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Retired Police Detective: Trump’s Comments Endorsing Police Brutality are “Treasonous”

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Donald Trump is facing widespread criticism from police chiefs across the country following a speech he gave on Friday that appeared to openly endorse police brutality. Commenting on the need to crack down on gang members, Trump suggested that police officers have license to use excessive force on suspects.

Four Winds Report for July 31, 2017

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Venus enters Cancer today; this may bring up themes of caring, nurturing and empathy, within relationships and beyond. In particular, this transit would seem to ask how far we can expand our spheres of compassion or love. This might simply mean someone outside of your immediate milieu is in need of help you can best provide.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, July 31, 2017

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It’s time to purge any misgivings you have about sex. By any, I mean any and all. This process may take a while, though it’s also been going on for a while: the process of setting yourself free from false morality. The solution to what seems like a complicated equation is that you came to this planet to create.

Lunar Eclipse Preparation: Organizing to Shine

Posted by Amanda Painter


In one week and one day, we’ll experience the first of two eclipses: the Aug. 7 Aquarius Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse. That will open the door to the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse in Leo. These are the key midyear events; so you’ll want to notice whatever happens in your life this week.

Four Winds Report for July 29, 2017

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As Venus nears its square to Chiron (exact Sunday), it occupies a particularly potent, and possibly volatile, degree: 28+ Gemini. You might want to notice whether any of your emotions or thoughts — or your reactions to what you’re being asked to ‘receive’ — are threatening to outpace your core values.

What Follows, What Is

Posted by Len Wallick


As we approach a pair of eclipses next month, Len Wallick brings our attention to where Venus has been, where it is, and what can be made of all that will follow by simply (if not easily) moving on — even if moving on from the most beautiful and cherished experiences .

“Far from Over”: Senate Narrowly Defeats Obamacare Repeal, But More Attacks on Healthcare Loom

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In a stinging defeat for the Republican Party and Donald Trump, the Senate voted by a slim margin—49 to 51—against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. As the bill was defeated, protesters outside the Capitol cheered and chanted “Yes, we did!”

Four Winds Report for July 28, 2017

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What do you do when your pleasure-seeking comes face-to-face with its unintended consequences? On the other side of the coin, if your soul’s growth or dharma has a single ultimate trajectory, yet you have two or more sets of values that you’re living by, how do you negotiate between those two sides?