Aquarius New Moon: Believe in Humanity

Posted by Eric F Coppolino


In tonight’s edition I’m looking at the Aquarius New Moon. I read the chart of prolific and gifted singer-songwriter (and childhood friend of my mom) Carole King. Music by Arc Iris.

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Dear Friend and Listener:


Carole King performing in May 2013. Photo by Alex Brandon/AP

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM I’m looking at the Aquarius New Moon, and also some Age of Aquarius themes.

I consider the astrology of the New Hampshire primary results, in which Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won decisive victories.

To me this is about Saturn conjunct the Great Attractor — which can have a polarizing influence. Now, American politics is polarized enough that you can actually see the difference between two major candidates.

You can learn more about the primaries on today’s Democracy Now! broadcast.

I will also read the chart of prolific and gifted singer-songwriter (and childhood friend of my mom) Carole King, whose birthday was yesterday.

I look at her supremely Aquarius chart (posted to the edition’s page) with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ceres in Aquarius. This is a stunning chart, with both Mercury and Venus retrograde.

My musical guest is the excellent Arc Iris, who are making their second visit to Planet Waves FM. Please visit their Bandcamp page. Every note is magnificent.

With love,


Carole King.

2 thoughts on “Aquarius New Moon: Believe in Humanity

  1. Mary

    Yes, Eric, I agree. I love how sharp the contrast between Bernie and T-rump (sorry to his supporters) and suspect that this is exactly what we need in order to change the system whereby only those who have the cash to finance their campaigns can run/win office. When my vote carries the same weight as Trump’s or Bill Gate’s, I will feel gratified. Until then, I may indeed be a single issue voter — call me a socialist if you must; I can live with that.

    Go Bernie.

  2. Amy Elliott

    Having Jupiter in Virgo, I’m probably partial here; but I was surprised on hearing some astrologers consider Jupiter in Gemini as an indicator of fickleness; and as you mention, Carole is evidently otherwise. I guess it’s an object lesson in how assumptions don’t get one very far in astrology.

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