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Four Winds Report for April 29, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Remember that there are many ways to nourish yourself. For example: literally, with food; through physical activity; mentally, through the ideas you focus on and the conversations you have; emotionally, by giving your feelings room and time to be processed; spiritually, by cultivating your inner space, energetic presence and connection to All That Is.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Saturday, April 29, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Your chart suggests that you feel like a new person. It’s as if certain elements of your personality have been sorted out and kept in a safe place, and certain other rare elements are filtering through to the surface. Consider this a kind of experiment in how you can feel so different that you actually can project that sense of difference into your life.

Slower and Closer

Posted by Len Wallick


If you can afford to slow down whenever you want (and for as long as you want) to examine yourself and the world more closely , you may not need to read today’s column. For the rest of you, Len Wallick offers a way you can make an uncharacteristic Mercury work a bit better.

“It Has Not Gone Well”: 100 Days of President Trump and No Major Achievements

Posted by Planet Waves


Just hours before a deadline, Congress has averted a government shutdown by working on a short-term spending bill and a broader deal to fund agencies through September. If the extension is not approved today, federal agencies will run out of money by midnight tonight.

Four Winds Report for April 28, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Everyone seems to be in for a wakeup call today, as Venus slowly moves across the Aries Point. That is the first degree of Aries, where the personal and political meet — often in bold ways you can’t ignore. Eric suggested on Monday that you might want to “notice what’s going on in collective reality around you, and in the lives of individuals close to you.”

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, April 28, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


If someone you love has not driven you half-mad with their contradictions and endless indecisions, you may decide you actually have room for this person in your life. The question is how conscious of their own patterns are they? Do they understand that their existence is part of an environment that influences others?

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for April 27-May 4, 2017

Posted by Amy Elliott


You seem to be feeling the need to withdraw inside yourself. Reflection is a useful thing, and you’ve recently discovered the creative source hiding within your depths. You would almost certainly gain, in terms of wellbeing at least, from setting aside a space to nurture that gift. However, you also need to put the results out there, in the public sphere.

“A Land Grab by the Ruling Elites”: Trump’s Tax Plan Derided for Benefiting the Rich

Posted by Planet Waves


The White House has outlined a plan to give the nation’s millionaires and billionaires a massive tax break while adding trillions of dollars to the U.S. deficit. The plan would lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, end the estate tax and end the alternative minimum tax—a move that would solely benefit the richest Americans, including Donald Trump.

Four Winds Report for April 27, 2017

Posted by Planet Waves


Aspects by the Sun and Vesta indicate that today might be a good one for honing intuitive or empathetic skills. However, take care to check your facts before acting on any conclusions. Listening and gathering information are almost always helpful where there is any uncertainty.

From Universal Lover to Love Warrior

Posted by Amanda Painter

Dawn at the East End cargo ferry launch. Photo by Amanda Painter.

What does it look like when the ‘universal lover’ becomes a ‘love warrior’ amidst the chaos of this world? As Venus moves from Pisces to the first degree of Aries tomorrow, we may find out. Venus makes this transition — again — at 9:13 am EDT (13:13 UTC) on Friday.