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Backstage: Uptown Kingston, New York

Posted by Eric Francis


Eric is one of those people who needs to get out more. He writes, “In fact I need to get out so much that I hadn’t noticed that a music venue had mysteriously appeared down the block from my photo studio in Uptown Kingston, NY — or rather, that it had taken up residence in a place called Backstage Studio Productions, known locally as BSP.”

The Second Aquarius Full Moon — and Moonshine Horoscopes

Posted by Eric Francis


Today’s edition will open up the topic of the Age of Aquarius — something we have not seen discussed much on Planet Waves. On the Planet Waves blog, today’s Daily Astrology article delves deeper into tonight’s Aquarius Full Moon, which carries a message about ‘fixed’ emotional patterns. Also, Len Wallick’s column will run at about noon today, asking us to consider the potential held by the Sun’s aspects as it ingresses Virgo this week.

Of Uranus, Pluto and Fragile Revolutions

Posted by Eric Francis


The developments of Arab Spring and the Uranus-Pluto square that precipitated it have taken another violent turn this week, as the Egyptian military killed more than 600 protesters and injured thousands in a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. As we go to press, many sources are reporting that the standoffs may be escalating and that there is more bloodshed expected.

The Washington Post: An American Story

Posted by Eric Francis


Just hours before the Leo New Moon, the owners of The Washington Post announced that they had sold the paper to Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of While everyone said they were shocked, The Post had been struggling, and seeking a buyer, for a while. Nobody could be that surprised that the money to buy the paper came from the industry that has all but swallowed print media — the Internet.

Leo New Moon Edition

Posted by Eric Francis


During today’s New Moon, there’s an opposition between Pluto in Capricorn and the Jupiter-Pallas conjunction in Cancer. Are you sure your emotions are serving a purpose other than as a defense mechanism in response to when you feel your foundations being shaken — or in need of some renovation, so that you’re not building your future stuck in the past?