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Four Winds Report for Sept. 30, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Today two major goddess asteroids meet in a square aspect: Vesta in Libra and Juno in Capricorn. Squares indicate a feeling of inner tension that asks to be resolved through action you must take. In this situation — coming as it does on the heels of the recent Sun-Vesta conjunction — the theme is clearly relationships.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017

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The line defining the difference between lovers and friends usually feels like China’s Great Wall rather than the silk curtain it should really be. As someone occasionally accused of having poor boundaries, you know how sad this is, because the more popular boundaries become, the less access people have to one another.

Not If, How

Posted by Len Wallick

len wallick

On Thursday, the Aries Full Moon and the Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo will herald a ‘personal planet’ climax that has been gradually building for some time. Len Wallick notes that this astrology signals the need to make personal choices, and the opportunity to choose forward movement.

Report from Puerto Rico: Death Toll Higher Than Reported Amid Water Shortage & Health Crisis

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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke and the Trump administration defend their response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, where many of the 3.5 million residents remain without electricity and are desperate for fresh water, food and other supplies.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Sept. 24-30, 2017

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


The astrology this week is so interesting, with so many things happening, that it’s difficult to describe or even suss out. Yet the Sun newly placed in your sign is conjunct a meaningful asteroid called Vesta. That gives you clear direction: hold the space around you open, and observe what happens. You don’t have to do much, or say much, or be anyone other than who you are.

Countering Rose-Colored Glasses with Good Communication

Posted by Amanda Painter


We’ve been experiencing a week of highly charged, transformational astrology. And whether you’ve been experiencing it in acutely personal, direct ways or mainly watching it play out on the nightly news in frightening and heartbreaking events, chances are you’ve noticed the universe inviting you to pay attention and investigate with your full awareness.