Gemini Moon, Real News/Fake News and the Burden of Women

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


Here’s a very short summary of tonight’s program. I begin with the Gemini Full Moon, which is happening as we mail this letter out. I then personalize that into the chart of Donald Trump, who was born with a lunar eclipse right in range of tonight’s lunation, describing the influence this may have.

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Here’s a very short summary of tonight’s program [play episode here]. I begin with the Gemini Full Moon, which is happening as we mail this letter out. I then personalize that into the chart of Donald Trump, who was born with a lunar eclipse right in range of tonight’s lunation, describing the influence this may have.

I then take on the “real news versus fake news” story that’s been bouncing around the internet, putting a pretty sharp point on things: newspapers have often lied to the public. This didn’t start with fake news websites. The primary example I give is the dioxin issue, exposed among other places by Vicky Monks in American Journalism Review and republished on one of my websites.

Finally, I take an angle on tantra related to the special burden of women in our society. I offer some suggestions for what we can do about that.

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3 thoughts on “Gemini Moon, Real News/Fake News and the Burden of Women

    1. Ramona

      I have Amanda. The fire breathing dragon (and astrologer) is blazing with the real news/fake news section. Well worth listening to…

      Re-minds me of the meme from the Big Short (movie) – It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

  1. Glen Young

    Yes I have, but thanks for the reminder so I can listen again. Have been listening for a few years now. My Chiron experience occurred around 47yrs or more; while laying on some rocks in the James River; allowing the water to flow underneath me. Just letting the bad experiences of my life go, or surrendering to the realization of them. Then the flash of light or consciousness happened (ooh shit!), and I lost my balance on the rocks. Although my life changed after that, because of a greater consciousness (intuition), it wasn’t until my emotional release some years later, that I became more rooted in my own authenticity. One’s soul is an amazing source of guidance, and astrology is a good tool to use.

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