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After Santa Fe HS Shooting, Texas Lawmakers Have “Focused on Anything But Guns”

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The latest in a series of deadly mass shootings at U.S. schools took place Friday morning in Texas. 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis entered Santa Fe High School and shot dead 10 people—eight fellow students and two teachers. He used a shotgun and a .38 revolver taken from his father.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, May 21, 2018

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There is little you will attempt this month or anytime soon that is not magnificently well supported by the positions of the planets and the story they tell. There is little you will not achieve if you truly set out to do it. Yet at the same time you may be noticing a strange sense of apprehension approaching. It may be the sense that something has run out.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 21, 2018

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


For you, at this moment, the truth is a matter of survival; especially professionally. Any short-term gain that may be had by frosting over some gritty aspects of reality will not serve you well, or serve you for long. You don’t need to spill your guts, though you do need to account for all of the available facts, and do so in a way that you’re prepared to support, and vouch for.

The Greatest Day of My Life (so far)

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In tonight’s show I offer a tribute to Eric McLuhan, who died on Saturday while he was traveling in Bogota, Colombia. I tell the story of the one day that I spent with Eric, in Manhattan last autumn. I also read the chart for the Sun ingressing Gemini, which it does a little later tonight, and give a reading of Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn, which begins in late June. Our musical guest is U2.

Sun Enters Gemini, Makes Many New Friends

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When the Sun arrives in Gemini, it will make aspects to a bunch of planets and points that are located early in their respective signs. These include Chiron in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, Transpluto in Virgo, M87 (a massive galaxy) in Libra, Pholus and Quaoar in Capricorn, and Mars in Aquarius. If there’s an opportunity for the world to change overnight, this might be the opening.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, May 20, 2018

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One of the most brilliant talents a person can develop is learning to get out of their own way. Try it. You are a talented, creative person by nature, but you have a little tendency to get hung up on your concepts of what life is supposed to be like, the order things are supposed to happen in, and an attachment to the results you’re expecting.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, May 19, 2018

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You are having one opportunity after the next to confront your insecurities. Some of them are rather old, dating back to the neurotic tendencies of your family. Plenty of them relate back to what it was supposed to mean that someone was a boy and someone was a girl; these simple-enough biological facts are the cause of much stress, anxiety and phobias.

Trump’s EPA Doesn’t Want You to Know Chemicals in Teflon Are Poisoning Waterways & Firefighters

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The EPA is facing a major new scandal after it worked with the White House to bury an alarming federal study detailing widespread chemical contamination of the nation’s water supply. One Trump administration official warned release of the study would create a “public relations nightmare.”

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, May 18, 2018

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With the Venus and the Sun moving through the juiciest romanticest and creativest angle of your solar chart you are probably feeling springtime’s arrival a little early at the same time you’re feeling certain limits on your ability to express yourself. I was going to write “natural limits” but then I was not so sure.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for May 17, 2018

Posted by Amy Elliott


No doubt you know the superstition that if you make a wish over birthday candles or unidentified comet-like objects, or whatever, you should not then communicate said wish to anyone. This possibly has its roots in a magical theory that suggests to verbalize something is to diffuse its power. Whatever the merits of that concept, you might actually be wise to do the opposite this week.

Mars and Society: Retrograde in Aquarius

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Mars is associated with (or, in astrological terms, ‘rules’) the spectrum of experiences from desire, to sexual desire, to wanting a new car, to pushing yourself into others, to aggressively making demands; and its range extends to all-out war, murder and mayhem. These things exist along one spectrum. And since we all have Mars, we all exist somewhere — or various places, at various times — along this spectrum.

Meet Tarek Loubani, the Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Forces Monday While Treating Gaza’s Wounded

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As Palestinians vow to continue protesting against the Israeli occupation of Gaza, a Canadian doctor who was shot by Israeli forces in both legs Monday while he was helping injured Palestinians speaks out. Israeli forces shot dead at least 61 unarmed Palestinian protesters taking part in the Great March of Return Monday.