Deep Background: It’s Not What You Think

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


America loves an outlaw. That might explain why 43 percent of the voting population is supporting a candidate who had admitted to tax evasion and sexual assault. But what explains that? How do we make sense of that in our supposedly informed and enlightened times?

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America loves an outlaw. That might explain why 43 percent of the voting population is supporting a candidate who had admitted to tax evasion and sexual assault. But what explains that? How do we make sense of that in our supposedly informed and enlightened times?

Radiohead, strong enough for our heavy-duty times.

Radiohead, strong enough for our heavy-duty times.

These and other things are up for discussion at 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT in a live edition of Planet Waves FM. [See details here.]

In tonight’s recorded edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here], I take these questions slowly, looking at the Uranus-Eris cycle and this weekend’s Full Moon aligned with the era-defining conjunction. I explore the impact of all broadcast media and the internet on the self-concept that is allowing this madness to perpetuate.

I go from self-concept to self, and make contact with the idea that who we are inherently is more powerful than any effect any media might create in our minds.

My musical guest is Radiohead, in honor of Libra and of their being the only recording artists I can think of strong enough to sustain the current weight of the world, and its beauty and our transformational moment.

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Eric has been watching the chart for this weekend closely in terms of political and social surprises — but it will likely have profound personal meaning for anyone with strong Libra or Aries placements, too, as he’s been describing in Planet Waves. In fact, all the cardinal signs will be plugged into this event.

“Thanks very much for these readings. I appreciate your insights and reflections on getting off the grid and using creativity and art as a path. I was also surprised to hear about Capricorn reducing things to minimal needs — I hadn’t heard that before.”

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This Week on Planet Waves

Planet Waves

Special Comment: A Sensitive Moment

Eric writes that very few moments in modern American political history stand out like what we’re now seeing. We can name a few: the impeachment, the stolen election, the events of Sept. 11, the Iran-Contra scandal, and those strange days of August 1974 when Pres. Nixon resigned.

Planet Waves

Politics and Religion Don’t Mix

Eric Francis considers what looks like it will be the most interesting week politically since August 1974. It would seem that the ruse of religion and its garb of moral purity as a function of politics are now being exposed for the fraud that it is, and that the downfall of the party that champions it could ensue.

Planet Waves

Hillary’s Birth Time Controversy and some Astrology

In this week’s full issue, Eric shares with you his recent writings on the ambiguity of Hillary Clinton’s birth data, in the form of his recent article for The Mountain Astrologer, and reaffirms that your zodiac sign is not wrong. This issue also features Amanda’s article on the recent Sun-Pluto square.

Planet Waves

Urge to Purge

With Mercury now post-echo phase and in Libra, the stage is set for some soul-level self-expression, thanks to the Libra Sun square Pluto in Capricorn. Amanda Painter suggests there are ways to express yourself honestly and still maintain harmonious (or at least respectful) relationships.

Planet Waves

Off the Farm

The first degrees of cardinal signs, when occupied by objects in the solar system, often indicate when the personal and political come together. As Len Wallick explains, there is another indicator of a parallel astrological climate: when the planetary rulers of the cardinal signs move as they are moving now.

Planet Waves

Astrology of Sunday’s Presidential Debate

Eric analyzes the chart for Sunday’s presidential debate, with its void-of-course Moon — though the Moon is opposite asteroid Vesta. Bringing this into human terms, what we are seeing is a catharsis of shame in the events of this weekend. Eric also links to several articles about Juno.

5 thoughts on “Deep Background: It’s Not What You Think

  1. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    “In nature, creatures are endowed with either exoskeletons or endoskeletons. Those with exoskeletons protect their soft parts with a hard outer armor. Creatures with endoskeletons have bodies that are formed around the solid but flexible inner structure of their skeleton. Their soft parts can be exposed because of the integrity of their inner framework. When we embrace who we really are and begin to accept our limitations, we feel we have an endoskeleton, or a spine, and we become secure in our trust of its presence. We can meet the world skin to skin. When we are ashamed of who we are or don’t have the skills we need to protect ourselves, there’s only one option: hiding behind a brittle armor of defenses that keeps the world at a distance. When the world feels unsafe–and particularly when we haven’t learned, or been taught, to honor our gifts–we rely on our hardened, habitual defenses to protect these tender parts of being.” –Ken Page “Deeper Dating- How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy”

    So, if the internet is giving you an exoskeleton when you know beyond a fucking shadow of a doubt that somewhere inside you there is an endoskeleton, a spine; you find that goddamn thing and never forget that it’s there. And as long as you are alive it will be there.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      I did not expect that quote to be from a book on dating, but it’s a great quote & applies to any situation in life where we meet those dynamics of not knowing how to protect ourselves, or of not feeling at home with our gifts and limitations. The spine and the skin: as we find our spine, the more comfortable we begin to feel within our skin. And I’ve found that is a process that can stretch over decades, with each new threshold of growth and healing.

  2. Amanda MorenoAmanda Moreno

    I’m only 20 minutes in… and I know you’ve been writing and speaking about this stuff for some time now, but… this episode provides the most coherent explanation of the extraordinary changes in consciousness happening so rapidly that I’ve seen yet. Or maybe I was just finally ready to take it in today. Thanks for continuing to break it down so articulately. And also……….. deep sighs all around.

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