Live from the Astral Plane! It’s the Uranus-Eris Conjunction

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM opens up Uranus-Eris conjunction as a commentary about our disembodied lives on the Internet. I explain how 20 years of nonstop proliferation of online life have turned the world into the astral plane, where we struggle to make sense of existence and of our bodies; where there’s no longer any sense of reality.

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Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here] opens up the Uranus-Eris conjunction as a commentary about our disembodied lives on the Internet. I explain how 20 years of nonstop proliferation of online life have turned the world into the astral plane, where we struggle to make sense of existence and of our bodies; where there’s no longer any sense of reality.

I quote and discuss an idea from Eric McLuhan: “The body is everywhere assaulted by all of our new media, a state which has resulted in deep disorientation of intellect and destabilization of culture throughout the world. In the age of disembodied communication, the meaning and significance and experience of the body is utterly transformed and distorted.”

Later in the program, I tell the story of John Oliver buying — and then forgiving — $15 million in hospital debt in one of the funniest and most revealing media stunts in history (again under the influence of Uranus-Eris). [See fabulous video here.]

Finally, I talk about the life of, and read the chart of, Muhammad Ali, whom the New York Times aptly described as “a titan of boxing and of the 20th century.” [Read obituary here.]

The charts of Oliver and Ali are posted at this link.

Music is from just about everyone: David Byrne and Brian Eno; Bjork; Dead Can Dance; and the Planet Waves in-house ensemble, Vision Quest (with our theme from Gemini, called Letter to Urbana.

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6 thoughts on “Live from the Astral Plane! It’s the Uranus-Eris Conjunction

  1. Amy Elliott

    I admire John Oliver increasingly. He draws attention to the most important issues in the best possible way, and cuts down the ridiculousness of liars and pompous asses beautifully.

  2. Kelly Grace Smith

    I am actually solidly grounded and connected to reality on a day-to-day basis, cultivating wisdom and empowerment from within, rather than from our media, marketing, advertising, technology, and pseudo-spirituality inundated world. It’s a choice I made 10 years ago, to take “the road less travelled.”

    I balance my time on technology with connections and conversations live-and-in-person with real people, with creative pursuits, time in nature. I’ve dramatically altered my relationship to media and to money…while many struggle w/attachment to these energies 24/7.

    Rather than look for the latest Guru or gadget, I’ve looked to what is unresolved within me. Rather than blame Wall Street or the government, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Kanye or the Kardashians, I chose to become the change I seek in the world.

    Though there have been many extraordinary experiences, it wasn’t magic that brought me to a place of balance and well-being and an ability to stand outside the fray, it was work. It is work.

    You can make it hard work or you can make it creative work…you possess the free will to choose. What’s occurring around us isn’t “happening to us,” we created it and we can un-create it, too.

    I know none of this is sexy or sophisticated; I know we don’t want to believe it really is this simple. But I give you my word that it is. All that remains is your decision.

    Kelly Grace Smith

    1. Eric Francis

      One thing to remember is that technology influences the whole population. An illiterate person in a society based on literacy still must play by the rules of a literate society. Avoidance or even striving for balance do not equal escape from the most potent influences of the environment. You cannot escape the mentality of the people around you, nor the invisible effects of technology — being bathed in all the microwaves, for example.

  3. Kelly Grace Smith

    It’s never about avoidance, always about balance…

    Absolutely, folks w/out technology are impacted by those around them. However, you can always escape the mentality of the people around you; to believe otherwise is the “victim” and “suffering” mentality so perpetuated in our society. By being connected, balanced – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively, sexually – and open to learning and growth, centered with you and within you, and unattached to mass consciousness you have the energy and ability to detach from that which does not serve you, what does not truly matter.

    Masters and mystics from Chogyum Trungpa and the Buddha…to Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ espoused this again and again. Jesus perhaps expressing it most simply…”to be in, but not of the world.”

    This is available to everyone. It ain’t easy, but it’s a choice that is always there for us…

    All of the masters mentioned above didn’t avoid society, they participated fully in it in order to be the best and most beneficial – and genuine – source of guidance for others. They weren’t gurus separate from humanity, they were guides embracing humanity…Kelly Grace Smith

  4. LizzyLizzy

    “However, you can always escape the mentality of the people around you”. it’s not a question of escaping from something – one can only disengage from mass consciousness when one is able to acknowledge it and see it in oneself – all the energy work in the world won’t hack it until that has happened – and that’s not an easy task.

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