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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2014

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At this time in your life, some of the most important soul-level work you can do involves sexual healing. This process has been in progress for about six years, since Pluto entered Capricorn, your solar 5th house. Pluto describes what one author famously called “the evolutionary journey of the soul.” Normally the 5th is the place we seek fun and pleasure, though you have Capricorn in this house, which can act as a reservoir of past conditioning.

The Integration Point

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As the Sun makes its way through Virgo, Eric takes a look at some attributes of this earthy sign. Dualism and separation are the very things causing strife in society, and Virgo provides keys to heal and integrate those dividing impulses. In this edition, Eric explains how Virgo offers us a more holistic sense of wellness.

Leo, Virgo, Creativity and When the ‘Wrong’ Chart Works

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The time is fast approaching for Eric’s insightful astrological tour of September. Do not miss Thursday’s edition featuring your extended horoscope for the month! In the meantime, Eric talks about the astrology of the situation in Ferguson during tonight’s Planet Wave FM, where the shooting of an unarmed black teen has triggered racial riots and an eruption of violence.

Eric Francis Sex By Sign #6: Week of August 22

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Religion has long made sex its enemy. People who love sex might take a cue from that — it’s a direct comment on how much strength can be found in contacting one’s sexuality. You don’t need any teachings of religion to understand who you are. You only need to stay in contact with your biology, and what you recognize as your deepest desires. Both have more wisdom than all the popes and all the saints combined.

Night and Day: Two Charts for Ferguson

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The shooting of an unarmed black teen has sparked riots in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, focusing the national conversation on racial conflict. Eric investigates the astrology of this event and looks at the systematic oppression inherent in our society. The Uranus-Pluto square offers an opening to transform the shadow material we’ve inherited, but part of that healing involves an honest conversation about where we are at in our modern era.

Ferguson: The Uranus Pluto Square is Behind the Scenes

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The Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio will align with this year’s Virgo New Moon. Eric describes this aspect in detail in this week’s full edition, offering you an opportunity to manifest plans that may have seemed unattainable before. Get a preview of this powerful astrology on this week’s Planet Waves FM podcast, focusing on how to find your bearings and work productively with these planetary energies.