Aries New Moon + Uranus-Eris Conjunction, and… How To Be An Astrology Student and Not Hate Yourself

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I discuss an issue that has confronted me for some time, and which caused me to go full fire-breathing dragon: how astrology is used against people.

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Dear Planet Waves Listener:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I discuss an issue that has confronted me for some time, and which caused me to go full fire-breathing dragon: how astrology is used against people, and how not to have that happen. And how not to do it. It’s easy.


This dragon has a lot to say!

The New Moon is tucked into a square to Pluto, and a conjunction to Uranus and Eris, basically serving as a blend between these two era-defining aspects.

I then pick up the discussion of how astrology is used against people, and how astrologers would better serve the world if they did something more creative and humane with their skills. Our profession was making some progress here, with the Humanistic movement, and the new planet movement — and then classical astrology came along and stole the spotlight.

But something suited for answering questions in 1612 is not necessarily suited for answering questions in the 21st century.

As part of this, I talk about the ancient dignities known as ‘detriment’ and ‘fall — rarely used, except until recently — and use my own chart as an example of why you don’t need to worry about these things; you merely need to put them to work for you.

Tonight’s music is something of an ambient classic, from An Endless Searching for Substance by 23 Degrees. Like all ambient music, and my programs, it’s as interesting to ignore as it is to listen to.

Catch you next week! And don’t miss our other features below, and the new Planet Waves TV.

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Homing In on the Aries Action, and More from Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

With Venus newly arrived in Aries earlier today and Mercury entering Taurus right around the time of this mailing, you might notice a slight shift on the mental and emotional levels. Len Wallick ties the two sign changes together beautifully in his column today (see below).

I’d simply add — speaking as someone with Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Aries — that experiential learning, listening to your body’s wisdom and allowing ideas to synthesize gradually are great approaches to try. Also, empathy really does work best when you can imagine yourself fully in another person’s position (without losing your own center). It’s not always easy.

Between Planet Waves FM, Planet Waves TV, and your New Moon Moonshine horoscopes coming on Thursday, we have this week’s Aries New Moon well covered — and we’d love to hear from you on the website about how you see the energy taking shape in your life.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
Planet Waves Astrology Editor

Planet Waves

Thursday’s Aries New Moon + Uranus-Eris

Does astrology seem too intellectual to make any sense? Then this edition of Planet Waves TV is for you. Eric Francis describes the Aries New Moon after giving a basic rundown on the lunar cycle itself. This New Moon revives our old friend the Uranus-Pluto square, and brings in the Uranus-Eris conjunction.

Planet Waves

Full Edition: DC Madam, Uranus-Eris and More

“One way, for example, is the influence of the smart phone on a person’s sense of identity. Eris in Aries is associated with a kind of identity dysphoria, and from a media analysis standpoint, it’s clear that this has something to do with the technology we use and define ourselves through.”

Planet Waves

Radical Interventions of the Uranus-Eris Kind

Amanda Painter considers the meaning of Mercury passing from Uranus to Eris recently, warming up the territory for the Sun, and getting us acquainted with Uranus-Eris. The great thing about being human is that you can assess and integrate “radical interventions” in ways that computers cannot.

Planet Waves

Everybody’s From Mars

Rob Moore describes a feeling he has lately noticed from straight men: a pull to either hug or touch in some way. It’s not so much sexual as a call for pure and simple masculine energy and presence. In light of the upcoming Mars retrograde, it looks like a signal for some accelerated growth of our inner masculine.

Planet Waves

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Apr. 3, 2016

This week, Sarah Taylor suggests that if the words “Just too dang much!” were directed at you when you were younger — or even now — then you can probably relate to the Princess of Wands’ joie de vivre, and perhaps also the effect it might have on others who may not be feeling the flames of enthusiasm.

Planet Waves

First, Do No Harm

Where do you draw the line when it comes to magical ethics? Amanda Moreno offers a perspective on the problems with enforcing one’s will, even with the best of intentions; the value of serving the highest good of all; and, as she puts it, “the importance of coming from a place of love.”

Planet Waves

Too Close to Home

Fe Bongolan takes a break from discussing the U.S. primary season to talk about something closer to home; namely, the aftermath of a racially inflamed event that had her downstairs neighbor, Brandon (an African American assistant professor at UC Berkeley), shaking on the phone recently.

Planet Waves


As if washed downstream by Jobim’s fanciful “Waters of March,” Venus departed Pisces and entered Aries today. Less than seven hours later, Mercury leaves Aries and enters Venus’ home of Taurus. Len Wallick sees in this the beautiful promise of “restarting” — heart, mind and body — this week.

Planet Waves

The First Amendment: The Crux Of It

As Judith Gayle notes, it appears Donald Trump, who has pranced through the 2016 political process with the less than perfected skill of a Dancing With The Stars contender, has finally put his foot in it. He blurted out that when/if he makes abortion illegal, women would need to face punishment for seeking the procedure.

7 thoughts on “Aries New Moon + Uranus-Eris Conjunction, and… How To Be An Astrology Student and Not Hate Yourself

  1. Amy Elliott

    This is basically the perfect manifesto for everyone who wants to study and practice astrology. I am indignant as well about anyone who thinks it’s OK to make money off misery and anxiety.

    As Granny Weatherwax said, we can’t be doing with that sort of thing.

  2. balancebull

    Your story about the astrologer who recommended predicting negative events explains so much! For example, I used to read Sally Brompton’s horoscope years ago but I had to stop because I found it overly pessimistic. You’ve mentioned her in recent PWFM’s as someone whose work you appreciate so I returned to her column out of respect for your opinion. It only confirmed my previous thoughts. I even have a nickname for her – Bad News Brompton.

    1. Eric Francis Post author

      Hey there BB. I don’t read the other signs. I have however seen a tendency she has to “keep things balanced” which to her can mean to be a little negative, though she may have a soft spot for Pisces as she’s usually pretty upbeat. I know she’s not Patric Walker, who was working high level soul. Sorry to hear about that experience — and I will be more cautionary recommending her.

      1. balancebull

        The first time I read Aleister Crowley’s description for Neptune in the third house in A Treatise on Astrology, I literally choked on my coffee. As someone with this placement in my natal chart, it made me wonder how I ever managed to become a functioning adult. The negativity reaches far and wide, my friend.

  3. Rachel McCabe

    Hey guys and gals,
    Interesting topic. I started learning about astrology when I was attracted to an astrologer. He seemed interested in me. I decided to take one of his classes. He was so sure I was a Pisces moon, although I didn’t know my time of birth. The chart he pulled for me said I had an Aries moon. When I found my time of birth I sent it to him. On reviewing my chart he looked up at me in a penetrating stare. “What,” I thought. He didn’t seem interested in me anymore. “What was in my chart?” I thought. I have been studying astrology ever since. He turned out to be a Charlatan, but he still made me feel like there was something wrong with me.
    Venus and Mercury:
    Yesterday(4/5) I was planning on creating art, but ended up arguing about controversial issues. I had the desire to fight for what (I believe) is right.
    Last night I decided to go to bed early. I was anxious about it because I had a lot to do. I was then reminded to be at peace. There was a reason I should take time slow and not rush. There is a hidden timeliness that I need not worry about because everything will happen in its due time. I thought about Mercury entering Taurus. It reminded me more of a tortoise than a bull, hard exterior moving slow and gently.

  4. MarthaMartha

    Hey PW! The link to the zip download appears to be broken. I was able to download the actual mp3 by going direct to the episode’s page on but if you can fix the link to the zip it will be easier for others to download. All the best to you and thanks!!!

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