Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Conjunct Chiron

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Tonight’s edition begins with a discussion of the penumbral lunar eclipse in Pisces that the high priestesses, the shamans and the astrologers say is supposed to happen Friday afternoon. The eclipse is also square Mars and Pholus — it’s a high-energy event, one of a cluster of developments happening within a short time.

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here] begins with a discussion of the penumbral lunar eclipse in Pisces that the high priestesses, the shamans and the astrologers say is supposed to happen Friday afternoon.

The eclipse is also square Mars and Pholus — it’s a high-energy event, one of a cluster of developments happening within a short time.

These include Jupiter’s recent ingress of Libra and the current exact aspects between Uranus and Eris (the conjunction), Saturn and Neptune (the square) and Chiron and Pholus (another square).

If, under this astrology, you think that the election is going to turn out nice and tidy as planned, I suggest you guess again.

Speaking of, in tonight’s edition, I look at the health situation involving Hillary Clinton.

It’s one thing if you take each episode as a separate thing, unrelated to any other. It’s another if you take them in sequence and consider that they’re all related. This timeline provides a summary. I have not fact-checked each event listed, but I remember most of them.

I look closely at her progressed chart, which you can see here.

In the last segment, I look at the chart for the Fort Laramie Treaty, which established the Standing Rock Reservation, where 200 Native American tribes are in a standoff with North Dakota authorities. Our reporter Amy Jacobs is on the way there as I write.

My musical guest is Blue Museum, who I met the other day when they were sound checking for the release of their EP single. You can find out more about Blue Museum at their website.

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Close-up of Jupiter from Voyager 1. Photo by NASA/JPL Caltech.

BALANCE: Midyear Reading Based on Jupiter in Libra

Finding a moment to rest and recalibrate is often essential to one’s ability to go with the flow; periodically refilling the well lets you draw from that well more deeply as you expand outward. If the current Mercury retrograde, the build-up to Friday’s Full Moon and some of the other current astrology is causing you tension, perhaps listening to your favorite astrologer for a few minutes will help.

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Dear Virgo Sun, Rising or Moon Reader:

Yet again, your sign is part of an incredibly dynamic eclipse. On Friday, Sept. 16, the Pisces Full Moon and penumbral lunar eclipse will light up Virgo and plug you into the rest of the mutable cross.

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Penumbral lunar eclipse on Feb. 10, 2009, as viewed from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Photo by Navneeth Chandrasekaran via Wikimedia Commons.

What are you feeling compelled to release or grow out of?

What are you feeling drawn to begin, build or nurture?

If you’re asking questions even remotely along those lines, you’re ‘in the zone’. And while the primary ‘eclipse zone’ only lasts a couple weeks, its effects will ripple out for months to come.

“Thanks, EFC and all of the wonderful folks at Planet Waves, for your thoughtful medicine to soothe the weary soul!”

— Elizabeth, after listening to the 2016-17 Virgo Birthday audio segments

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Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
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Unhealthy Penchant

Fe Bongolan writes on this week’s news of Mrs. Clinton’s bout with pneumonia, the cancellation of her California campaign stop and the ensuing speculation over her health. All this raises specters — old and new — of the issues that keep cropping up and haunting all things Hillary in terms of voter enthusiasm.

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5 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Conjunct Chiron

  1. Rob MooreRob Moore

    Although I’m the most politically detached individual I’ve ever come across, I agree with you 1000%, Eric, that the Clinton illness issue is so glaring in this instance that to not put it squarely on the table and dissect it is insane.

    But then so much that happens collectively is insane.

    Anyway, found this FM extremely informative and worth anyone’s while.

    – Rob

  2. Mary

    I have been a massive proponent of voting … Eric might indeed remember how horribly I harassed him about same. When people don’t vote or vote other than major party then we get George Bush or … eeesh!! the Donald in there. While I appreciate the info re: Hill and her health, it is as you describe so well Eric … bits and pieces of a human being we’re talking about here. She’s got her reasons for being such a nightmare, some quite possibly having nothing what so ever to do with her health. Whomsoever reads this post and comes away with the plan to not vote or vote Donald … that is what we get for Hillary being such a pain.

    Again, bits and pieces … fragments of a human being, does not tell the whole story (as in our very face paced social media twitter, et al) so we must try to keep that in mind. Truly, much as I love astrology, it really is about fragmenting our psyches, eh??

