, this is also applicable to horary astrology sessions that focus only on one question.

Reading with Chiron Journaling Process. This adds a layer of inner research in the form of my one-of-a-kind Chiron transit journaling process. This process helps unfold your chart and reveals hidden patterns in your life. I will provide you with a series of dates to journal and provide feedback on what you write, in addition to doing the kind of reading described immediately above. This adds a layer of context. Recording is delivered by a link to the audio file. I will provide copies of your charts. Fee is $335. Advanced notice is one day to three weeks.

Two-Session Process. In this process, we begin with the prep session as an hour-long conversation, going over your Chiron and other notable transits in greater detail. This creates a recording that is, in essence, your astrological history. In the second session we then read and discuss your current planetary and psychic movements, and contrast your current life with what’s happening in your charts right now. We will address any questions, subjects or themes you may have and a few others that come up in the conversations, also in a recorded reading. This is a good process to bring in the chart of one or two intimate partners. Fee is $495. This takes about one to three weeks to set up.

Photo by Jeff Bisti.

Photo by Jeff Bisti.

Business Consulting Process. When you are setting up a business, or in transition with one, astrology can be an extraordinarily helpful tool to use. I will look at your charts for incorporation or forming your LLC, or help you elect appropriate charts if you are still in the process of getting established. I will evaluate and discuss your personal charts and those of three other people involved in the business. And I will assist with timing important moves and actions, which can save vast amounts of time, energy and resources.

I have been in business for 26 years, during much of which time I have worked as a publisher and journalist. In working with others in business, my personal experience is as helpful as my astrological skill. I have worked with many artists and musicians, an unusual number of medical doctors and other healers, as well as people in more straightforward lines of business. This process includes four full recorded sessions plus research as needed. Fee is $1,295. It may take us one to three weeks to get started. But if you need to address some aspects of your situation immediately I can do that.

Locational Astrology The astrology of where you belong in the world is one of my specialties. I use Astro*Carto*Graphy or Io*Carto*Graphy, working with planets including Chiron. Having lived in many countries, cities and regions through my career, I have a special qualification to do this work, having personally experienced so much emphasis on location and astrology. My process includes an assessment of your history of location through your life, your current lifestyle, and your future intentions. No need to wonder what to do if your astrology says that the very best place for you to live is the middle of the Indian Ocean. I have solved that one. I also work with ancestral journeys — that is, expeditions to find your family roots in a particular place or region of the world. Locational process is $495 and will require two sessions — a warmup (45 mins or so) and a consultation (75 mins or so).

Astrology can be cast on a map, which gives you clues where to live, work or travel.

Astrology can be cast on a map, which gives you clues where to live, work or travel.

Additional work is billed at $150 an hour for established clients, with a half-hour minimum and good efficiency and use of time on my part. My goal is to make you feel like you got more than you paid for.

How To Reach Me. One thing to note is that I work on a publishing schedule, with Tuesdays and Thursdays being the busiest days of the week. To get in contact with me, the first thing to do is to write to me at Please include this tag: [consult] Your Name with the brackets in your subject header. Those [little brackets] narrow down the search and your name allows me to track our conversation. I will usually respond in an hour or two. If I have not responded by the next day, please email again. If you find you are not getting a direct reply from me (rare but possible), please email with [consult] in the subject header. You can also call my office or leave a message at (845) 481-5616. Please be super duper clear! Someone will get back to you promptly.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

Yours truly,

2 thoughts on “Personal and Business Consulting by Eric Francis

  1. Elizabeth Hawk

    Dear Eric, If there was ever a time that you are proven to be The Bomb….now it is. As you may recall, I commissioned you to do a reading for me prior to leaving for Russia and Norway. What I did not tell you is that I was taking the trip to Norway in search of family roots. Since arriving in Saint Petersburg, Russia, I have felt a pull in the pit of my belly and in my heart and mind that can not be ignored.

    I found myself weeping for no reason…grinning from ear to ear. I see my face on young girls in the streets of Saint Petersburg…and as if that were not enough, when we arrived in Bodo, north of the arctic circle…there was an instant click with the people my husband was lecturing to.. I have since meeting them, formed an international activist network…on that more in private. Our host, was born in Norway, the same DAY and YEAR as I was, in Chicago… it goes on and on. And still not over.

    I thank you again for your clarity and thank the “stars” for this moment in my life when all the threads of my particular life web are coming clear to me. Warmest wishes from the FJORDS.

  2. Robert Teeter

    Hello, Amy Elliott thought you might be interested in a song that I co-wrote and recorded: War is Good for Business. It was recorded April 3, 2011 at 3:14 PM PDT at Burbank, California. Most of the planets are in Aries. I am considering having you do a reading for me.. I do not know whether it should be a one hour or a two hour. I just ordered your Pisces reading Robert

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