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Use Your Head

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Are you ready for some football? In this hard-hitting edition of Planet Waves, Eric tackles the professional football league and the culture of denial that surrounds the sport. He takes an introspective look at the astrological workings of the NFL, with analysis of the violence and projection inherent in the game.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for February 2014

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Something is shifting for you on a deep inward level, which may feel like the healing of a kind of isolation or loneliness that has followed you around for a while. This has taken you a step closer to your soul, just when you were wondering if such a thing was even possible. Pay attention and you’ll notice that this keeps happening, with a slightly different feeling each time, though each time feeling like you’ve seated yourself in your own existence a little more firmly.

Your Mars Effect Readings Will Be Ready Tonight!

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Whew! We made it! Eric has finished the last of your sign readings for The Mars Effect, the 2014 annual edition from Planet Waves, and the Planet Waves editorial, artistic and technological teams have proofread, illustrated and coded this project into beautiful existence. It will be ready for your eyes, ears, mind, heart and soul later this evening.

Astrology for the Soul

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Astrology changes the world, influences every personal chart, and touches the experience of every person. How are you handling being on the planet right now? How are you keeping up with the constant need to adapt, to rethink, to confront the unknown? How are you handling the lack of certainty?

An Open Letter to Rob Brezsny: Why You Should Be Concerned About Fukushima Radiation

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Hi Rob, In your newsletter this week, you said, “The scaremongering about Fukushima is grossly overblown,” and provide a link to this site, in which the author assures us that it’s OK to eat fish from the Pacific Ocean as long as they’re not from Japan, and declares that radiation reaching the West Coast “will not be dangerous.”

Your January Monthly Horoscope by Eric Francis

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Free horoscopes have returned to Planet Waves — and they are no ordinary horoscopes. Eric Francis has set the standard for the profession, with his in-depth interpretations. To read Eric’s extended January column, which sums up your year ahead, you just need to be a free member of Planet Waves. It’s the third option down. website. It takes a minute to register.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — January 2014

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You know that you cannot be content with anything superficial or make believe, so you may as well not lose any more sleep over that. You’re discovering that you have something to say, and you may be wondering if anyone wants to listen. You can set that one aside too; your charts say that it’s time to get the word in before you get the word out. As you invest your energy in self-knowledge, and making the changes you have wanted to make for so long, you will become your message.