Miracle Hour 12: The Course and Sexuality

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In this week’s edition of The Miracle Hour, I examine the question of sexuality in A Course in Miracles.


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Dear Friend and Listener:

In this week’s edition of The Miracle Hour from the Pacifica Network, I examine the question of sexuality in A Course in Miracles.


“Pacha Mama” by Sarah Grubb.

I speak directly to material in the Course pertaining to the body, to relationships, and to how everyone brings all the meaning to what they perceive.

On one hand the Course seems to embrace Christian dualism, and on the other to advocate relationships that go beyond “specialness” or exclusivity.

I also offer some of my own experiences. What results is an exciting, fresh philosophical narrative. This edition is the first to make reference to what is called the “unrevised manuscript” of the Course.

Additionally, I discuss the message of Beltane and the Pagan movement, which tends toward a healthy understanding of sex.

As usual, this 59-minute broadcast, created for the Pacifica Radio Network, is accompanied by music from Vision Quest. You may listen to past episodes here.


One thought on “Miracle Hour 12: The Course and Sexuality

  1. Rob MooreRob Moore

    Very deeply interesting, Eric. This topic converges with some other observations that have repeatedly come back around for me throughout my life.

    I believe the main dynamic at play with sex, death, desire, etc. is that words are totally inadequate when it comes to trying to explain what’s happen on every level. Words cannot relate what is beyond words; maybe even beyond present human comprehension.

    The big huge issue I have with Christianity is that the globally accepted practice is to try to prove the Bible with the Bible. Ludicrous. Impossible. So, like you’re saying, incorporating Tantra as well as other balancing perspectives is key when delving into A Course in Miracles or any singular compilation of ideas. Including Tantra.

    I don’t believe I have encountered any singular text about God or the Divine that did not seem to contradict itself at some point. If not numerous times. Having spent several years channeling many truly divine ideas, outside readers would likely identify contradictions throughout the text. I knew at the time, though, there was a completely different level of existence being addressed between the two thoughts. There are ideas that I still to this day relish from the Bible because every fiber in me identifies with this truth. For me, that is the key to using spiritual/metaphysical texts. You just ‘know’ what’s yours to run with in this lifetime.

    I am always quick to see how it makes some sense on the most mundane of levels that sex is described as ‘not preferred’ in higher guidance texts lest orgasms and lust start to be worshiped (as opposed to deeply enjoyed as part of a system of higher consciousness). I was so relived to have risen above smoking by the end of this lifetime lest I have to incarnate again to satisfy a nicotine craving. If indeed such a dynamic exists, I suspect a mad addiction to orgasms would fall in the mix.

    I’ve written on this site a few times how I offer my sexual experiences — and all things — to a higher level of thought beyond my brain. I also offer the entire action to be corrected if need be. My intended course has indeed been rerouted a few times. But not often. I feel deeply satisfied, therefore, that sex is at least a vital part of the path I’m on right now.

    An old adage comes to mind: “When we get to heaven God’s gonna ask if we got the joke.” I was never really able to claim that I did. But I’m starting to think that leapfrogging past over all the ‘sin’ and ‘forbidden’ talk into discovering deep gratification through sex is at least part of the punchline.

    Thus concludes my dissertation =] Rob

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