Get Ready for Stormy Daniels

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


In tonight’s episode of Planet Waves FM, we first consider yesterday’s New Moon, and today’s Sun-Chiron conjunction. I discuss the astonishing equinox chart, and Mercury stationing retrograde. We’re about to experience the combined effects of the Sun, Mars, Salacia and the centaur Pholus. This will be a turning point.

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Web Extra! Discussion with Carol van Strum about the Free Speech Movement from Berkeley in 1964:

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The magnificent Stormy Daniels, incarnation of Salacia, Eris and Kali Ma. Her 39th birthday was Saturday, and she’s about to offer the performance of a lifetime.

This is going to be an exciting week. Did I say that last week? I must have. But this week will be even more exciting, and I look at the charts on tonight’s episode of Planet Waves FM.

We first consider events at the end of Pisces last week, including the Sun-Chiron conjunction. I discuss the astonishing equinox chart, and Mercury stationing retrograde. We’re about to experience the combined effects of the Sun, Mars, Salacia and the centaur Pholus. This will be a turning point.

I cover last week’s national student walkout, as well as this coming Saturday’s March for Our Lives protest. If you want to help with coverage of that event, please email us as soon as you can. It will help if you have a basic digital recorder — though an iPhone will do.

We also visit history with a description of the Free Speech Movement from Berkeley in 1964.

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Planet Waves
Dear Friend and Reader:

It’s only been a little more than two weeks since I finished The Art of Becoming readings. That was a deep experience — one of the most full-on phases of doing Planet Waves ever.

Me with Justin Castello, son of my eternal friend and chiropractor, Angelo Castello, taken by his wife (and Justin’s mom) Julia Castello. This was today, in Germantown, NY. You can take one look at me and tell I’m finished writing the annual readings — I’m somewhere other than Kingston.

Here was the challenge: weaving extended readings, each taking three days to write, into my most hectic horoscope schedule ever — and doing it with technical accuracy, with love, and even with some eloquence.

This reading opens up all-new territory: Saturn in Capricorn, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction; Chiron in Aries; Uranus in Taurus; and both Venus and Mars retrograde. I have explained these transits many times, many ways, from many viewpoints.

This process called forth the Zen master, the novelist and the alchemist in me. Just the sheer volume of ideas that I had to treat with care, working on daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles at the same time. While I was doing it, I was wondering how I was doing it. (It took a village.)

There are certain kinds of writing that can take what newspaper editors call the “get in and get out” approach.

The Art of Becoming is more like: get in, go deeper, keep going, explore that branch of the cave system, keep going deeper, come out at the Galactic Core, take a ride on Chiron, hang out with Saturn and catch my breath, consider 1992 QB1, explore the asteroid belt, investigate Venus and Mars retrograde yet again…and get out.

I did that 12 times, 12 different ways. I have cast nearly 100 astrology charts, written about 66,000 words, and invested about 144 hours into The Art of Becoming.

This is the 20th annual edition of Planet Waves. They don’t get easier. They just get better, deeper, and easier to understand. They also get more beautiful — you can visit the website here; there are many free features.

Why am I doing this?

Section of the chart I drew up for the Scorpio reading. The pencil chart is a summation of many pages of data. This one includes the Venus and Mars retrogrades, the cluster of planets entering Capricorn, and the hypothetical planet Apollon, which has begun a long trip across Scorpio.

I have experienced the elegance, the beauty and the healing power of astrology. Astonishing, mysterious things happen every day, which I can see because I have devoted so much of my life and talent to astrology.

I want everyone to be able to experience this. I want to convey that understanding to anyone who is interested. In a way that is fully accessible, that has lasting value, and that is affordable. While I do private consultations, I cannot do many. The demand is greater than the supply. Yet I am able to distill and concentrate the essence of planetary transits into written works that are accessible.

My intention is to light the way forward. Rather than predict, I do my best to describe the environment we are in.

