Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lightning Strikes the Vatican

Posted by Eric Francis


Monday, we learned that Joseph Ratzinger, known as Pope Benedict XVI, would be the first pontiff to resign from office since 1415, nearly three centuries before Benjamin Franklin was born. This is something that’s never happened in the modern era, and its being unprecedented — and the astrology that goes with the event, along with an asteroid flyby and a meteorite strike — seems designed to get our attention.

Moonshine Horoscope + Melanie Reinhart on Planet Waves FM

Posted by Eric Francis


We have increased the frequency of Genevieve Hathaway’s Moonshine Horoscope to twice a month — the Tuesday right before the New Moon and right before the Full Moon. Since the Aquarius New Moon is this weekend, we have a new Moonshine for you in this edition. These will not be identified by month but rather by the name of the lunation.

Astrology on the Most Personal Level

Posted by Eric Francis


We are again in one of those moments when the world seems to be coming unhinged — as we’ve gone through this week’s news items, it’s really impressive how much pain and struggle there is going on. That said, there seemed to be some progress on immigration reform and gun control, which if they stick, is nothing less than a miracle. Pres. Obama’s nominee for defense secretary believes we need fewer nuclear bombs. Go figure.