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Tim Shorrock on North Korea Nuclear Deal: Will the U.S. Drop Sanctions & Economic Embargo?

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has pledged to abandon his nuclear weapons if the United States agrees to formally end the Korean War and promises not to invade his country. The announcement came after a historic meeting Friday.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, April 29, 2018

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There will come a moment when you question everything, and that is the moment when you will find your power. It’s coming sooner than you think, and I suggest you be glad of it. Life is a matter of the circumstances in which you partake participating meaningfully with you. Notice what energy comes back to you, and what does not.

“Our Dreams Are Coming True”: Peace Activists Celebrate as Korean Leaders Vow to Officially End War

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History has been made on the Korean peninsula today, as South Korean President Moon Jae-In and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un shook hands at the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries and pledged to work to denuclearize the peninsula and to declare the official end to the Korean War.