NEW! ‘Miracle Hour’ — Weekly Radio Program Hosted by Eric Francis, Based on A Course in Miracles

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Miracle Hour is a brand new weekly program on Planet Waves FM based on A Course in Miracles. In the first edition, you’ll hear my overview of what the Course is, and how it came into my life.


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Dear Friend and Listener:

Miracle Hour is a brand new program being hosted each Monday on Planet Waves FM. It’s a weekly program based on A Course in Miracles.


You might be familiar with the Course — a channeled work that came through starting in 1965, and which was published in 1976.

Since then it’s gone through many printings, been translated into numerous languages, and been the mainstay of writers such as Marianne Williamson and Hugh Prather.

I began working with the Course in March 1986, and have taken it with me on my journey as an investigative reporter, astrologer and seeker. Until now I have not said much about it — though you might say I’m getting the guidance to open up about it and my experiences with it now.

In the first edition above, you’ll hear my overview of what the Course is, and how it came into my life. Because I look at things from many angles, my approach will do just that; considering a religious teaching from a theological standpoint, as well as describing my experiences and those of others who have worked with it.

Thank you for tuning in.

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5 thoughts on “NEW! ‘Miracle Hour’ — Weekly Radio Program Hosted by Eric Francis, Based on A Course in Miracles

  1. Rob MooreRobert Moore

    Glad to hear your story and to find you putting this out there, Eric.

    In response to a couple of questions you posed, for me it was indeed the idea that this was Jesus talking that drew me in and kept me going. All through my Bible Belt childhood, I felt certain that Jesus well knew what was up – beyond the limits of religion – but his ideas had been terribly distorted through the Biblical ages. The idea that he was back and bringing true light and purity to the message validated a level of “Christ faith” I could never quite extinguish.

    And as for sex, The Course as it is written was actually what freed me sexually. I took all those “nothing means what I think it means” ideas and instantly applied them to sexual themes. Including BDSM. Whether it was or not, I felt sure it was a distinct part of the plan.

    Anyway, big ‘Woo-hoo’ from a fellow Course taker and enthusiast.
    – Rob Moore

    1. Amy Elliott

      I’ve heard a good deal to echo this idea of Jesus as being outside dogma. In Only Love is Real — about the author’s work as a past-life regression therapist — he describes a vision experienced by a Catholic client, which gave the book its name. The client saw hell and the suffering within it in vivid detail. Then Jesus appeared to him and said, “Don’t you realise that this is all illusion? Only love is real!” and the vision of hell vanished.

  2. DeborahDeborah

    Ever since attending Marianne Williamson’s talks in LA in the early 90’s,, I’ve been waiting for a trusted personal trainer such as yourself to guide me through the acknowledgement of the miracles all around us. Thanks, Eric, as usual, your timing is impeccable. Love you, man.

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