Conservative Guru Makes His Exit; End of the Anti-Sixties

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Most of tonight’s show focuses on Antonin Scalia’s life and legacy. I discuss how the arch-conservative and “constitutional originalist” associate justice impacted life in the U.S.

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Antonin Scalia during his confirmation hearings before the Senate on Aug. 6, 1986. Photo by Lana Harris.

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As the Sun reaches the brink of Pisces, Mercury is now in Aquarius, and Venus is on its way there. In tonight’s edition I examine the astrology of this moment, and continue last week’s exploration of Aquarius as a sign.

Most of the show focuses on Antonin Scalia’s life and legacy, and the potentially crucial consequences of his death on Saturday. I discuss how the arch-conservative and “constitutional originalist” associate justice impacted life in the U.S. during his 30-year tenure on the Supreme Court bench.

My guest tonight is Stephen Bergstein, a civil rights attorney I’ve collaborated with for many years. He appears in the third segment. Musical interludes are three classics by the ever-excellent Bob Dylan, friend of Planet Waves.

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Scalia’s natal chart.

Planet Waves on Scalia, the Week’s Astrology, and More

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Mercury is finally ‘in the clear’ in Aquarius. Tonight (Wednesday in some time zones) Venus joins it for what Eric has described in the Monday Astrology Diary as ‘agape’, the Greek word for brotherly love — though in the style of the goddess. It’s finally time to move forward with anything that has been on hold the last couple months.


Agape, goddess-style? Good friends Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia — despite their contrasting SCOTUS opinions — enjoying some opera together as on-stage guests at the Washington National Opera’s 2009 opening of “Ariadne auf Naxos.” Photo by Karin Cooper/Washington National Opera, via Opera Chic.

Of course, the big news this week for anyone who follows U.S. politics is the death Saturday of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia. In addition to Eric’s Planet Waves FM discussion of Scalia this evening, several Planet Waves writers have joined the conversation.

Judith Gayle followed up her regular Saturday column (delving into what’s making the voters tick, and what the establishment is missing) with an article-length comment on Scalia that we’ve published in its own post. Amy Elliott has offered a brief examination of Scalia’s natal chart, in the context of his judicial record.

Fe Bongolan describes in her column how Scalia was exactly the formidable ‘enemy’ progressives needed to make them stronger in their pursuit of true justice. And last but not least, Eric exercised his wit covering the ‘beatification’ of Scalia by Pope Francis.

Elsewhere on Planet Waves, Amanda Moreno juxtaposes seemingly conflicting symbols for the recent New Moon, and asks: How do we prioritize authenticity and creative self-actualization, while still remembering to step out of the subjective and consider the collective?

Sunday Eric touched on the Valentine’s Day astrology by noting that it takes maturity for people to recognize that they are autonomous beings, and that a relationship is nothing if not about respect for the individuality of your partner.

And in Len Wallick’s column today, he covers Venus entering Aquarius tonight. His take: If you offer cooperation rather than competition to others, you’ll likely receive the same in turn.

Len will be back in the Thursday issue with horoscopes and also on the website Friday with his column; my own column on the weekend astrology will post Thursday morning.

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