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Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, July 22, 2018

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I had a shocking moment a few years ago, which I still process daily, when I read in the work of Alice Miller that all children in our society are abused. The reason, she says, is because the structure, patterns and climate of our culture are inherently destructive, negligent and insensitive to the needs of defenseless growing young people.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, July 21, 2018

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As much as a deep intuitive sense has been calling you in the direction of increased devotion to erotic and creative experience, there have been many other factors that have been getting in the way. It’s fair enough to wonder: does it always need to be this hard? I suggest, however, that you not let any adversity or lack of success keep you from trying, and from persisting in your experiments.

As Ethiopia & Eritrea Sign Deal to End 20 Years of War, Will Political Prisoners Be Released Next?

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A historic peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea ends 20 years of a “state of war” that saw 70,000 killed and thousands of families separated. Responding are Ethiopian writer Awol Allo, a lecturer at the Keele University School of Law in the U.K., and Vanessa Berhe, an Eritrean human rights activist.

Deadly Suicide Bombing in Pakistan Ahead of Election Marred by Crackdown on Activists, Journalists

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Voters in Pakistan go to the polls next week, but the run-up to the election has already been marred by deadly terrorist attacks, a crackdown on activists and journalists, hundreds of arrests, and accusations of widespread interference by the military.

Leading from Within: Sun Enters Leo

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Today is the first quarter Moon, which marks the halfway point between last week’s partial eclipse in Cancer (the New Moon), and the second in our current series of three eclipses (which will happen during the Aquarius Full Moon). Between now and then, the Sun enters Leo in contact with high-energy planets, as Amanda Painter describes.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, July 19, 2018

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You are close to cutting yet another thread that has bound you to your past, in particular your parents and their perception of you. As anyone who has done more than three therapy sessions knows, our loyalty to our parents — in particular, to their perception of who we are — is one of the greatest impediments to fulfillment that exists.