    PS: I pray one day soon Hillary finds someone to advise her to open up on all things health and wellbeing. This stealth strategy is not working and really reeks of the old bill way of operating in our world.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      I would say there was some internal PW debate about the link to that particular timeline. While I agree that a timeline of verified health problems might be useful, I do find the “Danger Play” site uses wording that makes wild assumptions/claims and is clearly cherry-picking with limited context to make a particular attack.

      I’m no big fan of Hillary, and I agree that her stubbornness around secrecy about her health is damaging her campaign. If something big is going on, we should know about it in a way that is transparent. But I’m not ready to jump to conclusions about what might or might not be going on, or what it means for her fitness for office.

      These are certainly interesting times.

  3. Mary

    I am now surrounded by “the hood” and with everyone boogying and carrying on (and watching “the best street brawls”) it’s hard to concentrate on what’s up. I will say this: thank you, Amanda, for honoring me with a reply. It’s, as you say, a tough climate for much thoughtful and kind reaction and I thank you so much for what you do. On the street, where I am spending most of my time these days, it’s a bit of a nightmare and I really don’t know much except that most of us here are not quite up to Donald’s measure and thus we’d be torched without so much of a second glance. I do indeed worry about that particular scenario … much as I prefer everyone voting their conscience. Me, I’d be voting Bernie, esp as I’m not in a swing state. There is a place called in which we all fight for saner campaigns. I am a huge fan or saner campaigns and elections.

    Again, can we all agree here that try as we may, we cannot know another individual by reading their chart. Even the best among us cannot know what’s up. Bless Eric and all he does … I just really hope he doesn’t have to live with turning so many onto the Donald … eeesssshhh!!


  4. Barbara Koehler

    Hillary’s progressed nodes have tightened the space between her natal Mercury and her natal south node that square her natal Saturn, and I would expect that this would reflect her recent inability to talk. It is the progressed NORTH node however, that might be unconsciously driving her since it is conjunct the degree of the last Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point, 22+ Taurus, in 2000. Time is running out to fulfill that cycle’s challenge of NOT totally succumbing to the square from Uranus who was in Aquarius at that time.

    Uranus, at 20+ degrees of Aquarius in 2000, is where the now progressed U.S. Sibly chart’s Mercury (thought process) has also stationed direct. The U.S. progressed Mercury is therefore being motivated by a Uranian view of all things cultural these days. The soon-to-end cycle of Saturn-Jupiter (a cycle devoted to societal and cultural movement) that began in stalwart Taurus will do everything possible to maintain the status quo of the best things it has achieved, while bending to the Uranus-driven mindset of the (U.S.) people for change.

    Hillary’s progressed Mars at 7+ Virgo lit a torch to her (likely) MC a few years ago, but it has now been dimmed by the solar eclipse on September 1st at 9+ Virgo, somewhat sidelining her ambitious (and universe-driven) objective. It is intriguing then that Hillary’s progressed Jupiter at 15+ Sagittarius is conjunct the Great Attractors which draws our solar system and many others toward it . (The Venus-occult-Sun in 2012 also opposes her progressed Jupiter)

    It appears she has been tagged by the Universe to walk where no woman on Planet Earth has gone before. All of us are endowed with free will, that’s a given, but it also would seem we are somewhat guided, on a less-than-conscious level, to do certain things. Those things serve a purpose that only the Universe (or God if you prefer) totally understands.

    With transiting Pluto about to station direct at 14+ Capricorn, it will quincunx Hillary’s Pluto (natal and progressed) in Leo, and that means adjustments are necessary. Her natal Mars will also be asked to reconsider (in no uncertain terms) her stand on some things, and yet there is her supportive progressed Jupiter in Sagittarius – conjunct the GA – in a trine to natal Pluto-Mars and prog. Pluto in Leo. Let’s hope that “mutable” progressed Jupiter trine her “fixed” natal and progressed Pluto and natal Mars in Leo will afford her the understanding (Jupiter) and the wisdom (Jupiter) in being flexible at this juncture.

    A bit of synchronicity here in that the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle has Chiron at 14+ Sagittarius opposite Mars at 17+ Gemini (where Trump’s natal Uranus is located also) so the 2000 cycle’s Chiron would carry the GA vibe too. Hillary’s progressed Jupiter is already (or soon will be) invigorated by the transiting station-direct Pluto in Cap which will quincunx (will you please just adjust a little dammit!) her natal and progressed Pluto (+ Mars) in Leo which trines her progressed Jupiter (conjunct GA) in Sagittarius.

    A piece of cake, at least if everyone stays on script. That’s what I think is happening to Hillary right now, in addition to what has already been noted. It’s a clash between Plutos (those which are personal, those which are progressed and those which are political).

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