Monthly Archives: July 2016

Mars and New Moon: Be Real, Be Bold

Posted by Amy Elliott


This year’s Leo New Moon seems to work with the typical Leo themes of creative works and leadership, but at a deeper level. Amy Elliott suggests you may wish to consider your desired contribution to the world, and the steps involved in getting there this week — especially if it nudges you toward the edge of your comfort zone.

Warm Fuzzies and Cold Realities

Posted by Planet Waves

Marcy Franck, newly arrived in Chios, Greece on July 24. Photo by Marcy Franck.

Marcy Franck is currently in Greece bringing supplies and human caring to Syrian refugees in Greece. In this installment, she describes a visit to a refugee girl who needs dental care, the currency of stickers, and the art of power-shopping for groceries for a hungry family from a government-run camp.

The Helpers Are Helping

Posted by Planet Waves

Marcy Franck and another volunteer at Souda Camp in Greece. Photo by Marcy Franck.

Amanda Painter’s dear friend from high school, Marcy Franck, is currently in Greece bringing supplies and a heartful of human caring to Syrian refugees in Greece. We’ll be posting her updates over the course of the next week. Here are the first two as we catch up with her postings on Facebook.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Posted by Amy Jacobs


There is a phrase popular among progressive activists for use in chants and hashtags: “This Is What Democracy Looks Like.” It is a call to remember that protests, resistance, and speaking truth to power are healthy aspects of a society whose government is intended to reflect the will of the people.