Miracle Hour 7: In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Happy Spring Equinox! In today’s edition of The Miracle Hour, I introduce a series of lessons on the theme of defensiveness. I explore Lessons 26, 135 and 153 of A Course in Miracles.


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Happy Spring Equinox! In today’s edition of The Miracle Hour, I introduce a series of lessons on the theme of defensiveness. I explore three relevant sections of A Course in Miracles, which are available to view here: Lesson 26 | Lesson 135 | Lesson 153


As this perennially appealing Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch shows, attack is not always the best form of defense. “Demotivational” poster by shadowfan50.

These articles present a number of challenges to conventional wisdom on attack and defense, suggesting that we always attack ourselves first; that defensiveness is really just the operation of fear and weakness; and that peace and safety can be found in accepting vulnerability. There is some mind/body dualism evident in parts of the text, but in the main it offers some potentially liberating information.

Here is a quote from the opening of Lesson 153, after which this episode is named:

You who feel threatened by this changing world, its twists of fortune and its bitter jests, its brief relationships and all the “gifts” it merely lends to take away again; attend this lesson well. The world provides no safety. It is rooted in attack, and all its “gifts” of seeming safety are illusory deceptions. It attacks, and then attacks again. No peace of mind is possible where danger threatens thus.

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3 thoughts on “Miracle Hour 7: In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies

  1. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    You cannot be fully committed part of the time.

    Yep, and in your comment of the course’s saying this, i feel something is greatly missed… So much so, i am sorry I could not go further than 3 minutes in your pod cast.

    A Call to Peace is what it is! It is the miracle of the unseen. No words can describe this time or the call, but to feel and know, is the truth.

    Did anyone happen to see The Passion production that aired tonight? on Fox TV of all things. I never watch TV. My Dad mentioned the program to me. What great courage, love and connectedness the city took upon themselves to share in this celebration of illumination and the rise in consciousness, confidence and unity. This is so exciting. A great demonstration, hitting the mass consciousness. We are quite literally transforming life into love!

  2. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Thanks Eric, and i agree. But what i was speaking about was in regards to what I thought was your comment and view of Jesus Christ. No judgement. Perhaps I took this wrong, no judgement either way, even if our views differ. But I thought you were nagating the validity of his intention or purpose. His Passion and life. I agree Religion has been used for wrong, but I do not in anyway dicount Jesus’ role was from a space of truth, purity and transmission, which very much is still active and the consciousness lives on and I believe is increasing today. It was our will and mind, that got and sometimes continuesin the way. I studied the complete course almost 30 years ago in my early 20s. Changed my life. I will have a ( full) listen to your cast.

    Thanks for putting it out there..

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