Please do take advantage of this work. It will serve you for years, though it won’t be the same reading in a year. It’s designed to prepare you now, for what you are experiencing now and for the next four seasons.

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2 thoughts on “Get Ready for Stormy Daniels

  1. Pisces SunPisces Sun

    Eric, I really enjoyed listening to PW FM Sunday (3/18) edition. Your knowledge of journalism techniques, First Amendment Rights, and Astrology was outstanding! Wow, your statement (quote) the war comes home, (unquote), resonated with me. Thank you for reminding us of that concept and described how we are in an inviable position of realizing that the assault rifle used by us (US) in Vietnam fifty years ago is now turned on our children at home.

    My profession is law (I am an attorney). The requirement for a gun permit, albeit minimal restrictions, illustrates that a person does not have an absolute right to gun ownership.
    In law, the authority to (quote) give (unquote) a license implies the inverse, that is, if you can give, then you can also take away. In other words, a license to own a gun is not an irrevocable license nor is it unrestrained in its ownership or use, despite extreme Second Amendment Rightists declaring otherwise. We are all done with the AR, and many other aspects of owning guns.

    Regarding Stormy Daniels, she is on a tour, dubbed “Make America Horney Again,” going from strip club to strip club across America. According to the Rolling Stone: (quote) Hated by the right, mocked by the left and pursued doggedly by unscrupulous press over a decade-old tryst with a man twice her age, Daniels was at that very center of the swirling centrifuge of wide-eyed WTF weirdness that is America in the age of Trump. And in the midst of all of it she was doing a national strip-club tour with a title that played on Trump’s campaign slogan. At a time when many people might attempt seclusion, Daniels was, in the parlance of our times, leaning in. (unquote). Yes, The Don has met his shameless match! She will outwit and survive because she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am amused that she is the one that will bring him down but at the same time, why not! Just one more example of a fully liberated woman taking control. I bet you The Don is expressing frustration and admiration of Stormy to his lawyer. After all, according to Stormy, The Don likened her to his own daughter Ivanka, as being one who is both beautiful and smart. Yes, Yes, Yes! Let’s have that poetic justice that you raised and have POTUS be brought down by his mistresses! I add the plural, b/c since you aired your show, seems like another has also stepped forward: Karen McDougal, a playboy playmate. Wondering how her horoscope plays out? Bottom line: two have come forward, & there are likely more that are weighing the risks.

    One final observation: The Don hides behind legal barriers: prenuptial agreements, and non-disclosure agreements with mistresses and staff, for example. He relishes, including through his lawyer’s antics, the degradation of women. The greatest poetic justice of all will be performed by Lady Justice herself who will be handing out legal ramifications like Easter jelly beans. Simultaneously, Lady Liberty, heavily trodden upon, will rise to lend Lady Liberty a hand and together in Unison, they will push out the SOB. When he leaves he will find himself in such a state, unnoticed and unimportant to a public, and likely behind bars. The unsealed envelope (Sabian symbol) that you spoke of, will become sealed. No longer POTUS, and most likely now considered a felon. Trump’s fate will be determined: likely a very long prisoned sentence and dissolution of many business assets, and highly likely a third divorce. But what will likely hurt (or at least take most of his attention) will be the demise of the Trump name, it will be akin to Benedict Arnold, Jane Fonda, and all others that the US has despised as traitors. At this point, who would ever want to stay in such a tainted place owned by a criminal serving time? The Trump name will disappear except in history books, where readers will learn that a country once great went astray for a short time, because they lost what it meant to have at their beckoning Lady Liberty and Lady Justice. These ladies don’t ask for much other than an informed citizenry who actively votes. Cast in eternity, both Ladies have already moved to the next generation, our children who have told the adults, (quote) ENOUGH! (unquote) I remain hopeful because this generation is brave and stalworth. This generation is willing to pick up Lady Liberty’s torch and soon they will also be pursuing Lady Justice. Its a WTF moment in Trump America indeed!

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