Mercury Stations Direct Friday, Plus Grace Lee Boggs and What Happened at Umpqua Community College

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


And Don’t Miss Thursday Night’s Live Call-In Program! Use this link if you’re listening on an iOS or mobile device. Download MP3. We have excellent astrological opportunities for you! Become a Planet Waves Core Community Member at $14.97 a month or $19.97 a month. Or get our Backstage Pass, or the Galaxy Pass. If you’re […]

And Don’t Miss Thursday Night’s Live Call-In Program!

Use this link if you’re listening on an iOS or mobile device. Download MP3.

We have excellent astrological opportunities for you! Become a Planet Waves Core Community Member at $14.97 a month or $19.97 a month. Or get our Backstage Pass, or the Galaxy Pass. If you’re a Libra or Libra rising, you may pre-order your birthday reading here.

Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I look closely at the chart for Mercury stationing direct on Friday. I’ll also be hosting a live, call-in edition of Planet Waves FM on Thursday night. Details about that call are included at the end of this letter. This is the third in a series of call-in programs that I’ve been hosting on Thursday nights — events which began last year as Core Community meetings.

Grace Lee Boggs, 1915-2015.

In tonight’s program I also look at the life of philosopher and meta-activst Grace Lee Boggs, who died last week at age 100. That chart is below.

Then I review a couple of news stories, including 19 European countries opting out of genetically modified foods, and I look at the chart for the shooting at Umpqua Community College. One story that I don’t mention and may get to Thursday in the Core Community edition is a ruling by a top court in Europe breaking an agreement between the U.S. and the E.U. previously allowing companies to participate in the mass collection of personal data and private communications.

My musical guest is the amazing Jessica Lee Montague from her CD “Hooked.” I just looked it up and apparently you can pick it up for a penny. Go figure. It’s worth full fare, and some of these songs stand tall among some of the greatest artists in rock music. As Kate Bush once said, most women really can’t put it to you — that is, push you so hard you fall over. Hello Jessica!

The biggest version of the cover of Jessie’s album I could find. It sounds a lot larger when you play it.

I mention her dad, one of my journalism heroes, Dr. Peter Montague. Here are some of his articles archived at Op-Ed News.

Speaking of journalism (and civil rights) heroes (again), I also promise a link to Amy Goodman’s archive of interviews with Grace Lee Boggs.

I promise a link to an article called The Folk Art of Therapy.

And since I mentioned the Capricorn Moon, Article on that particular lunar placement.

Here is call-in data for Thursday’s live edition. Please watch the Planet Waves homepages, Facebook and your email for reminders.

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Your charts are below.



Planet Waves

Noon chart for Grace Lee Boggs.


Planet Waves

Shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Link to Greenpeace GMO article

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Navigating Mercury’s Storm with Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

Mercury stations direct in Libra on Friday, Oct. 9, at 10:57 am EDT (14:57 UTC). In the Monday Astrology Diary, Eric walks you through the ‘storm’ phase (the few days on either side of the station), and parses some of the underlying cultural issues that we’re seeing come to the fore of our collective consciousness during this Libra Mercury retrograde.

Mercury’s a trickster, but is it Goofy? This ‘Mickey Mouse ears’ crater formation lies northwest the Magritte crater on Mercury. Photo by NASA/JHU APL/Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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We also have the Marie Claire horoscopes for October that Eric has written to offer a few sign-specific words of guidance and insight.

Sarah Taylor describes a tarot reading for this week that comes down to whether you want to walk the same path again, or choose something that may feel riskier and new, but which is creatively more in tune with who you are.

Speaking of walking different paths: we’ve posted a web comic that asks people to consider ‘radical’ forms of non-monogamy from the perspective non-mainstream (especially gender-queer) perspectives.

Judith Gayle, in Part Two of her “Leaning In” article series, addresses the tragic mass shooting on an Oregon college campus, and the ensuing political and cultural struggle — concluding that the alchemical experience of spirituality, of loving because we are loved, is what we need to lean into.

Madame Zolonga this past week tackled one of the trickiest relationship questions out there: how to handle it when your sweetie prizes the pooch’s presence in bed as much as yours. And yes, it is an astrology column; one whose solution lies in the couple’s respective Jupiter in Pisces placements. She’ll be back tomorrow with a new reader letter and her astro-reply.

Amanda Moreno discusses this week the necessity for spaces where conversation can happen outside of victim-perpetrator polarization, and the need to recognize Shadow on personal and collective levels, rather than casting parts of ourselves out of the garden.

Len Wallick ponders the chaos and order of Saturn in Sagittarius in his column today. Fe Bongolan has delayed her column until Wednesday; I’ll post my piece on the weekend astrology to the website early on Thursday. See you then.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

9 thoughts on “Mercury Stations Direct Friday, Plus Grace Lee Boggs and What Happened at Umpqua Community College

  1. Amy Elliott

    I can certainly thoroughly identify with what Eric says about self-esteem. The Venus-Transpluto conjunction closely involves my Mars and Jupiter. This has been a very tough few days. To anyone struggling with self-esteem issues right now, I can only say: hang in there, talk to someone you can trust, go to therapy if you can – and above all, be kind and forgiving to yourself. Dealing with this really drains one’s energy, and self-care is immensely important.

    Love and good wishes to all here.

    1. Geoff Marsh

      Thanks for the love and good wishes, Amy. The same to you.

      Low self-esteem can often be linked to other people’s projections. They blame you because they made a mistake. For a lot of people, particularly those in business, it is not enough that they should win, everyone else must be seen to lose for their triumph to be absolute.

      Walk away. Go sit in the park and remember: everybody has a hole where the shit comes out; in some cases it’s called a mouth.

  2. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    Re: Grace Lee Boggs’ chart: holy cardinal signs, Batman! Not just the angles, but look at all those planets in the cardinal signs — especially the early degrees. She basically was “the personal is political” personified, wasn’t she?

    And all those Cancer planets; she really was political activism’s “Mom,” in a way…

    I have not been able to listen to the show, but could not help but comment on Boggs’ chart. Wow.

    1. Eric Francis Post author

      Yes the living incarnation of the Aries Point. It will be interesting to see what she has in early Libra — there must be something — her fulfilled life was not indicative of a T square. But who knows…she could be the best example of a T square ever.

      1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

        Hhmmm… assuming I put the data into Serennu correctly, I’m not seeing much that we’ve worked with extensively on PW in early Libra for her:

        Rhiphonos (centaur) at 1+ Libra

        Burney (asteroid) at 2+ Libra

        Sauer (asteroid) at 8+ Libra

        Then closer to mid-Libra, we get:

        Crantor (centaur) at 12+ Libra

        Requiem (asteroid) at 16+ Libra

        Terpsichore (asteroid) at 17+ Libra

        In late Libra, we get Borasisi and Urania.

        So… Rhiphonos, Burney and Sauer? Not sure what to make them… aren’t the latter two named after scientists?

        This should be the Serennu listing for Boggs’ data that I created:

  3. LizzyLizzy

    Wonderful, dear Eric. Fantastic stuff on guilt and shame – which is coming up for me so strongly right now – also, I think, because I am challenging myself to be who I really am in this period. So agree with you about the need for these drugs to carry a homicide warning as well as a suicide one, and that the laws need changing in this area. Also fascinating about revolution and evolution. Taking a break, along with the wonderful music as I have to have a shower and ring the folks. Looking forward to part 2. Thank you!!

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