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Somewhere In Between

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In this little resting place between Mercury stationing direct and Mars turning retrograde, Eric checks out our current astrological territory. He reminds us that changes happen in society because they are stirred within us first. With explosive unrest erupting in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand on the larger scale, Eric discusses the underlying themes of transformation and liberty affecting our personal world.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2014

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This monthly column marks my 20th anniversary as an astrologer and my 50th anniversary being on the planet. I’m happy to have made it half a century, though I am equally grateful to have devoted two decades of my life to daily study of, writing about and teaching astrology. I’m especially grateful to be a Pisces astrologer, because to me that means I have an understanding of all the rivers (that is, the signs) that flow into the ocean.

Journey Through Space

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Who does Eric Francis see when he looks in the mirror? You’ll have to read this edition to find out. In celebration of his birthday, Eric shares a synopsis of his travels on the road to now. Following a path of investigative journalism and astrological discovery, he found a way to integrate both and continue his journey of learning.

This Week on Planet Waves

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You may notice that the sky begins feeling a little softer today, and hopefully that comes as a relief to you as the Sun enters empathic, creative, populist Pisces this afternoon. You’ll still want to keep your awareness sharp, however, since we have about a week and a half left of Mercury’s retrograde.

Moonshine Horoscopes — Leo Full Moon Edition

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This year’s Leo Full Moon coincides with Valentine’s Day — when romantic expectations run high and many people struggle with their self-worth, thanks to artificial retail, media and social hype. In other words, you or those around you might be feeling extra sensitive to the increasing tension of a Full Moon this week. But if you can treat yourself and others with a little extra compassion, it could go a long way — and could ripple out pretty far for the better.

Today is The Day We Fight Back

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Today there is a worldwide day of action designed to resist this, focused on online privacy. It’s called The Day We Fight Back. It’s part protest and partly a way of commemorating the contribution of Aaron Swartz, a programmer and Internet activist who was falsely charged with federal crimes and, as a result, took his own life early last year.

Yesterday and Today

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When The Beatles landed at the newly named John F. Kennedy Airport on Feb. 7, 1964, it was just 78 days after one of the most profound collective griefs in decades, one that unlike many before it was amplified by the power of television. The young president had been struck down in broad daylight in an American city, sending the Western world into shock.

This Week on Planet Waves + Mercury Stations Retrograde

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We’re now in the Mercury ‘storm’ phase: the few days on either side of its station retrograde (there’s also a ‘storm’ when Mercury stations direct). For many, this can be an especially challenging part of the retrograde process, calling for increased awareness, deliberate focus and patience. Eric’s forthcoming weekly horoscope will tell you everything you need to know about this particular Mercury retrograde.