Oliver Sacks, Neil Tyson & Venus conjunct Mars

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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I honor the life, the work and the astrology chart of Dr. Oliver Sacks, who died recently at age 82. He was the author of Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

Official promotional poster for the Eric Francis-Neil Tyson debate series. Actually this is an April Fool’s Day prank; art and concept by Lizanne Webb. Neil! Let’s get it on!

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Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I honor the life, the work and the astrology chart of Dr. Oliver Sacks, who died recently at age 82. He was the author of Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

Dr. Oliver Wolf Sacks, the world’s most beloved neurologist. In tonight’s edition I cover his chart, his life and his work.

I then respond to various presentations by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, an astronomer who likes to pick on astrology. I challenge Tyson not on the validity of astrology but rather on the lack of critique.

By the way, Tyson repeats the old Ophiuchus canard. It’s a hoax, as in a joke, which started in England. If you’re curious you can read about it in this article, called You Are Who You Are.

My musical guest is Jeff Bujak, an electronic and ambient artist. Here is his website. The link takes you to a Soundcloud stream of more recent work.

In the second segment I look at the current astrology: Venus conjunct Mars, Venus stationing direct, and the Sun-Neptune opposition. While I’m doing that I look into the questions of how we know anything at all from astrology. But I read the aspects at the same time. This is hinting at a deeper question — the epistemology question — how we astrologers know what we know. More on that another time.

In the third segment, I look at the Saturn-Neptune square that’s about to manifest. It’s this aspect on which I will be basing the 2016 annual edition, Vision Quest.



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In this week’s Monday Astrology Diary, Eric notes that the Sun-Neptune opposition that spans Virgo and Pisces (and which was exact today) calls on both intuition and fact checking. It’s also a reminder to watch your footing, whether the floors (real or metaphorical) or the people you encounter appear slick.

Judith Gayle takes the temperature of this week’s economic and political swings, concluding that the choice of a productive future remains ours to make, if we’re willing to stand together.

Ten years after the Hurricane Katrina disaster devastated New Orleans and showed the incompetence and racism of state and federal government to glaring, tragic effect, Fe Bongolan asks, “How do we measure the distance of our conscience from our deeds?”

Amanda Moreno’s conversations this week have been marked by a question of reality versus fiction, the Earth’s ecological tipping points, and vision versus embodiment. It’s all apropos of the Virgo-Pisces axis, which speaks to the need for intentional commitment to practical service, yet also reminds us that we have to let go.

Sarah Taylor introduces the notion of ‘hands-off’ magic in this week’s tarot reading. Can you cede control to a part of you that knows what it’s doing but may not feel the need to include you fully in its plans, if at all?

In this week’s sex-and-relationships column, Millennial Emma Court contemplates a fleeting, stirring encounter on an airplane in the context of her generation’s way of navigating (avoiding) intimacy and vulnerability.

Don’t forget to check Len Wallick’s column for today, and Madame Zolonga’s latest answer to a reader letter on Wednesday (did you read her reply last week, to a reader asking if it’s possible to tell a liar from their chart?).

Amy Elliott and I collaborated on a short piece about this morning’s Venus-Mars conjunction; and I’ll be back Thursday morning with your look at the late-week astrology.

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Amanda Painter

P.S. Eric is planning to record the Virgo reading this week — which means you still have (limited) time to listen to last year’s reading as a gift from us, and then pre-order the 2015 Virgo Birthday Reading for the lowest price we offer. It makes an amazing gift for your loved ones with a Virgo Sun, Moon or rising sign.

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  1. Len WallickLen Wallick

    Eric: Thank you for so compassionately (but convincingly) exposing the profound emptiness Dr. Tyson must feel as the representative of a scientific discipline (astronomy) which is devoid of any way to address the pain and other feelings of being human precisely because of its election to indulge an UN-scientific and irrational campaign against astrology. i hope that your reaching out to him will result in healing for him and other scientists who project their struggle with emptiness on astrologers. For this and so many other cogent observations contained therein, please accept my gratitude for a listen will worth the time.

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